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Quirky's Avatar Quirky 05:17 PM 01-15-2003


Many more American parents are letting their babies share their beds, a new federal study has found. The results delighted advocates of families' sleeping together, who say it makes for closer parent-child bonds and more secure children. The same results worry safety experts, who say the practice causes suffocation.

Piglet68's Avatar Piglet68 11:53 PM 01-15-2003
I'm glad to see cosleeping getting more attention these days. It's unfortunate that the "safety experts" biases and misinformation isn't more thoroughly debunked however. I couldn't read the whole article since i don't subscribe to the NYT, but I'm glad to see the subject getting some coverage that isn't totally negative.

T is anybody else getting rather jaded at how this one story seems to have been picked up by every newspaper and TV news story in the country? regarding the CNN thread it seems that the "safety experts" put out their usual crap to someone like Associated Press, and it then just gets regurgitated by so-called journalists all over. DOESN'T ANYBODY RESEARCH THEIR OWN STORIES ANYMORE????????