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This (below) sounds so much like my ds1.  He asked for so much input all the time as a toddler (and an infant, and a preschooler...) and there was really nothing we could do but give him the info he was asking for.  At 18 months or so, he'd wake up, come downstairs, and first thing go to the letter magnets demanding we "'pell words!!" He LOVED those letters.  Then it was numbers.  With a new baby in the house, what else could I do but give ds1 dot-to-dots to keep him happy when he loved them and it kept him busy!?  I really never thought twice about giving him what he really needed - there was no other way for us to be for him, and to be true to him. Sure, sometimes I'm tired of whatever activity he's asking for, so I tell him that, but teaching them what they're asking for is totally fine, in my opinion.  Now he's in K and all we can do is take it from here. There is some new stuff in school (lowercase letters, for one), and I've provided his math workbook from home to take to school to help the teacher challenge him there (she's agreeable to that).  We'll just have to take it year by year...

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My husband showed my son some math basics, and DS immediately loved it and now requests that we "give him math"... Which to him means asking him a very simple addition or subtraction problem. He uses his fingers for answers he doesn't have memorized. My husband said he came up with using his fingers on this own. So this on one hand impresses me, and I love that he is so enthusiastic to learn new things. On the other hand I feel uncomfortable even introducing such concepts to a 2 year old. I don't even know why I feel uncomfortable with it. Maybe I worry that we are pushing him? I wish I could articulate my worries about this better so that I could see if they were valid. I also need to respect my husbands POV. He sees it as offering our eager and energetic son something new and fun to do. Could there be harm in that?

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lol.gif  Do we have the same child!  This is exactly what happens at my house every day!  He's still so groggy he's tripping on the way to the fridge, but it doesn't stop him from verbally spelling words all the way there. 


Originally Posted by reezley View Post



 At 18 months or so, he'd wake up, come downstairs, and first thing go to the letter magnets demanding we "'pell words!!" He LOVED those letters. 


Life is strange and wonderful.  Me read.gif, DP lady.gif, DS (3/09) blahblah.gif , 3 dog2.gif  and 4 cat.gif

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Hi, everyone -

I just wanted to share a few updates on our little family.  First, I have a meeting with the local school set up to discuss how they handle gifted kids. So we'll see where that leads us in terms of making decisions about DS's future schooling.  I thought the fact that they were even open to meeting with me was an excellent sign!  If they are open to parent involvement, maybe I can help in some way.


Second, DS is doing well and continuing to surprise us. He is very much into math right now - addition, subtraction, very very simple multiplication, and even fractions.  Anything with numbers, he loves - telling time, reading calendars, weather,  etc.   He has a great sense of humor and likes to tell jokes and make up some of his own.  He still loves puzzles, reading, art and doing art projects, and he is getting pretty good with letters.  The only area I'd say he is not advanced is gross motor skills.  There are definitely some kids his age that are more athletically gifted.   He is still operating on very little sleep, which means that we all are sleep deprived in this house (well...except for DS, who seems  to get plenty of sleep as far as he is concerned)


His baby sister is now just over one.  We cannot get over her speech abilities!  She can say almost 50 words. Holy crap!!  OK, maybe this isn't that unusual, especially in these parts.  But DS definitely wasn't talking that well at one.  I do know that girls talk earlier than boys.  And I should also note that she doesn't always use all 50 words correctly, so some of those are just repeating commonly heard words.  But the fact that she can say them still surprises me.  She is very good at simple puzzles.  She probably likes them because her big brother is so into them.  Hers are very simple, of course.  She has picked up on a joke her brother does where he puts something silly on his head and giggles saying "this is not a hat!"  (Ah, toddler humor.)  Now DD will hold things to her head and say "it not a hat!"  She thinks that is pretty funny.   (BTW... she usually only says one word at a time. Don't want you all to think she is putting together short sentences - in this case, she is just mimicking!)


So, it seems that DD could very well be bright too.  Who knows...


AFM... I mentioned health issues in an earlier post.  I will be  having surgery next week and will be gone for over a week.  I hate the thought of being away from the kids, but hopefully this will represent a step towards regaining my health.  I am going to need all the strength and energy I can get to keep up with these two!


Thanks for listening and for all the great advice.  I do come here and read often, even though I can't often post.  I love hearing about the wonderful and unique kiddos and how they keep us all on our toes (to say the least).  So I am a dedicated lurker.  Hopefully with better health I will have a bit more time to actively participate here.  This is an amazing community!

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I hope everything medical goes super smoothly.


As a homeschooling mom of 6 and 7 year olds, I am not entirely sure that it takes more energy to home school them than to deal with the reality of full day school.  I think with gifties it can take a good bit less, because (1) you aren't trying to force them to do busy work, and (2) there's the obvious issue of not needing as much teaching and supervision to master the material.


I'm talking the whole morning routine, and then the homework routine (home schooling on top of full day school), the supplemental math because your district is using some crazy constructivist math, getting them to bed early and then dragging them out of bed to an alarm clock.  As opposed to:  everyone gets up when they've had enough sleep (except mom, but at least you don't have to get up before the kids and can catch an afternoon nap without worrying about school pickup); hour or two of academics (for a gifted kid in early elementary that would be plenty for most); structure the rest of the day however you want.


Also also I'll ditto, don't try to predict how much energy he'll require at 5, from how much energy he requires now.


There was a time when my kids were about 3 and 4 that I started to be able to get things done because they didn't need to be underfoot all the time.  Also in home schooling I am teaching them good habits of independent work. 



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I hope you're recovering well from your surgery and that it provides the answers you need for your health!

Your kids sound wonderful and amazing! I am definitely in agreement with pigpokey on the requirements of homeschooling. We live in a very HS-friendly state so we have virtually no state requirements. Because of my chronic health needs, two littler ones (including, now, a 6 month old), and the boys' being gifted, we end up with a lot of unschooling or, shall we say, "self-directed learning." We do some "book work" together, as well, but we're not highly structured in school because we are not highly structured in life. (And, yes, it drives my DH crazy, but he also sees how well they're doing in general, so it works.)

With my own needs, it would absolutely be worse for me to be dragging everyone up and out at the crack of dawn, then trying to get things done until the olders were out of school, interrupting naps to go get them, etc. I know this because we did preschool for the olders, and finally stopped because it was interrupting homeschool too much! (And, in those days, my DH did the drop-offs. Mornings are bad for me, and when he'd be out of town, we'd often end up skipping preschool because it was just not worth it to have to take them.)

All the best on this journey! smile.gif

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