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mom2tatum's Avatar mom2tatum 11:58 PM 07-14-2009
AHHHHH! just had to get that out. ok, so yeah, ds2 was sleeping ok for naps, and great at night...I mean, great. He had always been a very burpy/spitty baby - I think due to my super fast/huge letdown. (My ds1 was same story, even worse because he was 4 wks early and always tiny, probably his system took longer to adjust.) Anyhow, ds2 didn't seem affected by it during sleep much until now, and man, is it frustrating. I've always had to burp him before puttin him down, or else he'd get awake screaming and spitting up everything. And yes, it happened every single time he couldn't burp. The burp is important, lets just say that. Which sucks because he usually fusses a little after the burp before settling down enough for me to lay him down. So, now, it seems the burp isn't even enough...he wakes up crying and I pick him up and he burps the second he gets upright sometimes clean, sometimes a little messy. Then, CANNOT get himself back to sleep. Read: dilemma. My choice is to hold him and parent him to sleep the best I can (he does fuss for 5-15 min., but not crying badly - more just telling me he is upset) OR nurse him back - but he just goes through the whole thing again 30-60 min later, and on and on. I just nursed my ds1 each time because it was easier and I felt like I couldn't let him cry at all - it was good to comfort him - however, he never slept for more than an hour or so at a time for almost 2 yrs. (and still wakes up 3x/night at 3!) I promised myself I would not set up that situation again if I no he is not hungry and its just a burpy/gassy issue. I cannot go years again without better sleep. I can't.

My dh thinks the sudden change is him sucking/chewing on fingers and gettting lots of air all the time. I don't know, but I hate that I am feeling its better to let him fuss a little in my arms rather than nursing him like I did my ds1. But maybe I need some reassurance that its ok to do that. And that its not so horrible or the same as CIO if I am helping him best I can without nursing him - which seems to aggravate the problem in the long run, like I said.
Thanks for reading, I didn't know I was going to ramble.