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My 4 yo remembers her birth vividly and has recounted it many times since she could first tell me about it in words ~ probably around 14-16 months.



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My dd has a December bday and I was trying to get away with the lie that we don't have home birthday parties in the winter when kids can't play outside.  My dd (4, going on 5) told me that we had in fact had her bday parties at home-- when she turned one, and when she turned 2.  (I don't have printed pictures of either party.)  She was able to tell me who attended her 2nd bday party, and what her cake looked like at both parties!  Of her 1st birthday party: "I can't believe you gave me chocolate cake.  You know I hate chocolate cake!"  Actually, that was the first time she had ever had cake, so I had no idea she wouldn't like it then or now!!


Another weird memory for her, we went into a store when she was 3 that we hadn't been into for about 1 1/2 years.  She said, "This is where we bought my snowman lovie," which we had-- when she was 18 months old. 





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Wow! Interesting forum! OK, let's see.


When I was at a mall, they had all these restaurants, including Panda Express, and my first DD said that once I told her that I didn't want her to go to Panda Express for lunch, but I don't remember that. She must have been REALLY, really young then. She said that ever since then, she never asked to go there again, even though she loves chinese food. As a result, she's never gone until recently. I answered, "Maybe that's because it's so expensive!"


My second DD and I were talking the other day about her former speech therapists, and she mentioned remembering going to a speech therapist's house when she was just TWO YEARS OLD. To top it off, she said that she remembered that there was a game there that she only saw once in her whole life: "something about not waking up Daddy?" she said. And I was like, "Oh, yeah! It was called "'Don't Wake Up Daddy!'" Weird, though.... she could read at age two? I don't know how she knew that it was called that.

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Before a health crisis, I had an eidetic/photographic memory. I used to 'study' by looking at pages in my textbook before an exam and then I'd read them for the first time in my memory as they appeared on the page. It seems that ds1 has this sort of memory too. The oddest thing is that even when I had that ability, I have never been able to 'see' human faces in my memory- even of my family members.

Oh, yeah! I'm the same way. When I was younger, I usually only had to read something once or twice and then later for tests i would just imagine the page, and then somehow i would remember what was said on the page- sometimes word for word. (Actually, I'm better at this after I watch a T.V. show and someone asks me what the show was about- i can replicate whole conversations and even what they were doing in the scene- its so funny because my friends would watch the show later, and they'd be like, "Oh, yeah- didn't you tell me about this one?" LOL.) It's also extremely helpful to have this kind of memory when it comes to spelling bees.


The reason why you probably don't remember faces as well because you didn't really impress them on you. your brain didn't go, ok, shes got this birthmark on her cheek (or is it a mole?), and she has a cleft chin..." unless you stared at their faces, trying to memorize them. but that would be awkward.


Sorry, rambling now...

Raising three crazy girls in a loving home in IL. One notes.gif lil writer, bellyhair.gifActor (not belly dancer! Please!) and of course, our lil one says asl.gifgrouphug.gif "We're all in this together"... (high school musical-- EEP!).

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My kids keep asking for the aupair who was supposed to look after them, he stayed with us for three days and DS was 12 month old, DD 26. I always thought that this was weird and probably me making them remember...but now I might think different.


DD tells her Granddad every time he visits, that he is not supposed to bite her finger. He did that (a wrestle gone bad) when she was two years old.


My first memory is when I am about a year old, I am alone with my brother and our dog and there is a thunderstorm and we are afraid. I have no idea where my parents are, they swear they never left us alone, but I remember this very clearly.



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Originally Posted by babygirl24 View Post

I have memories of things that happened at an apartment when I was young. We moved to a house when I was about 18 months, so these are before that.

DD who is 5 (6 next month) made references to something that happened before she turned 3. Actually the funny thing is none of us can remember exactly how old she was when it happened. LOL We just know it was before we moved the house we are currently in and she was 2 1/2 at that time.


Yeah. Me, too. I have distinct memories of an apartment complex that we lived in from age 1 until I was about 21 months.  My husband, who has a MA in clinical psych, insists that all of his texts say children can't remember that young, but I remember lots of stuff about that place and things that happened there. According to DH, there is some speculation in the psychological community that long term memory comes in when language comes in. If a child has early language development, it makes total sense that she also has earlier long term memories. 


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The first thing I remember is jumping up and down in my crib, wanting someone to come get me. I could see my parents through the crack in the door having cake with my grandparents. I jumped and jumped until I threw up. Then my mom came and got me and I got to see my grandparents. 


In that same house- we moved when I was three- I remember watching a Roadrunner cartoon while coloring in a Roadrunner coloring book. I was really excited that they were the same, but I did not have the verbal ability to explain it to my mom. I am guessing because of that, I must have been pretty young as I was a pretty verbal kid by all accounts. I remember several other things from that time period, all when I was under three- ranging from major life events to little moments no one else was present for (one of those is sneaking into the kitchen and eating a handful of margarine...gag!) I also remember starting preschool, which I did at two. I actually thought that it was pretty normal to remember that far back until my husband and I exchanged childhood memories when we were dating and he could not remember anything before seven or so. 


