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A-time-to-live 06-20-2012 12:58 PM

I need a brag thread! Dd(3) has been really taking off with her motor skills this summer. She learned to skip a few weeks ago. This morning her soccer coach commented on how athletic she is. He specifically mentioned being impressed by the accuracy and power of her kick, her dribbling and her running speed and stamina.

lonegirl 06-21-2012 04:00 AM

Tyr (5.5) loves science.  His favourite program is Nova-Hunting for the Elements.  He  recently got a periodic table poster for his bedroom.  He knows the atomic weights of many of the elements and while at the science centre he was educating one of the the poor guy had to pull out his iphone to confirm the element information Tyr gave to him. 

He is reading really anything given to him.  His favourite books are the Gironimo and Thea Stilton books because they still have fun coloured pics and words.  He also loves his Canadian Boy's Book of Adventure

He will be starting Grade 1 in the fall.  We have been homeschooling up to now so it will be a different chapter for us all.  I worry for him because with all his interactions with kids his age he comes across a bit cocky.  He likes to be number one and although he knows he is right...not everyone does.  At Ikea yesterday there were 2 other kids his age playing with him.  The little girl was trying to quiz him on math...what's 1+1+1+1+1?  etc....he got them all right and then turned said What is a billion times a billion?  The little girl was like " a zillion"  he said "no it is 10 to the 18"  she was all "no it isn't"  he was insistant and getting upset because she wouldn't listen to him.  He finally just walked away.

He also loves all things video games and is a master at just about anything he plays. He completed Plants vs Zombies and plays the winning song over and over.  He still loves his leappad.  According to the learning path he is working at grade 2-3 on all areas.

He loves to learn and is such a wonderful boy!!

zebra15 06-26-2012 09:34 AM

DS is 11. We just relocated and are settling in to some uncomfortable temp housing.  (fingers crossed for a job offer soon).


DS is at a week of lego and stop motion camp this week.  The boy is in total heaven!.  Last week there was a Lego camp at the library for 2 hrs a day.  In July there are several days of art camp!   We are working on getting adjusted to the new homeschool groups and moving from basically a 'green' state to an 'orange' state.   Still looking for a new swim team for DS to join - he is watching all the time trials for swimming for the olympics and really misses his swim team.


He is taking a break from CTY classes for a bit.  When he starts again he is 1/2 done with Scratch programming.  Not sure what he will take next, either honors geometry or honors chemistry.  (not sure if I"M ready for that).


Also not sure what the plan is for homeschooling in the fall.  I just do NOT like the feel of living in an orange state. 

Linda on the move 06-26-2012 10:34 AM

DD#1 (15) is volunteering at the main library in our city, which is a bit of an eye opener for her in many ways. She has worked at our local branch before. She went to a week of Forensic Anthology Camp through a university, and decided that she does not want to go into a field that involves smelling formaldehyde. orngbiggrin.gif She discovered that she is very interested in disaster relief, so we are figuring out how to channel that. (The lead teacher at her camp does things go to large disaster areas and identify bodies, so they learned a lot about that) She is also caring for the goats, chickens, and green house at her school 4 days a week. She is drawing a lot -- mostly large works with charcoal -- a continuation of what she was doing in art this school year.

And driving. God help me, she is about to get her learner's permit. yikes2.gif

DD#2 (14) is a junior docent at the zoo, which is really psyched about. She went to a week of engineering camp at a university, and discovered optics and optical engineering. She is considering applying for astronomy camp next year, mostly because she is fascinated by big scopes, not the things the see. winky.gif (Spending time in one of the largest mirror labs in the world was one of the highlights of her camp experience). She is also spending tons of time with friends -- watching movies and discussing them. Fight Club and that sort of thing.

ollyoxenfree 06-27-2012 06:33 AM

Originally Posted by Linda on the move View Post
And driving. God help me, she is about to get her learner's permit. yikes2.gif



This made me laugh! 16 y.o. DD tried the on-line practice test yesterday and scored 75% without studying. A pass is 80%. She wants to go to the licensing centre this week to write it. I've told her that first she should score a lot higher than 80% on the practice. It's a graduated licensing system, so it takes a couple of years before they can drive independently. 19 y.o. DS has been driving on his own for about 6 months now. Every time he takes the car, especially if he's driving downtown or going on the highway, I have to work on looking calm and casual on the outside. "Oh, you're going out - okay, see you later". I know he's fine, but I can't help but think about the other drivers out there.


