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drouege 06-12-2014 02:15 PM

Desperate: 13 month old wont sleep
My 13 month old will not sleep. At all. Its nothing new. Since day one he hasn't slept. I try to keep him on a routine but that doesn't work. I was told that maybe its because I breastfeed, then maybe because we co-sleep. I don't know at this point but I'm exhausted. On average he wakes up around 7 am. takes a 20-25 min nap around 2 pm then he's up, wide awake until about 10 pm. And when he finally sleeps, hes up every 40-60 mins. We have tried everything. I am in a mom group but no one seems to be able to relate. The keep saying "every baby is different" "and "wait it out".
He isn't really fussy until about an hour before he sleeps, its just that my husband and I don't get a break. Please if anyone can help at this point.

ivyc1987 06-16-2014 12:09 PM

I am in the same boat as you :( My DD is 11 months and is still a horrible sleeper…lately she has been wide awake in the middle of the night and seems like she just can't go to sleep even when she wants to! It sucks. Hugs.

Tella 07-31-2014 03:36 AM

mine is 8 months and she sleeps bad too...

ballerina85 07-31-2014 12:58 PM

My daughter has been a poor sleeper since day one too- not quite as bad as yours though that sounds hard.Things started getting slowly better after a year and then by 18 months I had noticed significant improvement. Now she is 2 and still wakes 1 or 2 times a night but to us that's nothing! We still co sleep. If you've tried different things like co-sleeping/having them try sleeping alone and tried earlier and later bedtimes to see if that helps then I found that there is really not a whole lot you can do. Does your dr seem worried at all? Mine wasn't so in our case it was a matter of waiting it out but it's so hard. My husband was a huge help and took her a lot at bedtime and through the night- it's just too much for one person alone I don't know what I would have done without him! I how things get better for you soon. I'm assuming you have tried most typical suggestions but just in case- having white noise and soft music at the same time helped us and good quality blackout blinds so that the room is very dark.

MommaFH 08-01-2014 10:54 AM

My 11 month old is the same way. Things got better for a bit, and he was only up 1-2 times a night, and then the last 12 or so days have been absolutely awful again, like a newborn. Up 3 times to eat, and up several more times tossing and turning or crying or whatever. Really don't know how we are still functioning after not sleeping through the night since I was pregnant, but I do know that it has caused a great deal of tension, exhaustion, frustration, and feeling at loss in our family. I know it will pass, and in the blink of an eye he will be 15 and not want anything to do with us. But that doesn't always make things easier! It IS nice to know i'm not alone at least... b/c everyone else in the "real world" seems to have a baby that has been sleeping through the night since they were 2 months old, argh.

We try to push through and take things day by day, and pray for some better sleep soon. It consumes us and I for one stress about it during the day every day, wondering "will he take a nap for longer than 20 mins? Will he sleep better tonight? Will he at least not toss and turn between wakings?!" ugh. It's really taking a toll. But, I try to remember that lot's of people in much worse situations would trade positions in a heart beat, and I thank God for a healthy baby every day. But it's still hard....

stormborn 08-01-2014 01:08 PM

This might sound too simple, but the only thing that worked when dd1 was little was wearing her OUT. As in, hours at the playground and then walks/hikes on top of that. Chasing her around stores if the weather was bad. It took up a lot of time & energy, but I got in shape and it really was our only hope of getting her to sleep for any length of time until she was about 2.

Hugs to you! I remember how hard it was, esp. when half our friends would complain about stuff like their child "dropping their 3rd nap" and how tired they were because baby only slept for 10 hours last night!

llwr 08-09-2014 09:30 PM

Wow, I don't have great sleepers either, but that sounds nearly impossible. I think you're doing great for toughing it out.

I'm wondering if he could be really tired but not able to settle. Like sometimes my baby will totally refuse a nap, but if I wear her and vacuum she'll be right out. Would wearing or a ride in the stroller or the car help? I'm guessing you probably tried all that months ago...

Is there anyway you could get a little bit of time to yourself during the day. Will he stay happy in a pack or play or totally safe room while you rest there?

I think it's really great that the moms in your group are saying to wait it out rather than cry it out. I only know one other person in real life who would even attempt what you're doing. I think you're awesome!

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