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A&L+1's Avatar A&L+1 05:12 PM 04-05-2005
Just reporting on yesterday because this is going so much better than we expected:

naps, two total, one for 1.5 hours and one for 2.25 hours!!!

in bed by 7:30 after her regular routine, asleep after 20 minutes of my hand on her back
up at 10:20 (we made noise going to bed), asleep with pacifier and hand on back within a few minutes
up at 12:30, screaming and chewing on EVERYTHING, gave homoepathic teething drops and then tylenol and she was asleep again at 1:15
Up to nurse at 6:05, back in bed by 6:30, slept until 7:15

I think she was just so ready for this and that's why it is working so well! Despite the obvious discomfort at 12:30 last night she really just wanted some comfort (and pain relief) and then she was ready to sleep again.

I am amazed.

mamameg's Avatar mamameg 05:22 PM 04-05-2005
Way to go Eleanor! That's so great, Lisa. Her naps are awesome, too! We were making some progress with naps (she was finally sleeping for about an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon), but we seem to have gone back to 30 minutes in the AM, 30 minutes in the PM. Oh well. With the nights being so much better, the short naps aren't as much of an issue.

We had an awesome night last night!

Alseep in crib by 8:00
woke 11:45, nursed, back in crib by 12:05
woke at 6:15 for the day

Yes folks, you read that right. She woke up ONCE and only once. Let me echo Lisa's sentiments.... I am amazed.
leomom's Avatar leomom 07:23 PM 04-05-2005
Wow, congratulations Mamas!!!
Mama Bear's Avatar Mama Bear 07:45 PM 04-05-2005
We too had a good night. Ds went to bed at 9pm. Woke at 2am - nursed him - went right back to sleep - up at 6am - nursed back to sleep - up for day at 9 am. I am surprised that he slept from 9pm until 2am. He almost always gets up around 11pm - but not last night. He's going back and forth between getting up 1 or 2 times, but thankfully he always falls right back to sleep after he nurses.
Maggie Mae's Avatar Maggie Mae 12:23 AM 04-06-2005
Holy cow, it really does work! I'm so glad to read your success stories - especially Lisa and Megan (thanks for the heads-up about this thread, Megan).

We haven't started in earnest yet, but already things are getting better. Naps especially. The norm is now 2 good naps at day - at least an hour each - and today it was 90 min and the 2hrs.

I'm wondering if any of you cosleep? We do, and want to continue, but I have a hunch we're responsible for at least some of the nightwakings... any ideas?

Glad to have found you!
Tangle's Avatar Tangle 07:02 PM 04-07-2005
Hi there,

I'm so heartend to see some successes. We have been having a difficult time and things seem worse right now instead of better!! Alsyon is teething like mad and wakes up even earlier than normal crying and fussing. She nursed all night (okay it felt like ALL NIGHT) the past two nights!! I'm sure it doesn't help that I have returned to work part-time and she spent most of Monday and Wednesday with a nanny. I'm working from home so I still see her several times a day and come in the room when she ramps up the crying.

Current problem- She won't nap without one of the following- nursing, being in car, or being in stoller. This is pretty inconvenient for the nanny. While I can nurse her down right now, there will be days that I have to go to work. I'm not ready to let nanny drive her around and how many walks can they take a day????

HELP!!! And keep the positive stories coming.

Sleepless in Sacramento!
Mama Bear's Avatar Mama Bear 03:56 PM 04-14-2005
So for the past few weeks, we've been trying to establish somewhat of a bedtime routine. I turn the lights really dim in ds room. I change him into his pj's and diaper him for the night. Then, I hold him in my arms and I sing to him and we 'dance'. Then I lay him down in his crib and, with my dh, we all three pray together. Then I turn on a lullaby cd, give him a kiss and leave the room. Sometimes, he gets fussy and I try to feed him again and then he goes right to sleep. Other times, he falls asleep with his paci.
So for the past two nights - he's SLEPT THROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1am - 8:30am Tuesday night and 11pm - 8am last night) I don't know if it will continue, but it is nice. Actually I think my body doesn't know what to do with the sleep :LOL
(BTW - he turned 7 mths old on April 4)
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