I spent most of yesterday afternoon booking a trip to Manhattan for DD and me, trying to find a good, well-located hotel without cashing in our retirement savings. I got all excited when I was on the Hampton Inn site and there was a $90 per night rate - until I realized it was Manhattan, KS! We are going for a short trip in July. 


DD finished her final exams last week and had marks review at the high school yesterday. She had the second highest overall results in science and did well in all her other subjects. Not sure about placement in those subjects because I don't think they really announced it. I think the science teacher mentioned it privately in passing to her and the other teachers didn't say anything. She found out that she was placed in all of her requested subjects next year, so she's happy about that.


Next week we are taking a bunch of her friends up to the cottage and she is going to enjoy a belated 16th birthday celebration. She is volunteering at the zoo this summer. She will be helping out for a couple of weeks at the day camp they offer, as well as some special events. 


DS will go back in the fall for his second year as a purported psychology major. He liked his psych courses, particularly a Child and Youth Work course, but I noticed that he was most animated talking about his philosophy, politics and media courses. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a change in his major in the next year or so. For the summer, he is working part-time at a couple of jobs. One is at an art gallery/community centre and the other is a retail job at the mall. He plays with a couple of bands. He is taking one of them in a new direction - a little more blues and possibly some jazz. The other is still playing fairly hardcore punk. That band has another radio interview in town next week and they were there recording part of the appearance last week. 

KaliShanti 06-27-2012 08:45 PM

DS age 5 is enjoying learning Scratch. He is taking a break from chess right now, but I have a feeling he'll get back into it. I'm sad there are no options for him to play other kids much.. just older men mostly around here. He likes doing tournaments with other kids but he has to practice to be in the tournaments and he gets tired just playing his daddy or the old guys at the local club. He has learned to ride his bike without training wheels, a scooter, and starting to try to learn to swim all in the past month or so- so a big confidence surge physically (which is great because hes my ultra-cautious kid). He's really into the Magic Tree House books right now.

moominmamma 06-28-2012 09:12 AM

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My ds will be able to write his test for his Learner's Permit in about 3 months. He's not particularly motivated to learn to drive, nor was his sister before him, mostly because of the graduated licensing system. It restricts one's right to drive with more than one other person in the vehicle, which is 95% of the driving that is required around here, for a minimum of three years. My kids will have long moved away from home before they reach eligibility for full licensure, and they are not at all likely to have access to a vehicle when they reach that point. And we don't live in a car culture here, although we have to drive plenty to get to activities and events since we're very rural. But there are maybe 2 students at the high school who have their own vehicles, that's all. Driving just isn't valued as a rite of passage. Which I think is fine, except that it sure would have been nice to have my uber-responsible teens do the driving to choir every week so I didn't have to take 6 hours out of my day to taxi people there. And of course it will be more expensive for them to get in the practice driving if and when the time comes to pursue their licenses, without access to a family vehicle.


My middle kids are not doing anything too exciting this summer. They have a chamber music workshop in early August. They're continuing some academics, things they either want to finish up before next fall or get ahead on. They'll both be in high school full time in the fall. They're doing odd jobs, biking a lot, pursuing their computer-based interests, hanging out with their significant others, practicing violin/viola, chilling out. They had their first experiences in school this past year and are feeling the need of a break. 


Eldest dd is doing Canada's National Youth Orchestra again this summer. This is a very high level orchestra, upper age limit 28, a jumping off point to professional careers for many. They workshop on a university campus for a few weeks and then spend a bunch of weeks touring. This is her second year. She loved it last year but this year, after a solid year of weekly violin training (she was in large measure self-taught from age 12-17) she is so much more capable and confident and is feeling completely in her element. Last night she was sitting concertmaster at the 3-hour sight-reading session and when she called me afterwards about something school-related she was still totally buoyant about the experience. 


