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Kiddo is 12, a major Lego fanatic.  I'm really looking to expand our building tools here.  Snap circuits don't interest him.  Knex are a giant NO.  Marble runs never held his interest.  He loves origami.  He loves building.  He's used Kapla Blocks at the science center but there are usually so many dang kids around my own kiddo can't finish a project or concentrate.


My basic questions:

1. Why are these things so dang expensive?  They look like popsicle sticks

2. Do your kids like them, do you think my kid would?

3. How many do you realistically need?

4. Does the color make a difference?

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I think they're too expensive. There are knock-offs, but they're spendy for the good knock-offs and not precise enough for the cheap ones. My kids enjoy them at the science museum, but I've never bought 'em because I'm too cheap.


Here are some of the knock-offs:




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DS loves kapla blocks and there is a box ready for the kids as a birthday present (#3's birthday, not the older kids - in our house, newborns give presents!). They had a 1000 box at his old preschool and he says that they would regularly use them all up for their projects. I balked at the expense, though, they're getting a 270 box for starters. 

I hope they will last our kids a long time, but I am not sure how much mileage a 12yo would get out of them, to be honest (though I seem to remember that recently someone mentioned a 14yo still taking part in family projects at Christmas time, I'll try to find a link to that thread).


How about getting him into REAL building? Carpentry, welding, proper tools? At 12, he is beginning to be old enough. Is there some heritage society around that is volunteering to renovate a historic building?

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We have Kapla and Keva Contraptions.  When we bring them out every couple of months, the kids have a blast playing with them for a couple of hours, but get bored with them--so they aren't something they would play with everyday or even once or twice a week.

But, I think it's because the boys are so young (5 and 3)--so I imagine when they get older, they'll enjoy them more (dh and I love them).

I think the Keva Contraptions are generally cheaper than Kapla blocks--but not positive.

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We use citiblocs. I think they are made out of Pine and not hardwood, but they are just right for us. smile.gif
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