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I sleep naked, my husband sleeps in boxers.

My kids, 8,3 and 1, have no issue with nudity at all. We're naked a lot of the time. In Florida, this is possible.

As my older child transitions into adolescence, we'll be flexible; if he's uncomfortable then we'll change it!

Good thread!
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I think whatever everyone is comfy with is how it should go....I for instance, have no problem being nude, hanging around the house nude, cooking nude, you name it lol...of course I am still pregnant so she isn't here yet! When our daughter comes though, I think it will be the same routine as it is now--i am much more comfotable being nude than hubby is-- he isn't the type to even walk around nude now as it is, so I don't expect him to change when our daughter is born. Also, as sad as it is, I think it makes a difference to him because she is a girl and the whole thing with society thinking things may be innapropriate when they aren't type thing---which I can understand my hubby feeling that way because the whole world practically, but for a few like us, think iti's *weird* or whatever---

I am not going to force anyone to do anything that is uncomfortable, i just expect it will stay the way it is, my hubby being a bit more *modest* I guess is the word, than I am---
My mom wasn't modest really, and to this day (I am nearly 28) me and my mom see eachother naked different times---if she is showing me some new clothes she bought and is trying them on, or when we change in the summer at her house to go swimming, etc stuff like that, and it is no big deal at all---whreas I have girl friends who are like OMG YOUR MOM STILL SEES YOU NAKED!!!! as if it is the most unnatural thing they have ever heard of....

so hopefully I will raise my daughter to be open and comfortable with her body, while still knowing what is appropriate ad different times etc....just to add, my hubby only feels *weird* about sleeping nude etc,(we are going to cosleep) he is totally okay and comfotable about changing diapers, bathing her, stuff like that....and I think it has more to do with when she becomes aware of things, not like when she is 1 or 2....

I think he is scared of an innocent 4 year old at a family get together "me and daddy sleep NAKED!!!!!!"...which, as sad as it is, would get A LOT of scrutiny from our family...
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I think I made my dh feel wierd for wearing shorts in bed! I have always slept naked. If I wear anything it ends up ripped or strangling me (borrowed pjs at a sleepover once and ripped the shoulder seam )

He feels more comfortable with himself now that he sleeps naked and he hasn't gone back to shorts despite dd and her little feet.........

I have always used hand pressure to stop leaking - even in my sleep so I have never worn a bra to bed and only put up with knickers to catch the flood of lochia in the early days. Thank goodness for the Mooncup for all the other times!

If you feel comfortable sleeping naked now I don't see why a baby should make you feel less so. Babies skin feels so lovely next to your own. Everyone should experience it.
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We slept naked before dd and did for quite a while after she arrived. She didn't start co-sleeping full time until she was 8 months old. Dh still sleeps nude and I do when it's warmer. But now that it's cold out, I love my jammies! And I have to say, about roaming toes, even though I have pj bottoms on (no undies), she STILL manages to get her foot in there! What a rude awakening THAT is!

We, too, will go with the flow as far as sleeping nude in the future. If she, or we, start to feel weird about it, we'll make appropriate adjustments.

Congrats on the baby-to-be!

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I have been laughing so hard yep, I remember those toes, and fingers, and fourteen arms and legs ...... I was always a nude sleeper. I can remember being a toddler and sitting up in the middle of the night and stripping my gown off and throwing it across the room and going back to sleep. I had a few self conscious yrs as a teen, but marriage turned me into a nudist(so says Dh)! I always slept topless and sometimes nude with dd, and usually just stuck a blankie around me to catch leaks. Now that I am preggo, I have to wear a sleep bra to keep the ladies in line!!!Congratulations on your new babe...i'm due 3 days after you.
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My dh use to just sleep in undies but the girls perfered his chest to be in a t-shirt. They didn't like his hair and he hated the hair pulling.

I found a shirt more comfortable and prevented all night nursing or twiddling.
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We sleep naked with our 14 month old. It works just fine. The only issue which no one else has mentioned (I think) and it isn't really an that sometimes if dh doesn't cover up well when Samantha is awake and playful she will make a beeline for what she sees I'm sure as a cool toy that daddy has that she can play with. LOL. It has resulted in some quick cover up and distractions. Of course it is totally innocent but it has made dh a little uncomfortable sometimes. LOL But we haven't seen any reason to change the way we sleep. At least not yet.
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We sleep or have slept nude with our dd. I did ask dh to start wearing underwear when dd was around 3 and started using his privates for a play toy......
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My dh would positively die if she grabbed his privates!!!I think he would be scarred for life!!!!
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Another Maine Girl here. DH and I have always been nudists (at the house/in bed), and were after DS was born (June 03).

