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Not my child, but I once had a student in my class who had been born at 28 weeks. He was 12 years old at the time. He wasn't on an iep or 504 plan, which he definitely would have been if he had learning or attentional issues. In fact, he was among the smartest kids in the class. He was a bit short, but maybe he would have been anyway. I don't know what his early life was like, but by seventh grade, he was just like any other kid. I wouldn't have known he had been born so early if he hadn't told me (we were studying the reproductive system, which is how it came up).

Mom to DD 10 and DS 8.
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My 32-weeker will turn one year old this weekend, and she is amazing!  So far, it appears that we have been unbelievably lucky (*still knocking on wood*)--no real issues yet.  She was born at 4.2 pounds and is now almost 30 pounds; she is crawling and cruising and even standing alone for seconds at a time now; she calls "MAAAMA" when she wants me; and she has six beautiful teeth. We never were able to get back to exclusively feeding breastmilk after I stupidly stopped pumping at 5 weeks, but she does still nurse frequently. She also loves solid foods and is lately very bored staying home with me all day -- she loves when she gets to go out and play with other kids!


I'm a bit sad, a bit of this time last year -- sudden PPROM, steroid shots, NSTs, a fast & beautiful natural birth (!), and then 16 long, frustrating, angry days (including Christmas and New Year's) in the NICU.  I'm so grateful we got through it and that she's home with me now.  Home, home, home.  All I want is my babies home with me!

Tamara: Aspiring doula, partner to Brazilian musician, mom to THREE GIRLIES!
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Thank you for asking this. Just today I was talking to a friend of mine, who I actually met on a preemie support group, about how I needed to stay off of said group because I'm finding myself stuck in a lot of fear. While I don't believe it's wise to bury my head in the sand, I believe my daughters are going to be just fine. They are 28 weekers who are now 17 months. The have gross motor delays and they both deal with strabismus (one just had the surgery and her eyes look very aligned now. the other wears cute purple glasses). I like to hear positive stories about preemies. I think you are correct in asserting that parents of preemies who do well don't really tend to post much.

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I have three preemies and I dare you to tell me if you could pick them out of a line up!  Our biggest concern was our 32 wk who was born at 4lbs 6oz.  He had bleeding on his brain, which I know is common in preemies, but it still scared us!  He only stayed in the NICU for 14 days and was doing really well until he started having stomach problems.  He wasn't able to eat solid food of any kind until almost 14mo. and we were sure we would have all kinds of problems, but they just went away one day.  Now he eats EVERYTHING he can get his hands on, has no developmental delays and is a giant.  People keep telling us the same thing, like they think it's wrong for us to "forget" that he was preemie.


Our daughter was born at 34wks and spent only 10 days in the NICU and now is 20mo but looks like a 12 month old.  We think her issues with her metabolism and gaining weight are more hereditary than having anything to do with prematurity.  I have the same problem.  I CANNOT put on weight.  Our 35wk son came out just fine and we took him home the next day.  He's gigantic even though he was small at birth and he never had any preemie issues.


I easily tend to "forget" that I have preemies and get a lot of crap for that, but I look at it as a blessing.  There could be so many problems, and I know some moms do have problems, but we've been blessed and DON'T... so I don't want to be made to feel guilty or scared, just waiting for problems to come along...


I'm so glad you asked this!  I've loved reading about everyone else's happy preemies!

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"I don't want to think that some major issue could be lurking around the corner, but if it happens, it happens. I just don't want to waste precious time worrying about it now."  (from original post)


Love this!  Live day to day.  Enjoy what is now.  No time to worry or think negatively.


My first was a preemie.  She will be 7 in a week.  Aside from being a picky eater, (however, isn't every child picky in some way?!), no one would know she was ever born early.  Sure, we had our share of ups and downs, illnesses, sensitivities, in her early childhood, BUT...... she grew out of it!!!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel, for sure!  Besides, rough times only makes you stronger!


Peace to you all~




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My thirty-two week twins are seven years old and have never had a single problem since they came home from the hospital. 

Gayle, mom to Reagan and Ryan, 09/15/03, Cade, 12/08/05 and sweet Josiah, 05/23/10-07/16/10
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I have a 30 week preemie. She was delivered by c section due to pre eclampsia.


She was in a terrible way when she was born, she did not breathe alone for 10 days, she had sleep apnea, lots of steroids, nasal cpap, a terrible hernia, and appalling millia on her face.


She is now eight. The millia DID scar her face, but not so badly that you can really see unless you really look closely, the hernia did need mending and she does have mild athma.


She is however, far from disabled. She is healthy now, tall, very bright and very clever. She has no nerve damage on her left side, which was feared when she was young. The minor issues have resolved. So, even if you do have problems, they can be overcome.


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DD was born at 34 weeks and is now 6 1/2. I doubt anyone would be able to tell she was early now. She's always been on the skinny side, bearly 15lb at a year old but then so were my younger brothers so I think that's mostly a family thing.


Probably the biggest long term impact is that she ended up being born before the cut off date for starting school, and so is the youngest in her year when we were expecting her to be among the oldest. I'm sure it will even out in time but at this age a years age difference still seems like quite a lot.

