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listipton's Avatar listipton 02:33 PM 06-29-2009
My cousin was diagnosed with IUGR (?) and delivered her little boy on Friday evening at 28 weeks. He is 1 lb. 9 oz and 12 1/2 inches long and is on a respirator with regular air flow. As far as I know (which admittedly is not much), he is doing well. I want to send her some things for the road ahead of her. What is an appropriate/thoughtful gift to give her and her new son? (her husband is also stationed overseas in Iraq, and while he is home for the next few weeks, he does have to go back..)

sbrinton's Avatar sbrinton 08:13 PM 06-29-2009
He'll probably be in the hospital for 2-3 months, so you may want to think about gifts that would be nice during that time.

Her son cannot wear clothes now, although he may be able to wear them in about a month. I really enjoyed dressing our little one in his first little (tiny!) outfits. Made everything feel a little more normal. Another gift that could be used in a few months would be a little baby towel set and some nice bath products. Getting to the first bath is a big milestone, but the darn hospital towels are scratchy!

Another idea would be a blanket that could be used now as an isolette cover and later as a swaddle blanket. Or a small, soft cuddle blanket that can be used for kangaroo care and that could fit in the isolette. Someday I hope to set up an Etsy shop to make and sell these this point I've made them for my own preemies and for friends.

The mom might enjoy a soft robe to use for kangaroo care - or even a care package full of healthy snacks, magazines or books, soft socks, etc. to have at the hospital. You could tuck a gift card for a local restaurant or coffee place in there too.

There are special clothes designed for breastfeeding and kangaroo care. Our hospital sold these: and also had them available for moms in the NICU.

I've also really enjoyed the Moby wrap with my preemies...although we didn't use it until the final days before leaving the hospital, I felt like this was essential when we got home to keep the baby close (and keep germy strangers away).
sunflowers's Avatar sunflowers 12:15 AM 07-01-2009
I always loved the matching hat/bootie sets when dd was too small for clothes.

The nurses liked coordinating receiving blankets... they would use one for the bed and one to swaddle.

Gift cards for local resturaunts/gas stations and even Target & Babies R Us are great (how much I loved to go find things dd could use and I could choose myself!), frozen meals (small portions!), a baby book for preemies (google it -there are a few you can choose from online).

The blankets & clothes meant the most to me, though. It sent a subliminal message to me that my friends and family knew that my dd would grow and come home

I hope your nephew has a short an uneventful stay!
musiclady's Avatar musiclady 12:26 AM 07-15-2009
Originally Posted by sunflowers View Post
Gift cards for local resturaunts/gas stations and even Target & Babies R Us are great (how much I loved to go find things dd could use and I could choose myself!), frozen meals (small portions!),
These were the most helpful to me- I didn't have time to even think about eating, and the gas card would have been great. We made a 40 mile round trip twice a day for about 7 weeks.....

My favorite PP gift was a basket of snacks for me. Helped while I was pumping and trying to keep my energy: Ritz brand pb crackers, and the quaker granola packs- the energy blend was awesome. It was the best, most thoughtful gift.

She has WAY too many clothes. The things to help DH and me get through the 7 weeks of NICU parenting were the things that helped us the most.

Lots of prayers to your family.
jaye88's Avatar jaye88 03:28 PM 07-15-2009
Something I still treasure are the beanie babies that we got while my dd was in the NICU -- her father and I each tucked one in our shirts for awhile, then put them in the isolette. They were small enough to not get in the way, but it felt like she had something from us there with her at all times. She's almost 3 now, and she still plays with the beanie babies.
guestmama9917's Avatar guestmama9917 05:04 PM 07-21-2009
I came to this sub-forum because my friend just delivered her 32weeker. He is doing really well, but I can't visit because I live on the other side of the country. I can't buy many restaurant giftcards online and if I was there I would clean her house (she says she is too shy to ask but she says its a mess) and cook her some freezer meals.

Any other ideas for things to send her or her sweet baby? She prefers second-hand items so right now I am at a loss! Also, are there any books out there that would be sensitive to this situation? She has done no reading and has NO books and is feeling a bit upset about that.

I read through the pinned thread at the top, and I wanted to thank the parents who added to this is a lifesaver for me as I struggle to love my friend and her new baby boy from far away because I feel like all I have is words.
AppleCrisp's Avatar AppleCrisp 01:15 AM 07-22-2009
I did appreciate preemie clothes since obviously I didn't have any already. It was nice to dress her in clothes that fit when she was able and make her look like my little girl.

Food for pumping was really helpful.....granola bars, muffins, nuts, cookies, etc.

Kind of silly, but I desperately needed books and magazines and things to do for the long sits between feedings when she was in the box (and while pumping).
walstib's Avatar walstib 10:38 PM 07-23-2009
I would have LOVED it if anyone brought over food for me after DD came home from the NICU. I found it very stressful for the first few weeks and would have really appreciated any help, even just someone to wash the dishes or sweep the floor.

My sister bought me some preemie clothes, which was wonderful because they were the only things I had that came even close to fitting her. Another wonderful gift was a bracelet that my husband bought me from the hospital gift shop, I wore it every day that she was in the hospital.
TCMoulton's Avatar TCMoulton 11:22 PM 07-23-2009
I have had 2 friends have preemies in the NICU and I always send a blanket or two with the baby's name embroidered on it to help personalize their isolette a little.
jpaigeadams's Avatar jpaigeadams 11:52 PM 07-24-2009
-The Premature Baby Book by Dr. Sears. Great resource. I'm sure you can find used copies (heck, I don't need my copy anymore! PM me and I'll mail it to you, or to your cousin).
-Moby wrap. Best wrap for snuggling tiny babies. I also used it with my second who was not a preemie.
-Preemie baby clothes. I certainly didn't have time to shop for them, as I was spending all my waking hours in the NICU. They only wear them for a short time, but they are so cute.
-my NICU wouldn't allow toys in the isolette that couldn't be sterilized. Just something to think about if you're considering stuffed animals or the like.

Paige, mom to 32 weeker, 3 weeks in the NICU, now a healthy and wonderful 2.5 year old big brother!
listipton's Avatar listipton 12:23 PM 08-04-2009
Thank you all so much for your responses!! I will be ordering the Dr Sears book for my library since we don't have a copy.
I ended up giving her various gift cards (starbucks, gas-cards, subway...) and a Moby Wrap and my mom is making little caps that velcro at the top for easy access to the ultrasound machines and that are adjustable as he grows. Thank you all again for your kind words and thoughtful advice :