Youngest dd has a bunch of camps and workshops lined up: mountain-biking, swimming, theatre and violin/orchestra. She's also continuing with her self-led academics in a low-key way. She would like to be ready for 9th grade math and 8th grade science using the school's curriculum in the fall, and she's pretty much there, just a bit of consolidation to do.



Greenmama2 06-30-2012 04:39 AM

Not Summer, but Winter here. DD just turned 6 and is finally reading by my definition - actually reading anything she wants. Not particularly late but this is a child who recognised every letter of the alphabet long before she was two and around 20 odd sight words by 2.5. I spent a lot of time worrying about her vision and wondering why it just wasn't coming together for her. Now she's doing it so yay joy.gif.
A few weeks after her birthday she did her first ballet exam and loved it. She can't wait for the next one. This year she has decided she actually does want to play violin and she went back to her teacher in March playing Lightly Row, now she's playing the first Allegro in Suzuki book 1 and has reached that magical (and weird for me because I learnt traditionally through reading) point where she will start to play anything she's heard a few times (as long as it's in A major lol). We've been using EPGY math for a few months now and after a shaky start she has started enjoying it & is taking off. She got stuck on something the other day and asked me to help so I started explaining it using paper.I got halfway through and she suddenly looked at me as though I had two heads, asked me to be quiet, went back to the computer and rocketed through the rest without a backwards glance at me.
We had our home visit for her homeschooling registration (must register when they are 6) which was fun. A lot of writing paperwork for me, the officer read every word which was a surprise based on the reports of other hsers. The officer bent the rules a little in her paperwork; technically they are supposed to record a "year of schooling" and since we were approved for the maximum 2 yr period she should have written either K-1 or 1-2 but instead she recorded "primary" since it was clear that DD was accelerated in a few areas (maths & science particularly). I loved her understanding of asynchronous development joy.gif Apparently this officer is planning to retire before our next registration period greensad.gif
DS just turned 3 and is as much of a crazy hurricane as he was at 18 months. Such a different child to DD but so beautiful in his own way of course. He loves to paint, build crazy and amazing sculptures and most of all to have his big sister's attention. We are considering Montessori preschool for him, partly led by him as we walk past one often en route to DD's ballet class and he has been curious enough to drag us in there. Just waiting to find out if we can trial him one day a week for a while (their official minimum is two but I'm not ready for that:o).

Geofizz 06-30-2012 05:45 AM

Linda, your older DD should check out Red Cross Emergency Response training (first aid, CPR, and more) at which point she could volunteer for a search and rescue team.

DD is spending her summer at the pool with friends daily (Friends! She's got Friends!!), has organized a book club with friends reading all Newbery book, and is doing a few camps here and there, including two at the historical society.

DS is talking my ear off, and has been becoming quite the swimmer. He got his hands on the Joy of Math DVDs from the library, so now he's chatting about prime numbers and magic numbers and trying to multiply big numbers in his head. I took two classes from the guy in college. He makes the same jokes in the videos as he did in lecture more than 15 years ago.

FarmerBeth 07-02-2012 04:21 PM

DD (10) is in full swing for the riding show season and I think I'm the one that's more tired.  But I'm very proud of her hard work and she has some ribbons on the wall to show.  She went into business with two friends making pet treats for farmer's market, the farm supply stores, horse stables and a few of the local tourist hot spots.  And she's very busy with the 4-H projects for the fall fair.  Very busy girl.


DS (12) also has a summer business and he is making some pretty big money at market with smoothies and baked goods, all made with local fresh produce, our own and other farmers.  He is also doing some work for another vendor at market who has a tree nursery, and he's been learning about grafting and propagation.  He's also pretty busy with 4-H.


My youngest (8) is playing a lot of Civilization and has a small garden.  I never used to think of him as gifted, but kiddo has been doing awesome at math and science this last year and he's been learning to program (by the way, "scratch" is a great programming language for kids to use, they've had great fun this year).  It's fun seeing him grow and develop interests, albeit less verbally oriented than the siblings.


