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newgirlintown's Avatar newgirlintown 11:56 PM 08-28-2013

Hi - not sure where to post this but I thought this was as good as anything :)


So I am newly pregnant with #2 and we are remodeling our newly bought house. When we bought it and planned everything, I wasn´t pregnant, and we planned the two "kids rooms" to be one as a playroom and one as a kid´s room for sleeping. We are planning where to put the electrial outlets and any built in storage and I was suddenly struck by the idea that it is not unfeasible that DD will maybe want to sleep in the same bed as the new baby (not RIGHT away, obviously, but in time). Then, we would obviously go for a bigger bed and rearrange the room a little bit. 


I have done some research online but have never found anything about two siblings sharing a bed in this context (planning head when one kid isn´t even born yet). Should I just wait and see? Anyone have any experiences to share?


FYI we currently cosleep with DD. If she stays in our bed with the new baby comes (I don´t see how she won´t, but DH is not entirely happy with this), I will either have to get a side car for the big bed (we dont have space for a twin beside our king), or I will have to put some mattresses on the floor in another room or something and have DD on one side and the new baby on the other. This bedsharing for siblings is for a bit later, in my mind, though I am not sure when. Thanks!

delightedbutterfly's Avatar delightedbutterfly 01:49 PM 08-30-2013

I'm pretty sure there are other siblings who bed share. At one point in time I think this was completely normal in the world. However if I was remodeling I would always plan for re sell in mind and decorate with us now. So if you are moving electrical outlets and such, you should always plan for the biggest bed that would be used in that room for anyone in case you end up selling in the future. :)

Hopefully others see this and are able to weigh in on the bedsharing of siblings ;) My two share a room but hate sharing beds!

fayebond's Avatar fayebond 03:21 PM 09-01-2013

I would buy DD1 a cute themed sleeping bag that she can bring out and sleep in the room with you once LO is here, but not in the same bed.  My DH is happier with this solution and honestly it does make for better sleep to have a toddler not rolling around. Or trying to pat baby's head while I nurse etc, she has her own bed to choose or our floor in the sleeping bag.  You can totally continue to cosleep in the same bed, but, I would not if DH isn't on board with the idea.   Figure out something that you both can live with.  

Oread's Avatar Oread 02:03 AM 09-04-2013

I'd for sure design the sleeping room for at least a full size bed, in case they end up bed-sharing or whatever else might come up, its good to have options. 


When we have another kiddo at some point, I forsee a loft or bunkbed situation with my daughter up above and a bigger bed underneath, maybe right on the floor for a smaller kid and co-sleeping (whether I am nursing, or the kids want to sleep together, or whatever). It'll really depend if the kids seem interested in sleeping together, and if them sharing a room works out period. I imagine it will, and would like a big enough bed in their room for 2-3 people to snuggle on. But I like the bunk idea just in case the older kiddo can't sleep or wants to get away from the little one, they can retreat to their own space. 

newgirlintown's Avatar newgirlintown 10:29 AM 09-06-2013
All good points! Thanks so much for weighing in!