My son is 4 1/2 and remembers everything (not his birth though!) but he has brought up an incident multiple times that happened when he was 14-ish months old. Our dog got out and was picked up by animal control. We went to get her at the humane society the next day and Keagan remembers her hopping up into the car and licking him and how we were so happy to get our doggie back. It's not something we ever really discussed with him. 


He also brings up all sorts of stuff from when we lived in Washington, we moved before he turned three. He remembers our neighbor's dog when he was two, friends he has not seen since we moved... he remembers the way to people's houses there when we visit. He remembers going camping for the first time shortly after his 2nd birthday. He brings up toys he had as a baby.


Oddly, he has totally blocked out any memory of my inlaws, who he last saw shortly after turning three. But memories with them were not exactly good, so maybe it's a self defense mechanism. 

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These stories are awesome!  I'm totally going to open-end question DS (3 yrs) tomorrow and see what he has to say about being born. 


My earliest memory is when I was sleeping at the baby-sitters house in a playpen and I pooped in my pants.  I was over the age of 2, but not close to 3.  I remember the gross feeling of me trying to climb out of the playpen and I remember crying as I bent over in the bathtub to get wiped.  The sitter told me I needed to use the toilet if I didn't like the way it felt.


Oh, maybe this one is earlier, because it's the sitter I had before that one, I remember that the potty chair was in the kitchen and I remember people clapping when I would use the potty.  I potty-trained right around my 2nd birthday.


I am embarrassed to say, I know my son remembers being 14 months old because that's when he switched to his crib from our bed for nighttime.  He recently asked me why I left him in his crib crying sometimes when he wanted me come get him.   I was heartbroken when he told me he remembered that.

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I was driving on backroads I havn't driven on in a very long time with DS, age 4.5, the other day. He pointed out my midwife's house (it had been pointed out to him before a while ago), then said, "Do you remember that tiny plastic baby I got from her? She gave it to me in the little office with all the books." My midwife had given my DS, then about 22 months, a small plastic fetus during my pregnancy with DD in the library at the birth center. He is always bring up very small unimportant memories like that. Another one was how Daddy shared a Sweet-Tart with him on the airplane to Mexico in May of 2010. Not as far back as birth obviously, but it's the fine details of the thing that always makes me laugh.

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one of my sisters remembers standing in her crib watching the day my mom brought me home from the hospital,she is 13 months older than I am.headscratch.gif

  I remember distinctly when my (13 months older than myself) sister sat on the couch and taught me to read on my own. I was 4,she was 5.kewl.gif

She also taught me to tie my shoes before I went to kindergarten,and I attended at age 4 (the whole reading thing)

   Ummm....both my kids have much better and longer memories than I do.

 Does any of this make us different than the norm? who knows...... I know my sister has a bizarre memory capability. Which is not such a good thing.

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I was giving my DD her maths lesson the other day. She doesn't have to do school, but she craves organised school work, and asks me to give her assignments like a "real teacher," but reckons she wouldn't like a "real school" because she'd have to do work just to do it, not do it because she wanted to learn (this is so my kid). So we're plugging away at her BrainQuest Grade 1 book (which she does math in, but nothing else, I'm trying not to have her go too far ahead and for now she seems content with K and PK everything else, but the PK/K math is intolerable to her), and she suddenly pipes up and says, "Mama, can I have a graphing calculator for my birthday?" I was stunned and asked her if she knew what that was, sure enough she did, if only in a vague sense. I asked her then where she's seen one and she said, "Aunt A. let me play with hers." Umm. Okay. I asked her when this happened and she didn't know.


I called my brother and his wife and asked her if she even had a graphing calculator. Her answer? "Oh, I used to. Gave it away about a year ago when we moved." Well, I did my own math (of which my skills are abysmal), and the last time we were at their place before that move was when DD was 2 years and 1 month. And Auntie A. did indeed let her play with it.


So now I'm scouring thrift stores in search of a cheap graphing calculator. I don't think she'll be solving for X any time too-too soon, but at least she can play with it and familiarize herself with it. She dearly loves math. I'm in for it, aren't I?


She also remembers tiny details about things. She'll see someone she hasn't seen in months, and remind them that they were wearing a green jacket last time she saw them, and that there was a bald man on that train where she last saw him, and the bald man had a pretty golden retriever dog, and on that train there was also an old lady who was sick, and there were two people with red hair like Carol (her imaginary friend, don't get me started on that). I don't know how people can say photographic memory doesn't exist - it definitely does and there are many people of all ages who prove it.

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My son remembered a year later how to get to the aquarium which is really far away and requires a couple of train changes. He remembered the trains, i had forgotten. He was 3 when we went the first time and 4 when he reminded me how to get there.


He remembered the apartment number of a friend e had been to visit once, and almost a year before. My friend has two surnames (not sure why) and the doorman was asking for her full name (in an nyc apartment bld) and apartment number.  Couldnt remember the apartment number or which name she used. Luckily 4yo remembered and gave us the apartment number.


I mean, i remember numbers well too, but not that randomly. 

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