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Is it safe? After much research, I have decided to turn to the boards on this matter. The Dr. Sears website clearly says "One child in bed at a time, Please"
What to do?

I am currently TTC#2, and if #2 is conceived anytime in the next couple of months, I am looking at a 2 year old and a newborn. I do not want to give up cosleeping with my toddler, but I want the new baby to be safe. As of right now, we have a full sized crib side-carred onto our bed (on the floor btw! LOL!) but our son always ends up in the middle anyway. It's just where he prefers to be, which is fine with dh and I.
My question is, if we just start putting ds in the middle right off, can we put the newborn in the crib and will that be safe? One baby on one side, one baby on the other?

I need to get this in order. I'm obcessed with TTC and researching everything like a mad woman. LOL

TIA! <3
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hi! i'm not sure i should be offering advice on this, as i am the one trying to figure out how to get a nine year old to sleep on her own.. but, I remember the first two years of my son's life, during which i slept daughter at my back, son at my breast, as the nicest part of our co-sleeping time (even though husband was pushed out to couch until son was past super-small newborn stage and we bought a king sized bed!) i was so much more confident and comfortable having infant in bed than with my first, and it was so much easier--it also prevented my daughter from feeling pushed out by her brother. we don't drink or smoke, etc, so i say if you are drug free, and your bed is a good size (on the floor is best) enjoy this time and go for it! you will definitely get more sleep
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We do it! I recommend a king size bed and an adult between the siblings. Never leave them alone together.
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My son slept on a twin mattress pushed up against our queen. So it was me, baby, daddy, toddler, wall.
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I'm due in 4-6 weeks, and we'll be cosleeping with a toddler and a newborn. Actually, dd starts out in her own bed each night, but at some point she usually wanders in and crawls in between dh and me. I plan to put baby between me and the wall. Therefore, it will be wall, baby, me, toddler, husband.

I agree with the pp -- never leave the toddler and newborn alone together, or allow them to sleep side-by-sde. From everything I've read (and from watching dd), toddlers are not aware of their bodies while sleeping and can easily roll onto the newborn (and, depending on the age, they might not care or recognize the consequences of being on the newborn!).
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i can't belive the sears site says that ?? i mean i believe yu but it just sounds silly .

we did it. we have a double queen, on the floor it goes wall, baby, mama, toddler, papa.
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thanks for the advice guys. It's really helping to hear that cosleeping with two is not going to hurt the newborn, or make my ds feel insecure.

Oh, and we cs on a double sized bed, so I guess it's time to move up! Woohoo family bed!

Bellee -
"Always put babies younger than 6 months to sleep on their backs and not their tummies.
Don't sleep with your baby if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or any substance that could diminish your awareness of your baby.
Don't sleep with baby on soft surfaces, such as beanbags, waterbeds and couches.
Avoid crevices between mattress and wall or mattress and side rail.
Avoid side rails, head-boards and foot-boards that have slats that could entrap baby's head.
Avoid putting your bed near curtains or blinds that have dangling strings that could strangle baby.
Only one baby in bed at a time, please. "

P.S. Is moving the bed to the floor a co sleeping rule or just something that most people do? We did this when I was pg, it was sort of just an instinctive thing. I figured if baby were to roll off, he wouldn't have a far way to go. I've never read anything about removing the bed frame until I was introduced to this forum.
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all 4 of us are in a king size bed on bed frame. we use a bed rail or a wall on one side. plus, in the beginning i'm so paranoid, i held the baby all night anyway. my older child is a magnet for a warm body and once when they were sleeping, i came in the room and my older son was smack on top of the baby who was wriggling and muffled. : FREAKED ME OUT. so now when they are asleep in bed before us, i always put barriers (big maternity pillow, for ex.) in between them.

Homeschool Planet
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We plan on all of us co-sleeping when our little one arrives. We have a king size bed and we are planning DH, Chloe, Me, Sofia, and Snug tug pillow (a great alternative to a bed rail when you have a very thick mattress that bed rails don't work with ) Chloe has never slept anywhere else other than in our bed with us at night. Now is not the time to kick her out. We will just be a bit more cozy.
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I co-sleep w/ both of my kids since they were infants. DD was 18 mos when ds was born. I am a realtively light sleeper anyway and constantly check on my kids throughout the night, but I also had to nurse ds.

DH and I put 2 beds together w/ the boxspring on the floor. I would have newborn against the wall (he had 1/2 of a king size bed to sleep. I would sleep in the center of the king size bed and dd would sleep b/w DH and I on te king size bed snuggled w/ me or on the queen size bed next to DH. Since she was older, we were not concerned about her sleeping on the crack, plus we wedged thermal blankets in the crack.

DD and DH were use to sleeping through ds's cries (if he cried). We never had a problem and we love to co-sleep!
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Only one baby in bed at a time, please.
Bizarre. So, you *can't* co-sleep with twins?

We had no problems. When DS was small, it was always
baby mom toddler dad
mom baby dad toddler
toddler mom baby dad

(never, you'll notice mom toddler dad baby for obious reasons :LOL).

When DS got bigger, him and DD started to sleep together in the middle of the bed. Now we are generally
DS mom DD dad
DS mom dad DD
mom DS DS dad



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We cosleep with a 20mo. old and a newborn. We have a kingsize bed and my dd got a toddler bed a month before ds was born. Its pushed right up against our bed (which is on the floor). DD starts out the night in her bed, but ends up in ours to nurse. Usually it goes dad, baby, mom, toddler. If your dh is a heavy sleeper then dad, toddler, mom, baby might be better. The toddler bed rails come up and make a barrier so that no one rolls off the edge. The babys in the middle because dh will scoot away at night if he senses a child and dd will keep pushing till he's off the bed. I wont roll onto her, but I also wont let her push me over (cant, babys on the other side!) Weve had no problems. In fact, dd wakes up and sits up to peer over me and point at the baby then laugh and talk about him. It's so cute!

~Me, mama to soapbox boy (1991), photo girl (1997), gadget girl (2003), jungle boy (2005), fan boy (2007) and twirly girl (2011). Twenty five years of tree hugging, breastfeeding, cosleeping, unschooling, craziness!
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We are: wall, ds #1 (3 1/2), me, ds #2 (12 mo), dh.

I'm between the two because they both want me. my oldest doesn't want much of dh at night so I'm close to him. I want dh's help with #2 so that is why our arangement is he way it is.

I'm currently dreaming of a smaller bed for two. Not going to happen anytime soon.
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