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Zhlake's Avatar Zhlake 11:13 PM 06-18-2003

This is so upseting is so many ways.

samsara's Avatar samsara 11:48 AM 06-19-2003
this is atrocious! since when is SIDS caused by suffocation and strangulation? this nurse should get some kind of nobel prize for medicine, you know, for discovering the cause of SIDS: .

what makes me even more sad is that my grandparents live outside of Tampa and this is their paper...i'm genuinely surprised that i haven't gotten a link to it yet with an attached, "see? see? we told you it was dangerous!"

and the classism thing...ugh. it's so ~ist on so many levels...and it's really badly written -- aren't journalists supposed to be able to write?
Miekesmummy's Avatar Miekesmummy 04:30 AM 06-20-2003
It's really sad when things are taken so grossly out of context. Rubbish like this article has the potential to frighten would-be bedsharers out of an immensly satisfying experience.

Why don't any of these people mention the recommendations for safe bed-sharing and put incidents like suffocation into some context - like maybe the parent was drunk or under the influence of drugs. And that sure isn't SIDS.

Just on the anti co-sleeping articles - I was given the book 'On becoming Babywise' by a complete stranger who overheard me tell someone else that my DD didn't sleep very well. The book is the biggest load of cr@p I have ever read in my whole life. It devotes a section to bed-sharing and how unsafe it is. Pah-lease...where's Gary Ezzo's qualification to publish a book on this topic?

No-one knows what causes SIDS - that's the whole point. They DON'T KNOW. Ugh. I feel a lot safer knowing that my DD is right next to me where I can hear and feel her.

Sorry - *stepping off my soap box now...*