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I just read the thread on transitioning to crib, and someone suggested trying naps in the crib first... that is exactly what I need advice on. I don't mind the night time co-sleeping (it seems to work just fine), but during the day I really need to get up and do stuff around the house (not to mention I'm getting depressed being in bed all the time). DS is almost four months old, and is a very light sleeper. He will only fall asleep if I nurse him to sleep (though I'm currently working on removing the nipple when his sucking slows, and that is going well), and once he falls asleep if I try to move him he wakes up (even if I wait till he's in a deep sleep). There have been a few times when I nursed him in my lap and then was able to move him to the crib, but he inevitably wakes up after like 20 minutes, so his naps are never longer than about 40 minutes. Actually, he's such a light sleeper that even if I lie in bed with him, I end up nursing him back to sleep several times in order to get him to sleep longer than 40 minutes or so. Did I mention he's a light sleeper? People talk about moving the baby when he gets drowsy, etc, well if I try to move him when he's drowsy, he wakes up, eyes wide open, totally alert. He sleeps awesome at night though – usually 6-8 hours straight, 10-12 total. I’ve been doing a night time routine, and a small portion for naps that includes drawing the blinds, turning on the fan, then getting in the bed and nursing… does that seem like enough for naps? Anyway, what I really need to know is whether I’m going to be stuck co-napping with him for years to come, and what I can do to avoid that?

Chai, DS (3/05) and DS (2/10)
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Hmm... well...

You might end up co-sleeping for years and you just might love it! Our 4 year old is still in bed with us (and our 9 month old) and we honestly love it.

If he is sleeping 6-8 hours at night at 4 months old, you have a very unusual child! Emma did not start sleeping through the night until she was nearly 3. That's when I got pregnant with John and nightweaned her.

John has only recently started napping in a crib - in the last 3 weeks or so. Your child is very young! I say, enjoy this time while you can! Stay in bed with him. Make sure you have a stack of books, a yummy mommy snack, even the phone to chat with a friend. But stay near by. Time flies!
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ITA with the pp.

have you tried having him in a sling for the naps? this is how i accomplish most things around the house -- ds sleeps in the sling, i wash the dishes, cook, play with dd.

he is 6 m now, and he has never napped lying down.

with dd, i used to nap with her, and still often do, if ds would play in the swing for 10-15 minutes, so that she nurses to sleep.
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Oh, Chai, I could have written your post 9 months ago!

First, some babies just do not nap that long, and my DD was like this until she transitioned to two naps at about 7 months. Before that we were lucky to get 40 minutes. Now that she's down to one nap at 13 months she will sometimes sleep 2 1/2 hours. So, don't beat yourself up about how long your baby is sleeping as long as he seems well rested.

Second, I could never move my DD asleep either and only recently has that changed. (Again at 13 months.) What I did when she was your DS's age was go to bed with her for naps with a book. Usually I had to hide it under the pillow until she fell asleep, but then she would let me read even if she wanted to nurse some more. Eventually this grew into being able to do things sitting up in bed next to her, and then finally quiet things in the same room. It did take a few months, but in the meantime I caught up on my reading, letter-writing, etc. etc.

With my DD, I learned to get "two hand" tasks done in the golden period right after she woke up from a nap--she was much more content to lie on a blanket or sit up in a boppy when she was well rested.

I know how it feels to be depressed about being in bed all the time. I found I needed to make up for it in other ways--DH needed to give me some "me" time other times of the day, and I *had* to take DD out and do something fun for me (shopping, the library, coffee w/ a friend) because I didn't get the break other moms seemed to be getting with naps.

I hope your DS is just going to transition to sleeping alone at naps soon, it could definitely happen.
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Just a few ideas for you.... my ds is 4 months now too, and we spent the first 3 months with him napping on my lap after nursing (I practically lived in that boppy pillow!)-- he would always wake up when we tried to lay him down even when he was at the "limp" stage. Over the past month though, we started to get more daring with trying to lay him down much sooner-- as soon as his eyes shut. I detach him from the nipple when it looks like he's just about asleep (sometimes he has to nurse again right away, so I let him and then try again), then immediately pick him up and put him gently wherever I want him to nap. It works much better for us than I ever thought it would. Most of the time he naps in his swing, but we can occasionally lay him in other places too. (We've used the No Cry Sleep Solution for these ideas).

Another idea that we tried is to sidecar his crib, so that I don't have to move him after nursing him to sleep since he's already in the crib. Then I get up and tiptoe away. Sometimes I have to go back and nurse him again when he starts to wake up (usually at the 40 min mark) but it at least allows me to get a few things accomplished! Intervening and nursing or rocking him back to sleep when he wakes up seems to have helped him to extend his naps more often (hopefully he'll keep it up! )

HTH-- Hang in there!
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I know exactly what you are going through, sometimes I do get up from her naps and get something done knowing that she will wake up in 10-20 mins, but my major problem is that I usually fall asleep right with her so nothing gets done, not even reading!
The way I cope is by realizing that this time with her is short and I need to savor every minute I can, before I know it she will be all grown up and the only way to be with that beautiful little baby will be to look at pictures and videos.
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