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Amila's Avatar Amila 01:29 PM 01-26-2007
I am new to this particular forum, but was wondering what makes a child gifted? Ava (6 month-old DD) has always been advanced. She could lay on her tummy and hold her head at a 90 degree angle at 2 weeks, rolled over at 1.5 months, full head control at 2 months, sat up unassisted at 5 months, crawling/pulling up a 6 months. Does this make her gifted or advanced and what is the difference? TIA.


momtokay's Avatar momtokay 03:00 PM 01-26-2007
Have you seen http://www.hoagiesgifted.org? They have lots of good information.
mamastotwo's Avatar mamastotwo 06:30 PM 01-26-2007
I wouldn't say gifted. I would say she is doing great and obvoiusly has good muscle tone and control. Or you could even say she is advanced in hitting her gross motor milestones. Watch out Momma it looks like she'll probably be an early walker!
supervee's Avatar supervee 02:32 AM 01-28-2007
One early indicator of giftedness is advanced motor skills.