I'm so happy to read about the teens getting their learner's permits.  I learned to drive as an adult (I did not have parental support to learn to drive as a teenager) and it is so much harder when your life is busier and you have less support.  I get terrified sometimes thinking of when my oldest learns to drive, but I wouldn't want him held back, either.  So hurray for new horizons!

grumpybear 07-02-2012 11:43 PM

DS is 6. Will be in 1st grade next year. *sniff*

Anyway, he learned how to ride his bike sans training wheels this year! BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT!

I could not have imagined him learning how to do it at this point or doing it in about 30 minutes after the wheels were taken off.

But he did. So proud.

He's always been a bit behind in the gross motor skills arena so I'm so proud.

He also got his yellow belt in Karate this summer and is doing so well in swimming lessons.

He got introduced to Looney Tunes this summer and gets such a kick out of the slapstick comedy.

Next week, he'll go to day camp where they will explore the riverbanks and learn about the river and the flora and fauna in it and around it.


My DD is 2 1/2. Extremely intelligent but in a very different way from DS. It will be so interesting how she is when she's older.

But right now she's just having fun with riding her bike, watching our birds (chickens and ducks) and just busy being so adorable. :)

pranava 07-03-2012 12:43 PM

DS(3) is fully obsessed with dinosaurs now.  He's learned the names of at least 30 different species, what they eat, distinguishing features, what time period they live in, and  - this one floors me - he can read the names of these species and pronounce them correctly!  He likes to quiz me about them, but I can't keep up!  He asks about a million questions a day, and more and more I'm having to say,  ummm..... let's look it up. 


Moms of dinosaur obsessed kids - do you have a particular brand of dinosaur figures that you prefer?  The Schleich figures are so cool, but sooo expensive.

A-time-to-live 07-03-2012 01:35 PM

My parents bought DD(3) a set of animal planet dinosaurs: t-Rex, stegosaurus, ankylosaurus, dimetrodon, and apatosaurus. They have been sufficient to satisfy DD - she was never quite as obsessed as your DS sounds though. However, She does really want a pack of deinonychuses because she doesn't have enough carnivores and she needs more than one or how will they ever manage to take down their prey?

grumpybear 07-03-2012 03:30 PM

Originally Posted by pranava View Post

DS(3) is fully obsessed with dinosaurs now.  He's learned the names of at least 30 different species, what they eat, distinguishing features, what time period they live in, and  - this one floors me - he can read the names of these species and pronounce them correctly!  He likes to quiz me about them, but I can't keep up!  He asks about a million questions a day, and more and more I'm having to say,  ummm..... let's look it up. 


Moms of dinosaur obsessed kids - do you have a particular brand of dinosaur figures that you prefer?  The Schleich figures are so cool, but sooo expensive.

My son really prefers the Schleich brand but I agree, they are expensive.

He has a few pieces that were from a dinosaur pack. I forgot what brand. It's in a tube/rectangular prism with the earth on top.

And I dont know what the other brands are.

The problem he has with the other brands is that the dinosaurs are not portrayed accurately. I guess it has to do with features or number of digits. I haven't quite absorbed it in my brain. Whereas the Schleichs are allegedly more accurate.

MJB 07-04-2012 10:01 AM

I haven't been online much lately. I'm in nursing school, the kids have swim team and soccer, and my computer was down. 

L (6) will be in 2nd grade this fall. This summer he is reading the Percy Jackson series and A Young People's History of the United States. His 1st grade teacher said he was at about a 7th grade reading level. He just joined the swim team (my oldest started 1.5 yrs. ago) and has improved every week. He got his first blue ribbons this week (although they were relays). He went to a writing camp for 2nd-12th graders, which he loved. 

J (9) is having a good summer. He's reading A Young People's History and was reading A Bridge to Terabithia last I checked. He's on a U10 soccer team and the swim team. 

E (almost 2!) is talking up a storm. She's nowhere near where L was at her age, but she's probably a little above average verbally and physically. She likes to follow the rest of us around "What you doing mommy?" "Where's daddy going?" "Guys! I want to go! C'mon mommy!" etc. I love this age.

