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grumo's Avatar grumo 07:30 PM 02-03-2003
I am making it a personal goal to not night wean until dd gets all four of her molars. We've got two, and now we are waiting for those other two. In the meantime, we are still waking at least every two hours.

But... I decided I would just go down the list of natural "remedies" for poor sleep in my Natural Healing book. First on the list is aromatherapy. they suggest adding a few drops of essential oil to the bath, but I found that too complicated, because for babies, they want you to mix it first with an almond oil base, and that just made the bath too slick and the tub was slippery. Instead I put a drop of oil on a tissue and left it at the head of the bed.

My book suggests Chamomile for babes under 1 year and Geranium for babes over 1 year. kids older than 6 can have both Geranium and Chamomile together.

I've been using Geranium after a couple of nights, it really seemed to help settle her. She doesn't have to nurse as long, and she will let me roll over. Also she is waking on the longer end of every two hours now. Not a cure, but the oil seems to be helping. I hope it helps in your house.

Bearsmama's Avatar Bearsmama 10:03 AM 02-04-2003
Thank you. I will try anything. I have a big post about the craziness in our house lately with no sleep, etc. My DS is 1 yo. Just know that there are others out there who are as sleep deprived as you. Thanks for the suggestions.
Dana's Avatar Dana 10:51 AM 02-04-2003
Thanks for the info. I'll go get some geranium oil today!!! We still have 2 molars and the canines to go. (And a cold coming on )
orangebird's Avatar orangebird 06:04 PM 02-04-2003
What would be the harm of using both for a child under 6? Or even a baby? They are harmless aren't they? I wonder if my HFS has chamomile EO or if I need to order it online. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to try it. I'll try anything to get a couple hours sleep
lucimomster's Avatar lucimomster 06:54 PM 02-04-2003
We've had some good luck lately with a few different homeopathic remedies. I'd post the specifics, but what I'm learning about homeopathy is that it's not usually as simple as "nightwaking=remedyX." I would encourage you, though, to seek the advice of a homepath!