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mamaley's Avatar mamaley 02:35 PM 06-09-2003
We co-slept with our first child in our full size bed, but now that I'm pregnant (and I'm not that big yet) I'm wondering how we ever did it and how the baby will safely fit in our bed. It's very important to me that we co-sleep, and I read about the arm's reach co-sleeper in Dr. Sears' AP book. My friend has a pack n play that she has offered to give us, and I'm debating over whether or not to use it as a co-sleeper. Any suggestions? What I'm most concerned about is a) will it be like she's in bed with us, in the sense taht she feels the closeness she would feel if right next to us in bed? And, b) would it be safe and convienent for breastfeeding?

becca29's Avatar becca29 02:01 PM 06-10-2003
We tried out a Pack and Play without much luck. It was given to us at a shower, and we had considered buying an Arm's Reach, but it was too expensive and I heard soem complaints about how it was made (re it broke on quite a few people when buying it)

Anyway, there were a couple of problems with the pack and play. First, I wanted him closer, and I would sleep with my face practically pushed up against the screen with him on the other side. It didn't work well with breastfeeding either, because of a couple of reasons. Once he was done, I would have to sit up, pick him up and set him back in the pack and play. He would either wake up as I was moving him, or about ten minutes after I put him down (the mattress is VERY hard). After two weeks of this and not much sleep we gave up and he's been in bed with us ever since!

I have heard of other though who said it worked fine, so I guess since a friend is offering it to you, you may as well try it out! Good luck!
Mamatoto2's Avatar Mamatoto2 02:39 AM 06-13-2003
Well, we do a little of this, a little of that. We have a PNP with a 3/4 bassinet (wish we'd gotten one with a full bassinet though). I generally put DD in there to sleep initially and then move her in the bed with us after her 1st or her 2nd night feeding (depending on when those occur). I like her in our bed vs. the PNP, but we don't sleep too well with the 3 of us in there so it's better reserved for later in the night/morn for us. However, DD is almost too big for the bassinet and I'm not too sure how this will work once we move her to the bottom level of the PNP. I'm interested to see other replies!
jogirl's Avatar jogirl 08:37 PM 06-14-2003
We didn't want to buy the arm's reach cosleep, thought a bassinet was too separated, and were worried about having her in bed with us (space). We went to IKEA and bought a $99 crib, put it on the highest setting (our bed is *high*) and then dh built a "filler" piece to lift the crib mattress to the same height as our bed. So, it's flush. The crib's by the wall, our bed is smushed beside it and it's great. She's actually between us now and I'm normally halfway into the cosleeper... which is better then falling on the floor! . If you don't want to get a cosleeper maybe try buying a sturdy, safe, but cheap crib. I love our IKEA one.. it's going to make a great toddler bed on it's lowest setting when we're ready to wean her to her own room!.
SaraC's Avatar SaraC 11:13 AM 06-15-2003
I second the crib idea. A PNP is to low to try to co-sleep plus you have to get up to put them back in it after nursing. One of the benefits of co-sleep is more sleep, right? We have a king size bed so space isn't an issue but if we needed more space I would use my crib as a co-sleeper.
USAmma's Avatar USAmma 12:15 PM 06-17-2003
Does it have a bassinet in it? If so it will work just fine if it's about the same level or slightly lower than your bed. We used one with dd and it was not quite the same as a cosleeper but it worked okay for a few months. She woke up and I would sit up, take her, feed her, and put her back in it after she fell asleep. It was hard though, and eventually we found it easier just to have her in bed with us. With this next baby we will be using a bassinet for awhile since we have a waterbed. If that doesn't work out baby and I will take the queen-sized futon on the floor in dd's room.