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Pinkbruise's Avatar Pinkbruise 07:01 AM 05-09-2013
So Sage is nearly 7 months old and will not sleep without swaddling. I've tried not swaddling but she just can't settle into sleep. I've tried wrapping her snuggly with a blanket but undoing it when I lay her down and she wakes up immediately.

If I bring her into my bed and nurse her back to sleep without the swaddle she smacks and pats me all night long. If I move away from her she is getting up on her hands and knees for crawling practice.

The real problem is that she will sleep while swaddled but can still roll herself over. This is freaking us out!!

How can we help her sleep AND be safe?

Snydley's Avatar Snydley 11:53 AM 05-10-2013

I had the same problem at the same age.  I used a miracle blanket and left one arm out.  It kinda helped but really I got no sleep for a month.  Sorry!