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Gryphonn's Avatar Gryphonn 12:08 PM 08-21-2013

My 9 month old daughter, who is pretty significantly delayed, has never rolled over without assistance, so we've gotten off easy when it comes to childproofing (so far).  This morning I got up before her, left her asleep in the middle of a king sized bed, and had tea.  Next thing I hear shouts. I run in, and she is on the floor (on a dog pillow!) next to the bed.  I have no idea how she got herself there but she is just fine and I am proud of her :) but how do you keep a baby from falling out of the bed after you've gotten out of it?


Should we put the bed on the floor? (spiders) Should we get two railings? Push the bed up against the wall and get one railing? Never leave her in the bed without one of us?


I cannot figure out how she moved this far without assistance but I hope she does it again, so I want to plan for it! What do you all do?

dalia's Avatar dalia 12:27 PM 08-21-2013
I had a bumper and used pillows in the other side but that may not be safe enough for some people's comfort zone. We also had a video monitor.
nj001's Avatar nj001 07:17 AM 08-22-2013

Depending on the type of spider, the mattress on the floor (pulled away from walls to avoid entrapment) would be the safest bet so long as the room is baby-proofed , or move the baby to a pack n' play/crib/ floor bed when you get up. 


If you're anything like me, you'd move mountains not to risk waking baby by moving her. So floor mattress gets another vote.

fruitfulmomma's Avatar fruitfulmomma 07:36 AM 08-22-2013

Spiders climb, so if they don't already get in your bed I wouldn't worry about them.


If she is not easily able to move I would be concerned about entrapment with any sort of barrier.


If you need to be able to get up then the mattress on the floor is the safest place imo, though safe bedsharing guidelines do recommend against leaving a child alone in an adult bed, especially a very young one. I am not so worried about that by around one, but it is something to keep in mind.

Gryphonn's Avatar Gryphonn 06:29 PM 08-22-2013

Certainly our spiders aren't poisonous. And, yes she only moves earthworm style, arching her back (while on her back) then flopping out, so perhaps a barrier isn't right for her (thanks fruitfulmomma).  I cannot move her while she's asleep, as she will definitely wake up, oh when I am so tired in the morning and she wakes before the kettle is boiling it's not the greatest.  I suppose we will put the mattress on the floor.  Thank you guys.

JamieCatheryn's Avatar JamieCatheryn 06:57 AM 08-23-2013

When I need to leave mine in the bed alone I put up pillow walls to slow him down and make sure I can hear if he wakes.

beckers99's Avatar beckers99 05:59 PM 08-23-2013

When my first got to that stage, I pushed our bed into the corner of the room so the two walls and the headboard created a 3-sided "box". Then I used a railing or pillows to block off the remaining side. 

That stage didn't last too long for us though.. pretty soon he learned to get off the bed feet-first.