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ladybugs_mom 08-19-2005 02:05 PM

My dd is 11mo, and it feels right to begin transitioning her to her own bed. We have co-slept most of her life up to this point. She did sleep in a cradle by our bed for the 1st 3 mos, but to survive acid reflux I ended up moving her into our bed to nurse and just left her there.

What are some ways you have had success with transitioning your baby from your bed to her own crib in her room? I want to make this transition with a great deal of care. I don't want dd to feel abandoned and I'm not going to do anything abrupt.

We always nurse to sleep at night in our bed and dd goes to sleep very quickly and easily.

I'm anxious b/c I'm part of the reason that this transition will be tough. I worry about being able to hear her and having her away from me.

Here are a few options I've thought about:
-nursing her down in our bed and transferring her to her own
-sleeping on the floor in her room for several nights (with her in her crib)
-sleeping on the floor in the hall outside her room for several nights (with her in her crib)
-nursing her down in the rocker in her room and then transferring her to her own bed
-bringing her crib into our room to get her used to sleeping in it and then moving it to her room after several days/weeks, when she's okay with it

We've been sleeping with a little stuffed lamb for several months, so she will have a transition object that will stay the same once I move her.

What do you think?

alegna 08-19-2005 02:31 PM

I think babies belong in bed with mama and cribs are baby cages... but you asked... If you feel that you MUST get her out of your bed I would at least keep the crib in your room.


kimmysue2 08-19-2005 02:52 PM

For a while I had the crib right next to my side of the bed. It was that the same level (with the crib side down) so my son would nurse and fall asleep and I would just roll him into his crib. When he woke up he was able to climb right out and ask to nurse. It was good in the sense that the daddy person had a little more room to sleep plus there were time my sweet baby boy would kick and move a lot. So with the option of putting him next to me we all slept better.

jane-t-mommy 08-19-2005 02:55 PM

I am going thru a similar transition with my 9 month old ds. I am keeping his crib in my room until he's not needing me nearby during the night for feedings (still nursing 3-4 x per night) The room he is moving to is about 10 feet away and he'll share it with his 4 y.o. sister. This is what I"ve done successfully so far: Put him down for naps in his crib. I nurse sitting up on the edge of my bed and then put a drowsy boy in the crib. He usually fusses a bit (10 seconds) and then pulls his blanket over his head and goes off to sleep. I stay in the room with him until he is sleeping. If he does begin to cry I resettle him and try again. If he gets upset I pick him up and soothe him and try again. At bedtime it is pretty much the same thing. We've been doing this for a few weeks and he seems to really associate his crib with sleep time. He's been fighting a cold this week and teething, so I have kept him a bit closer in bed nights, but he resists going to sleep in our big bed, so I put him in the crib and he settles much more quickly.

On a side note, I slept with my dd until she was 3. It worked for us. Sleeping with ds is not working so well. A crib is not a jail for a baby (of course it can be abused that way, but I'm betting that most Mothering Mamas do not abuse their children's sleeping spots!) A crib is a safe spot for a child to sleep. Ds rolled out of our big bed and got a huge bruise on his cheek. He has tried to pull the lamp that is on the table beside our bed over several times.

Good luck with your transition. The no cry sleep solution book has some good tips for making the transition as smooth as possible for you and your baby.

Junebug 08-19-2005 03:28 PM

I think babies belong in bed with mama and cribs are baby cages
Me too.... Unfortunately, over the past few weeks dd has become a very light sleeper. She started waking at the slightest sound/movement & as a result, her days were miserable .
We have slowly transitioned her to a crib & to be honest , the move has been a much harder road for DP and I than for her. It has been soooo hard for us to sleep with out her! We just moved out of "her" room 2 nights ago.
I did find some good tips in "The no cry sleep solution". I just rocked & nursed her down anytime she stirred during the night. This was exhasting but it only happened the first week or so. We stayed in the room (sharing a blow-up mattress on the floor- it was like sleeping on a raft!) till we couldn't take it anymore. She is sleeping 8hrs at a time now & is so much happier during the day...I feel kinda bad that I didn't try it earlier.
That said, we still pull her into bed sometimes to "check" if she's sleeping heavier yet & hope that she'll come back to the co-sleep on her own at some point. DP misses being her "human pillow"

I definitely wouldn't move her if you don't have're gonna miss her when she's gone

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