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I need HELP! My 6mo. old DD is not a great sleeper. I have apparentely been spoiled by my first DD who slept her first 8hr. stretch at 4.5mo. old.!! Most nights I am the one CIO. I do not support or believe in that method for my babies though. Our nursing relationship has also deteriorated and she is mostly getting bottles of ebm or formula; however, there are occasions where she still allows me to nurse her back to sleep.

Her sleep patterns are rather predictable but her sleep times are not yet. When she does fall asleep (and getting her to sleep is not usually the problem) she will only stay asleep for a max of 2hrs. to 2.5hrs. Then she's up again, usually to eat and goes back to sleep with the exception of the random wakings that last a few hrs. and you can't get her back to sleep.

I recently bought the NCSS book and have gotten to the section about the logs. I am hesitant to start this process and I am not sure why. I guess I am so sleep deprived that I don't care to do anything but cry. Or maybe I just don't think it will it sounds too good to be true or something? Anyway, I have to find a solution fast b/c I can not continue on the way I have been. I don't get a lot of night waking help from DH either which is a whole other story... :

Any other FF Mama's or Mama's with some NCSS success stories? Or just ANY general help/comments/suggestions to help her sleep even 3-4hr. stretches?
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I feel your pain my 6 1/2 mth old is not a ideal sleeper. I too purchased and read "NCSS". I haven't done the logs either, but she does use some good points.

for instance. Can you anticipate her sleep cycle changing and start doing a routine to keep her sleeping. Backrub, nursing, (i'm sure you know they will nurse in their sleep)? I know the book goes into detail that if you keep them sleeping longer, eventually they won't need you to settle themselves back down. I haven't done logs, 'cause I can't be bothered with them, I pretty much know his routine. My advice is to try establishing a routine. We bought a white-noise maker and for us I think it has been wonderful. I start my routine.. while holding ds, we close the blinds, turn on machine, sing sleep song, nurse, eventually falls asleep and I place a stuffed dog in his arms, I put the monitor close to him and listen 'cause usually in 20 min. he starts to stir, I nurse him and pray he stays asleep..

Personally for me sleep has always been an issue in our house. We co-sleep and most of the time it's diffuclt for me to get up without him waking himself up. I'm convinced he has mommy radar. I have found w/ my NCSS readings, I've introduced a lovey and I keep the monitor close to his body, as soon as I here him move I'm in there to nurse him back to sleep. To be honest this works 1/2 the time. My ds maybe naps for a total of 1 1/2 hrs per day. But will sleep between 11-13 hrs at night. Once he's done for the night I occassionally have to periodically nurse him back to sleep, usually about every 1/2 hr.

So I too know what you going thru, actually it must be worse for you with another child in the house.

good luck from one tired mama to the next.
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2 -2 1/2 hours doesn't sound horrible especially if she isn't getting up to play. BUt ou can do better.

I skipped tha logs and just assumed whatever we were doing wasn't working and we needed to change everything. My second one was such a bad sleeper that I burst out sobbing when I found out I was pregnant again. I could not go through this again! I bought the NCSS the next day.

so first we moved her to her own bed (she was older and night weaned. You may want to try a side car arrangement. 2 out of 3 of my children started sleeping through the night instantly when we put them in thier own bed. geting them to sleep was another issue but they slept beter in a movementless environment) worth a try. if she is next to your bed you can just drag her over when she wakes up. no harm done. I should say those two could not sleep on a sping matrass though. they needed something solid and no bouncy, that would absiorb thier movement. they went to futons.

also I cannot stress the bedtime routien enough. I mean write it down, get a watch, time it out, make it elaborate and do not deviate until your child has it down. we were able to pare down a bit once she was sleepign well. we saw results in 2-3 days. she went from going to bed at 1AM to 8PM and slept later in teh morning. But it was an hour and half bedtime routien. and before we were done she could quote it to me. It involved a hot bath with lavender soap and shampoo. tehn massage with lavender lotion and candles. (sister was banished to her bed with books. she was all about this kid sleeping as much as the rest of us were and was more than happy to cooperate.) I can't remember the whole routien but it involved low or no lights, no radio, Tv, anything stimulating. no eating or drinking except for a quick nursing no longer associated with going to sleep (which helped a lot because I would get realy pissy when i "wasted" 2 hours nursing her to sleep and she was as awake as ever. It was nice to nurse just for nursings sake again and to not have it associated with sleeping if she did wake in the night). the last thing was a bedtime song. then lights out. she would fuss and whine a bit but drift off pretty quickly. oh and promptly at the same time ery night.

Some encouragement -once she started sleeping better she started sleping more. within a week of going to bed at a reasonable time and getting rest at night she was taking afternoon naps for the first time ever.

we started the newborn right away and she has always ben a good sleeper. s he had some iues at first. short napping and waking up when her diaperw as wet. Those were easily solved bu using disposables for naps (I forget when we stopped that) and letting her sleep on her tummy which took her 15 minute naps to 3 hour naps. after that she was the perfect sleeper. Your dd is probably old enough to sleep however she wants but if it hasn't occured to her you might want to introduce tummy sleeping to her.

daily routiens can make a big difference too, lots of fresh air and outdoor activity, make sure thier naps are predictable and not too long.

good luck. i now how frustrating it can be to have ababy who just an't get the sleep they need.

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Just wanted you to know that your baby is normal. Read this:

I hope you find the sleep fairy soon!

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thanks for that momtwice.
My little boob-monster nurses on & off all night and it really does help me when I hear that it's somewhat normal!
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