Linda on the move 07-09-2012 06:50 PM

Originally Posted by ollyoxenfree View Post


This made me laugh! 16 y.o. DD tried the on-line practice test yesterday and scored 75% without studying. A pass is 80%. She wants to go to the licensing centre this week to write it. I've told her that first she should score a lot higher than 80% on the practice. It's a graduated licensing system, so it takes a couple of years before they can drive independently.



DD#1 has her permit. yikes2.gif


She went to a one day driving school on Saturday that is licensed to give the test. She (and I think everyone else) scored 100% at the end of the day. So today we took her paper work from there and got her permit.


So now she can drive on roads, which even with us in the car are starting on quiet roads really freaks me out.


Originally Posted by grumpybear View Post

My son really prefers the Schleich brand but I agree, they are expensive.


The Schleich are really awesome and stay nice forever. If you invest in these, you can still have them when your kids are teens. Sometimes the even get played with at our house!

macy 07-10-2012 01:38 PM

Originally Posted by pranava View Post

DS(3) is fully obsessed with dinosaurs now.  He's learned the names of at least 30 different species, what they eat, distinguishing features, what time period they live in, and  - this one floors me - he can read the names of these species and pronounce them correctly!  He likes to quiz me about them, but I can't keep up!  He asks about a million questions a day, and more and more I'm having to say,  ummm..... let's look it up. 


Moms of dinosaur obsessed kids - do you have a particular brand of dinosaur figures that you prefer?  The Schleich figures are so cool, but sooo expensive.

Safari toobs are good (


We also have these cheap plastic dinosaurs. They won't last a lifetime but my daughter likes them.


I could see how a child might get frustrated by the fact that the dinos are all the same size but if he just wants some to play with in his sandbox, these should be good.

Tigerle 07-13-2012 01:30 AM

DS (5) is still full swing into his dinosaur obsession, with an occasional mineral divergent. He prefers reading the books and drawing and writing up books about dinosaurs himself to actually playing with dinosaurs, so he is content with one Lego and one playmobil dino and one Schleich at the grandparents. Another cheap way of feeding the obsession is looking them up on wikipedia and playing 20 questions in the car "I'm thinking of a dinosaur..." only the latter doesn't work so well anymore because I am totally out of my depth now that he reads the books to himself. Maybe if you're allowed to use the book as you ask the questions to narrow them down...that's for at home on the sofa of course, not in the car...


And, hooray, he is fully into fiction now, specifically the Noisy Village books by Astrid Lindgren! My strategy of reading to both kids at night and using books more at DD's level at first has paid off. We graduated to the Noisy Village picture book, which DD still enjoyed looking at, then he asked for more stories about the children, and I whipped out the three-volume book and we read two chapters every night now. Now poor DD gets to look at the picture books with papa while I enjoy reading Noisy Village (all of us cuddled on our queen sized bed)...I just don't know how much longer I get to read to DS who is fluent now and has actually started picking out fiction books to work his way through by himself. No idea about his reading level (they don't teach reading and thus don't test reading in K here) but 1st grade readers are way too easy and Noisy village and MTH by himself are still a struggle so I'd say comfortably second grade?


Starting first grade in September will be interesting, to say the least!


DD (almost two) is flooring the teachers at daycare with her language skills. She has recently started to refer to herself correctly as "I" (interestingly, around the same time she learned to say "yes" and says things like "go away, C! I am now on [teacher's] lap. And I'm staying here!" She is also trying to change her own diapers, using the potty (occasionally successfully) and insisting on dressing herself. Not easy if you need to get out of the house and a disaster if the diaper happens to be very full and you're not fast enough to interfere and poop is all over the place...but wonderful to watch if you've got the time to give her. Her focus in playing with dolls and her toy kitchen is also quite amazing. What a difference to her constantly in-your-face-with-the-need-to-interact brother...


There will be new learning opportunities coming our way and they will be hard. Shortly after DS has started school, our youngest will be born with spina bifida. We are still very sad and frightened but determined we will make it through as a family.