BUT, when DS started moving around and kicking/squirming I had to start wearing underwear to prevent pubic hair pulling (sorry if that's too blunt?!). And, when the nights got colder in early fall (we don't like to keep the heat turned up at night), I had to wear a PJ top (with buttons down the front) to keep from getting cold when DS wants to nurse. DH is still a naked man. DS sleeps in PJs in the winter, and just a diaper and cover in the summer. the warmer the weather, the more nude the family.

Our nudity changes have been more a 'keep warm' adaptation than a 'modesty'/ fear of indecency issue. I think it's fine as long as the discussion is out there, and kids are taught when it's appropriate and when it may not be.

Mom to Dylan, born 01 June 03
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While pg, I have been hiding my breasts under a shirt, too! It really deters my 3yo (or maybe I should say that an exposed nipple is like a magnet dragging her across the bed).

We sleep naked a lot, still. Dd rooted on dh at first, which was cute, but quickly figured out she wasn't happy with him in this respect. :-) When she was old enough for me to be when she "couldn't wait" for me to get off the toilet or something, she would sometimes go to dh and tell him, "I want to nursie!" So he would lift up his shirt and tell her to go ahead. That annoyed dd. "I want to nursie MOMMY!"

If you want to be skin to skin, right after birth, instead of the pad, shirt, bra, etc, you can always put a waterproof thing under you (e.g. chux pad, towel with maybe a wool or fleece blanket underneath it, or whatever).

Oye Yemaya oloto
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Well, when the babies were first born, I had to wear a bra to hold nursing pads in place and panties to hold a pad!!

I wouldn't sleep nude now becase it would make my girls uncomfy if/when they join me during the night. I think I was OK with that until Leah was 2 or 3 years old.

Ruth, single mommy to 3 quasi-adults
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i can NOT sleep with clothes on. we all co- sleep naked. when it started getting cold the babe would wake up frequently at night if i didn't put a shirt on him, but otherwise just a diap. i find it totally uncomforable to sleep with clothes on. if it ever becomes a problem for my ds, i guess i'll have to deal with it then. i'm thinking once they get to that point they are looking for privacy and don't want to co-sleep anymore. who knows, it works. i doin't think it's going to screw him up. if anything it will teach him the human body is a natural thing. our cat co-sleeps too he is also naked

Erin Mama to thing 1 and 2 WAH with CELIAC?! Living and Learning
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Originally Posted by ewp11100
Our cat co-sleeps too he is also naked
I have a co-sleeping cat too, but he much prefers to sleep in his fur!

I have never been able to sleep naked-- I have to have something covering my thighs because I sweat a lot at night, even when I'm not hot, and I hate when my thighs stick together. I used to sleep in full-out pyjamas, but lately I've just been wearing boxer shorts and no shirt because Julia likes the skin contact at night.

DH started wearing shorts to bed recently, even though he's always been a naked sleeper. He's very concerned about what's appropriate in the eyes of the world at large; there was a child at the school where I used to work whose family was investigated by child services because he told his teacher that he slept with his daddy at night, and the teacher decided that it was "inappropriate" for a kindergarten child to sleep with his parents. DH is real afraid of things like that. He even made me delete all Julia's adorable bath pictures-- anything where she's naked.

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Originally Posted by llyra
DH is real afraid of things like that. He even made me delete all Julia's adorable bath pictures-- anything where she's naked.
Oh wow that's sad! I'm so sorry we live in a world where he feels that's necessary.

I have the greatest pictures of my mom and my older brother, hanging out naked in the bath together (actually, in most of them my mom's wearing a bra - but she's OBVIOUSLY not wearing anything else!) - they're some of the most adorable photos! And this is way pre-digital, so I know they had them developed somewhere.

It makes me so mad and sad to think that some people would 1) have a problem with a parent and a kid being naked together, and 2) would make it the parent's problem! Gah!

Ok, I have to go cool down somewhere. This is not good for my blood pressure!
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We are naked sleepers. Ds#1 is in a diaper. #2 is in diaper and jammies. Dh will sleep in the closes he wears that day if he is extra tired. He would however like to be naked.

Didn't read the other posts. Hope that helps.

I figure when my boys start showing signs of modesty, I will honor that.
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