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I have never co slept with a newborn before so I need some advice. My sweet girl will not sleep in the co sleeper next to our bed. She has to be right next to me. So, she has been sleeping in our bed, mostly with just me and my hubby has been sleeping in other places. Anyway, I know you are not supposed to sleep with covers and you aren't supposed to let baby get to hot. But what else is there to ensure safety? She is just so tiny next to me and I don't want anything to happen to her. I'm probably being paranoid, but can all you cosleepers out there give me some advice and help? Thanks!!!

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Keep the thermostat set around 68, and only put her in one layer more than what you're wearing if need be. Don't pull the covers up around her, just dress her so she'll stay warm enough -- and remember that being next to you adds to her body heat. Are you swaddling? This adds heat as well, so if you are swaddling, that counts as the extra layer of clothing.

When Guinevere was itty, I had a body pillow (not right next to her as that's a hazard even before they can roll over) on the side of the bed -- it was more for my reassurance than for her benefit though. As she got older, I bought a SnugTuck bolster and put it *under* the fitted sheet (so her feet wouldn't get stuck under it). We still use it today.

I used one of her baby blankets to cover her legs, then I dressed warmly myself up top and pulled the covers over me.

I got rid of all extra pillows and the down comforter, and cut an old wool blanket and put it under the fitted sheet in case of nighttime leakage.

There are some great tips in Dr Sears' The Baby Book, and on his site, for cosleeping safety.

Try not to worry if you can. Just don't take any sleeping pills or drink, and keep the room nice and cool. You should be fine. We did put a small travel pillow in the middle of the bed for my husband's benefit. He was afraid he'd whack the baby with his arm in his sleep. That pillow worked as a great little preventative.

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I have always just held my babies with their heads on my arm and i lay on my side. I was doing that before I ever heard the term "cosleeping". lol!

My kids are always warmer than I am, so I keep blankets on me but not them. They are usually fine with their pj's (my youngest HATES blankets at 2 even).

You will be fine. Cosleeping is perfectly safe as long as you aren't medicated, drinking, or smoke. Much safer, IMHO, than babies sleeping in cribs.

good luck!

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If you're very paranoid, you can always get one of those inserts you put in the bed. I'm not sure whether they really "do" anything, but it made it possible for me to sleep soundly while still co-sleeping with baby when he was very small.
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We always just used our regular covers for dd.

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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
We always just used our regular covers for dd.

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I always sleep facing dd. So when I want to roll over I just put her on my tummy and roll her over with me. (she is starting to get too big to do this- but she's almost 6 months and i'm not quite so worried about her position the way you do with a newborn). She sleeps on her side facing me or on her back. We dont use a comforter as I worried about that getting pulled up and covering her face- instead just blankets which I dont pull up too high (I wear a long sleeve pj shirt to bed that buttons up the front so that there is easy breast access and it keeps my arms warm) If it's really cold I'll put her in a sleep sack so I am sure she's warm enough without having to pull the blankets up close to her face. When she was a tiny newborn I slept with her head on my arm a lot so I knew exactly how her head was positioned. At times it seemed I would be doing that forever but she grew quickly- and now she can position herself head herself, roll, etc (although she never tries to roll when we're in bed at night- she just snuggles closer to me so I dont worry too much about her rolling off the bed...not yet...)
I do think that moms have a sixth sense about their babies when they sleep together- I dont remember being specifically awake during the night but I naturally adjust her and my sleeping positions so that she is free from the blankets, etc. From time to time I drink a glass of wine at night with dinner a few hours before bed but never any more alcohol than that and I NEVER take any meds like benadryl or sudafed that might make me super sleepy and less concious of her in bed.
Mine would not sleep in those co-sleeper bed insert things...if yours wont sleep in the co-sleeper next to your bed I would bet she wont sleep in the snuggle nest either...(so dont waste your money on one- i did and sold it soon after on craigslist...
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We just had our first baby 4 days ago. Last night, I tried putting him in the co sleeper for the first time. He did okay, but I only lasted about 10 minutes. I just felt like I was too far away from my baby. So I just held him while we both slept. I'm using lots of pillows to prop me up right now because I'm recovering from c/s... so I'm sleeping sort of upright. But it worked really well and felt really safe. I think I'll do it again tonight.

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I slept with ds at breast level so he was quite below my pillow. When he was tiny I rolled up two receiving blankets on either side of him so he would stay on his side while he nursed and I could fall asleep nursing and not worry about him rolling.
We had him sleep between me and a bed rail so I disn't worry about dh rolling on him since dh is a heavy sleeper and sorta overweight.
Ds would sleep in a sleepsac and I'd have my own blanket on me and dh.
You can feel how hot dc is by feeling the back of their neck, if they feel sweaty, they are too hot.

Most babies want to keep touching mama while they sleep, so we never got much use out of bassinette, crib etc.

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I thought a whole lot about this while I was pregnant and once DS was born, instinct kind of kicked in. He's swaddled in a thin cotton gown and sleeps on his side, facing me. I cover myself, up to the neck and just pull the blanket down so it just covers his feet. He's at breast level so below the pillow. I haven't changed the amount or type of covers we use and on the rare occasion DH moves and the sheet or comforter lands on his face, he starts wiggling and I immediately wake up and move it.

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You know, as paranoid and overprotective as I am about everything else when it comes to my kids, I have never been worried about co-sleeping being potentially dangerous. It just seems so natural and SAFE to me. We have just used regular covers with all of our babies, and they even sleep with their heads on a regular adult pillow (face-up, of course) right from the start. Now that my littlest is almost 8 months, he actually sleeps on his tummy with his face on a regular pillow.
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