DS knows that the baby is very sick and will need surgery right away. We have also met a lovely little girl with SB who happens to be doing very well and and I told him that we all hope that our baby will do just as well. So now when he sees me sad he strokes me and says "don't worry mama! Our baby will do as well as S!" It breaks my heart for my sensitive little boy.

mom2ponygirl 07-16-2012 09:01 AM

Hi, haven't been on the boards in awhile - too busy!


hugs (((Tigerle)))) - good thoughts your way toward a gentle birth and successful surgery.  Uncertainty is always the toughest thing for me to deal with.  How wonderfully sweet your little boy is, and what a great support!


Dd, 13 has had a great homeschool year, despite having most of her homeschool friends either return to school this past year or planning to go next year.  She self-studied for AP Biology this past year and we recently got her exam score - Yay! a '5'!  She learned that her handwriting speed was too slow a couple months before the exam to finish the essay section in time.  She worked very hard at writing essays leading up to the exam. She is proud of how hard she worked and gratified to be rewarded for it.  


She is away for a month long summer program and having a great time.  It was a rocky start.  My mom passed away the week before she left, and she had to leave for her program the day after the funeral.  She was seriously homesick and not sleeping the first few days.  I'm very proud of how she brainstormed with us and figured out various ways to soothe herself at night, and engage with the other girls during the days.  She got past it and is thriving now.  I'm so relieved, although now I really miss her because she is too busy to contact us often. wink1.gif


Dd is also excited to return to 'school' for one class in August.  She is starting Russian at the state U.  She is thrilled with her plans for the next school year, and told me she wished summer was already over with (except for her program) so she could get started.  We are working on connecting with other teen homeschoolers and maintaining her relationships with friends in school.  It is difficult with everyone's busy schedules, but dd is adamant that she wants to homeschool until full-time college.  We will just have to find a way to make it work.  

dessismama 08-01-2012 01:20 PM

DS (13) is away for the 5th out of 6 weeks at a music camp. He is loving it--lots of performance opportunities, special master classes, collaboration with musical peers. He claims he has progressed a lot in his playing and I cannot wait to hear him when he returns. We miss him terribly but we know he is where he should be.

DD(10) is mostly relaxing, reading and swimming. She did a Women in Science camp that she loved for a week. She took up the piano and is doing very well on it.

DS(6) is swimming and doing a reading curriculum to help with his dyslexia. He continues to learn about physics and chemistry, asking all the right questions.

whatsnextmom 08-02-2012 08:20 AM

DD 15 worked as a theatre camp aide the first 4 weeks of summer. She's now about half-way through her month long Shakespeare intensive. She's playing Helena in Midsummer and was able to sit and have a personal conversation about Shakespeare with one of her all time favorite Shakespearean actors in the world. She also had lunch with George Takei yesterday lol (they are rehearsing different shows with the same company.... I think it was more like, they sat across each other at the same table but having conversations with other people lol.) She took her position as the new chair of the student board of trustees for the other big regional theatre in our county. She's been on the board for a couple years and is excited to take leadership of it. The position also gives her special opportunities within the organization, invites to all the special events, openings, donor nights, company meetings, allowed to read new scripts, attend rehearsals, ect. Both these theatre companies send shows to broadway regularly and since DD's aim is to be an artistic director, it's every connection a 15-year-old could dream of. She starts in an early college program in a couple weeks so been trying to get a head start on her college classes. I know, that was sort of braggy. I'm just really proud of DD and happy to see her spark back after such a rotten time in school the last year.


DD 11 continues with tae kwon do. He was allowed to join the weapons class this summer which he is digging. He continues piano and starts up some private trumpet lessons with his band teacher this month (the teacher offers free summer lessons to keep the band sharp.) He really wanted to try basketball and so has been on a team all summer. He's certainly the "weak link" and does about half of every game on the bench but he's also learning a ton and the kids are all very kind to him. The best part of this summer is he's getting lots of buddy time in. Lots of sleep-overs, minecraft afternoons, movies, beach. It's really nice to see!

ollyoxenfree 08-03-2012 09:58 AM

Originally Posted by ollyoxenfree View Post


This made me laugh! 16 y.o. DD tried the on-line practice test yesterday and scored 75% without studying. A pass is 80%. She wants to go to the licensing centre this week to write it. 





