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sleemothering's Avatar sleemothering 12:06 AM 12-30-2013

Any help would be appreciated!

jtapc90's Avatar jtapc90 08:36 AM 12-30-2013

Try first putting the crib in your room as close to you as possible. Then, once your child has accustomed to it, move it a bit farther away each night until its as far as it can get, if possible. Next step is to move the crib to the new room if that is what you intend on. See, I always waited until they were like 2 years old and by then they had their favorite characters and being called "big boy" -or girl-  to look forward to. I'm not sure that would work for a 1 year old. LOL At least for mine it wouldn't. Also, when you do this make sure that you are ready for it too. Also, I am 100% against crying it out, even at that age. So even if its every 15 minutes, go in there and comfort your child, please. It may be more work but surely it will pay off. And, if you decide its not time to change the sleeping arrangements just yet, then you have nothing to lose either. Good luck. 

sleemothering's Avatar sleemothering 01:20 AM 01-15-2014

Thank you!  Those were our intuitions, too.  We are no fans of 100% cry it out either but I would think the baby would put up some fight or feel the tiniest bit of abandonment before understanding her crib is her bed.


Will probably try soon as she is really outgrowing our bed and likely the crib soon before she even sets foot in it at night.