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oregongirlie's Avatar oregongirlie 08:55 PM 09-26-2006

AlbertaJes's Avatar AlbertaJes 10:29 PM 09-26-2006
Zilla's Avatar Zilla 11:44 AM 09-28-2006
Awww! That is so cute!
psyche's Avatar psyche 02:25 PM 09-28-2006
No way. No how.

Although the intent of that clothing is to be either ironic or sarcastic, I couldn't help but see it as extremely obnoxious. By touting an as-yet-undetermined IQ, I would totally be subverting my children's "EQ" from infancy. That would be ... stupid.
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 02:27 PM 09-28-2006
Um, I think it means that the child is a gift, like for Xmas? It's not referring to IQ, no need to get your panties in a twist.

If I had a ridiculous amount of money, I might consider it... if it came in blue.
psyche's Avatar psyche 02:33 PM 09-28-2006
Originally Posted by eilonwy View Post
Um, I think it means that the child is a gift, like for Xmas? It's not referring to IQ, no need to get your panties in a twist.
I highly doubt that they mean "like a gift." It is more like the people who claim that all kids are gifted in their own special way. Or the people who really would like their child to be gifted and will shove it down everyone else's throats throughout their lifespan. I just don't see how the underlying message is much different than babies wearing clothes that say "princess" or "hottie."

My panties are incredibly untwisted. I just think that the message is twisted. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, panties notwithstanding.
eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 02:48 PM 09-28-2006
Sorry, I just took it to be a play on words-- as in, "This child has been gifted to his parents," rather than, "This child has an IQ two standard deviations above average" or "This child has a gift for performance/athletics/whatever." It seems to me fairly obvious that this little outfit is an alternative to the very boring and pervasive "Baby's First Christmas" suits, and that it's not intended to say anything about who the baby actually is.
Katana's Avatar Katana 04:17 PM 09-28-2006

They've gone there...oh my.

Shameless Gap Outlet stalker here. :

I'm guessing it's meant to mean 'genius', after seeing some of the other tops. A lot of them have sayings like "cutie," "pretty" "funny" "girly" etc, all new for fall/winter.

But I can imagine the responses to any mother who puts their child in one.
becoming's Avatar becoming 05:49 PM 09-28-2006
I think it's kind of cute.

My daughter has "cutie" "sweet baby" etc. clothes, though...and had two shirts from BabyGap when she was first born -- one said "brilliant" and one said "wonderful."

meemee's Avatar meemee 09:53 PM 09-28-2006
i am actually ok with this on an infant. i would have issues with any messages for an older child. i have seen how strangers come and read the shirt adn add their comments on it. what a smart girl you are. or what a cutie you are. or you must be really brilliant.

i dont want my dd hearing all that. we went thru a phase where she would answer 'because i am a smart little girlie'. its one thing to know it. its another to get a big head about it.