Well, she passed! We went yesterday morning and she now has her learner's. So there are now 4 drivers in the family, and only 1 car. Dd won't be driving on her own, but it makes juggling the schedule for the car a little more complicated. When DS had his learner's permit, we wanted it to be routine for him to drive so he ended up taking a lot of trips in the car rather than taking public transit, which is the norm for the kids. I find it helps if we just assume that the kid with the learner's permit is going to be behind the wheel if we are going somewhere - otherwise it turns into a big deal whether they will get some driving practice. 


I am happy that she has the learner's permit. I didn't get my license until I was in my 20's and I really didn't want my kids to cope with that kind of inconvenience. It's a pain always being dependent on others for a lift and also being unable to share fairly any driving on road trips and that sort of thing.  


We also had our trips to the cottage and also a fun but exhausting visit to New York. This summer seems endless - maybe it's the heat? 

aishamama 08-06-2012 07:24 PM

Hi everyone, 


We got moved and are settled. It's been busy and really a great summer so far.


We had so many issues just months ago and many have worked themselves out and we're working on the others.


ds1 - DH wouldn't agree to OT. We enrolled him and ds2 in Taekwondo though. Their teachers quickly picked up on ds1's strengths and weaknesses and agree to help him. He was a former principal of a school, has taught PE for years, and has won lots of awards for his own skills. We thought we'd give this a try.  I watch during their lessons and the helper teachers give him special attention in movement. He is enjoying it.  He completed the SAT10, didn't do that well or bad either. His scores were all over the place, some very high and some very low even within the same subjects. He also skipped a lot of questions. His teacher did say that she doesn't teach for testing and that much wasn't covered in class that appeared on the test. I do know the results are not indicative of his achievement but I still am very worried since the teacher didn't cover all of the topics.  The Handwriting W/O Tears program is due to arrive next week. I thought I'd start now that we're settled and in a routine. Nothing super special going on otherwise.


ds2 -  He has made some milestones. I am thoroughly impressed with this little guy. If anyone remembers he was scaring me to death in how he was running of his class, spitting etc. He has stopped all of that when class stopped obviously, but his behavior at home has matured and improved so much.  I bought ds1 some puzzles and he hated them! But ds2 and ds3 LOVE them.  DS2 sat down with a 100 piece puzzle and went to town. DS3 did a 24 piece puzzle like he's being doing them forever.  DS 2 is 4 and ds 3 is 2. DS 2's reading has picked up so much and he is doing great in math. I don't teach him and have never taught him. He has learned by virtue of environment and nothing else. His writing is better than ds1.  He's not the same boy he was a few months ago!  I never would have imagined that he'd move ahead in an advanced way with his reading and math, self motivated. He was just so busy physically and would NEVER ever sit still to look at a book. Whatever he is I just adore him and his own path.


ds3 - he's such a charmer and so very smart.  I don't know if he is gifted but he has some kind of memory and thinking. He will sit for over an hour and work feverishly on puzzles. I am pretty sure he knows every animal on the planet, like complicated names like paragon falcon, and animals I've never heard of. He knows where they live and what kinds of foods they like. He knows this only because ds1 is the obsessive one about animals. Ds 1 is an animal expert for sure.  I wish that was an exaggeration because all day long he rattles off this or that about animals I've never heard of.   ds3 e can now use a mouse so I let him use the computer in the family room. He loves to play memory card games online and matching etc. DS 3 warms my heart is such a special way. He loves his little sister and cares for her like she is just his. He tells people too that she belongs to him.  He's such an easy child compared with ds1. He's always been just so easy and content with about anything. Attention span and learning desire wise he is following ds1.  


dd is will be a big sister =)  I am hoping for a girl so that she has a sister to go through life and share girly things with. If not, then it's alright of course. She'll be the princess and rule the house because the boys just lover like anything and take such care of her. 

aishamama 08-06-2012 07:32 PM

Originally Posted by pranava View Post

DS(3) is fully obsessed with dinosaurs now.  He's learned the names of at least 30 different species, what they eat, distinguishing features, what time period they live in, and  - this one floors me - he can read the names of these species and pronounce them correctly!  He likes to quiz me about them, but I can't keep up!  He asks about a million questions a day, and more and more I'm having to say,  ummm..... let's look it up. 


