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dandelions2's Avatar dandelions2 05:58 PM 03-28-2003
My daughter is 13 months and right after her first birthday she started nightwaking. Before all this started she was sleeping through the night, 10-11 hours straight, since she was 6 weeks old. She never woke to nurse and I never tried to get her to do it, she just did. But starting about 5 weeks ago she's up several times each and every night to nurse then she goes right back to sleep. I start her out in her crib, but just bring her to our bed when she wakes cause I'm 12 weeks pregnant and too tired to be getting up and down all night. I've tried giving her more solids during the day because I thought that might be the problem, but it's not working. Any ideas???


BinahYeteirah's Avatar BinahYeteirah 07:23 PM 03-28-2003

Maybe she's teething? Is she learning a new developmental skill (e.g. walking or talking)? Babies often nightwake for these reasons. Does she seem healthy? It could possibly be (G-d forbid) a sickness causing this problem.

Hope it gets better soon .
dandelions2's Avatar dandelions2 07:56 PM 03-28-2003
She already has 12 teeth and if she did wake at night for any of those, it was only one or two nights and that was it. She has been crawling for 2 months now, but not walking or cruising yet. She is talking a lot though. She learns a new word every day, it seems. So maybe that is it. I just had her at the dr earlier this week and they said she's fine, so it's not that. Thanks for your help.

eclipse's Avatar eclipse 07:11 AM 03-29-2003
if your 12 weeks pregnant, you could be experiencing a supply drop - maybe she's not getting as much milk as she wants during the day, so she's waking to nurse at night?

my ds did soemthing similar at around 9 months (slept through from 10 weeks - 9 months) and we just ended up with him in bed full time because i wasn't going to get up and go to him all night either. he is 26 months and just started sleepign through again. we never did figure out the reason for the change: , but i'll tell you for a month or two it was really tough getting used to. i found myself wishing he'd never slept through!
dandelions2's Avatar dandelions2 02:09 PM 03-29-2003
I haven't noticed a supply drop, but maybe there has been. Is there any way to try and get it up, or is it a lost cause since it's due to the pregnancy?

Last night was better. She woke at around 1:30 and even though I was super tired, I nursed her in her room in our rocking chair and when she fell asleep (she was still latched on and sucking hard which bothers me cause my nipples are now ultra sensitive from the pregnancy) I got her off and laid her down in her crib. I tucked her in and she whined a little and held her arms up towards me and said "up." I told her it's time to sleep and I sat down on the floor by her crib. She just looked at me smiling then she turned over and put her arm over her face for a few minutes. Then she would turn back and smile at me, or touch my face and then turn back over. She did that about 7 or 8 times before she actually fell asleep. She didn't wake again till 6 (woo hoo!) and then hubby brought her to bed with us. I feel so rested today. Maybe she's having separation issues and just wants to make sure I'm still around. I think I'm going to start making the extra effort to stay up when she's up and get her back in her crib. She has a way of hitting and kicking us at night that we're not too fond of.

tara's Avatar tara 02:33 PM 03-31-2003
I second the developmental thing. My kid has always slept horribly, but our worst periods of nightwaking have corresponded with developmental leaps (crawling, trying out new words, etc). And, maybe she's working on some really big molars?

Glad last night was better!