Moms of dinosaur obsessed kids - do you have a particular brand of dinosaur figures that you prefer?  The Schleich figures are so cool, but sooo expensive.



LOL I remember when my ds 6 went through this! He was about your son's age and I thought I was going to go out of mind  =D He told me one time that I don't know anything about dinosaurs! He was kind of right.   He still tells me about them and now he relates them to present day animals and how they've evolved or if not then became extinct.  He also on a daily basis warns me about (un)common dangerous animals. The thing is, he is so very serious. I don't mean to laugh but it's his expression and HOW serious and concerned he is. He gets upset when I laugh and thinks I'm laughing at him, then I feel bad. He is so extremely funny but not on purpose you know?? 

ellemenope 08-26-2012 11:25 AM

It has been months since I have updated what DD's been up to.  School doesn't start until next week for us, so I thought I would tack something on the end of this thread.  We have had a busy summer that seemed to never let up.  


At the end of spring DD was beginning to dabble in reading chapter books with me.  But, I think she got a little overwhelmed by it all and started to protest.  So, I took summer as an opportunity to back off. We continued to go to the library and we read to her at least an hour a day but stopped asking her to read to us altogether.  She went to day camp.  She swam.  (She can now swim great distances by herself-- the length of a 40 foot pool easily!)  She started coloring, drawing, even writing more letters. And, we traveled.  We did let her participate in the summer reading club at the library, but she took care of that all by herself.  She picked which books she read and recorded them herself.  But, she of course picked easier books than she is capable of.  I am sure I saw a backslide, but I restrained myself.  Just in the last week I have noticed she is willfully reading a bit more, and I am seeing a lot of her skills crystalizing, but she is not at the level she was in spring.  I am still waiting for reading to catch fire again like it did last year as the weather turned cold. 


Her love of history is a raging wildfire at the moment.  It would be really hard for me to adequately describe how much history she knows.  She can recite the US presidents in order, give brief narratives on every major war the US was involved, tell you who was president during each conflict, which presidents died in office and how, who was impeached, who resigned, which presidents were war heroes, etc.  But, way way more.  She is also interested in the Greeks and Romans, but specifically the chronicle of Julius Caesar. 


She has also become quite interested in venomous animals.  And, she has become quite full of factoids on the subject.  I think she has learned about every venomous animal on the planet.  She has a pretty normal interest in zoology, but will read any book no matter how dry on a venomous animal.  Her favorites are the Box Jelly, the Inland Taipan, the Stonefish, the Blue Ringed Octopus, the Brazilian Wandering Spider, and Whistling Spider, and all scorpions.  Whereas history is a story, science is fun facts and "did you knows."  She is also picking facts up on her own about all things.  She recently drew concentrical circles with lines shooting out from the center and called it a "supernova."  She commented that she did not know Neptune had rings.  I did not either!  She guessed that dogs are "related" to wolves, and commented that the skin color of a baby should be a "mix" of the parents skin color.  We have no idea where she gets some of this stuff.  


Oh, and she just turned four.  (I love that it is not as weird that she is reading now that she is four.)  She is super-sweet and affectionate.  She is introspective and thoughtful-- When told that 'hate' was too strong a word to use more than occasionally, she quipped, "I guess you can say you hate the word hate," and she has not used the word since.  She has a huge imagination with detailed imaginary friends with the most elaborate backgrounds. She plays by herself for hours.  And, she has become quite independent in the self-help department.  

ellemenope 08-26-2012 11:29 AM

Tigerle--  I'll be thinking about you and your family.  hug2.gifKeep us updated.

Tigerle 08-26-2012 12:56 PM

Thank you! We're hoping for the best and will deal with the worst...

FarmerBeth 08-28-2012 03:49 PM

The agricultural exhibition is tomorrow.  DS (12) and DD(10) are showing sheep and on the tug of war team.  They've really been working hard this summer.  My younger DS (8) has been biking and gardening like crazy and they all have a "cabin building" competition on the go.  I'm glad we don't have a shortage of wood or space.  They've been able to go all out with this building thing.

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