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my former 33+6 is turning 4 in april. he took a long time to learn to walk and talk - 19.5mths for walking (18mths adjusted) and didn't have a language explosion until close to 3. but just shy of 4 he can read and say his letters and numbers (to 20) in english/french/spanish, spell several words, and can figure out some words with phonetics. so he definitely caught up and then some. he is very loving and empathetic. he is of average height and has a pretty robust immune system.


i am so grateful that his birth didn't dictate how things are now. i worried for a while but learned many lessons in patience and gratitude along the way.

mama to callum (april 8,07) and everett (sept 24,09) - blessed to be married to my life's love since '98. novaxnocirc.gif

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I'm not a parent of a preemie but I was a preemie. I was born 5 weeks early due to complications and was 3lbs 1/2oz. I spent 3 1/2 weeks in the NICU.


The only problems I've had (I'm 22 now) is that I have glasses but that's genetics, my mother had eye problems too. I had to have my tonsils out when I was 8 but that's about it. Actually I was a very healthy kid. I rarely got sick and I never even got the chicken pox, even when my mother made me play with a few of my friends who had it.


I just wanted to let you know that some of us preemies may have gotten a bad start but end up healthy adults. smile.gif

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I have 13 month old 31-weekers.  They had typical preemie issues at birth (lung prematurity, enlarged ventricles, brain bleeds).  They have gross motor delays and are between 60-70% of their corrected age.  Language development is at 90-100% of chronological technically they are ahead.  Yeah, they may have some delays, but they're doing great!  They are growing so well and know several words and signs and can use them in perfect context.  They connect me singing the birthday song from Sprout with that clucking chicken and whenever we sing it, they look towards their board (we have a bulletin board with pictures of things we do for the day...we're incorporating that into learning signs) and usually look towards the TV where they watch Sprout while I get showered.  They even understand the meaning of a few basic things like "No" and "dance".  They even can do the sign for diaper when they need to be changed.  They've both started recently commando crawling.  It was scary, but I think the thing that prolly got to me was when people started saying my kids were "special".  I mean I know we have special considerations with them, but I treat them just like they were term babies.  They're awesome to go out and do things with, and I love seeing them experience new things.  The petting zoo was a riot.  They thought everything was "doggy".  I delight in the joys and blow off the silly people.  I'm sorry people were/are so ignorant to you.  Not every kid is going to have issue when they're older.

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My 31 weeker turned 3 last week.  You'd never know now that he was a preemie!  He is the healthiest kid I know, and hasn't had so much as a cold for well over a year.  During his first two years he had a handful of colds, one bout of croup, and a couple viral things that caused him to get a fever a few times.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  He qualified for Synagis his first fall, and we did do the shots.  He has always been on the smaller side, but that likely has just as much to do with genetics as it does his prematurity.  He received Early Intervention services until his third birthday, but there were no huge issues they were ever worried about.  One year ago, we had a speech consult done, as he wasn't usually putting two words together, but it was determined that he didn't need more therapy.  Now he is a super chatterbox, working on articulation so that everyone can understand the millions of things he has to say!


In the NICU he struggled with typical things: jaundice (also due to ABO incompatibility), O2 supplementation, difficulty with feeding, etc.  It was a challenge to get breastfeeding going smoothly, and we relied on a nipple shield and bottles of fortified pumped milk for a while.  But, we eventually got it, and my son nursed for almost 3 years (we stopped a few months ago, since it was too painful for me to continue during my pregnancy).  


He is right on, if not ahead of the curve, with cognitive development.  He knows lots of colors, all the letters, numbers through 30, and is a puzzle fiend.  I think he will enjoy preschool when it begins next fall.  He is a busy dude, and has great fine and gross motor skills.  


It was so easy to worry about the what-if's when he was younger.  But my sweet guy is proof that being born prematurely doesn't always guarantee that long term problems will arise.  I was grateful to have the services we did (Early Intervention, speech therapists, lactation help, etc), so that I always had someone to turn to when I had questions or concerns.  I would always recommend that any preemie parent take advantage of all the services available to them, if not for more than reassurance that all is well.

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Our 6.5-year old DD was a 29.5-weeker who weighed 2lbs 2oz. Other than the mild flare-ups with colds and needing a few nebulizer treatments here and there, we've been really lucky since infancy. Around preschool age, we noticed she would be out of breath after a lot of active play, so she was on Singulair for a while. Now, she's off of it and seems to be fine. The ped said he felt confident that she had outgrown or is outgrowing any asthma-like issues from preemie lungs. She's only returned to physical therapy when she was 4 turning 5, because of heel-cord tightness, general coordination, and balance, but that only lasted a few months. Now she can Irish dance with the best of them!

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Celebrate all those milestones that you pass. If something happens in the future handle it. Its better, at least in my opinion, to just let things happen. Yes, try to prevent them, but dont worry too much about it. Worrying takes too much energy, specially if its about something that you cant change.


My two year old was born at 25wks prematurity due to my being in a car accident then. Jacob was barely one pound when he was born and had to have three surgeries to repair heart and lung problems, he spent 125days in the nicu, had five different infections and his lungs collapsed twice. He was sent home on a heart monitor and meds.

He is now two, almost three years old, and happy healthy and VERY active. he does have a speech delay but im worrking with him on that. I am thankful for every milestone he has passed, and for the many more he will.


My five year old twins- Mike and Peter- were also born prematurely, at 30wks. Mike weighed 3.5lbs and Peter weighed 3lbs exactly.....they spent five weeks in the nicu. Mike had to have one surgery to repair a heart murmur and Peter was found to be blind. They are now five years old, and wonderful and active. Peter gets around ok and while i do have to be very watchful with him and with toys on the floor it is wonderfful. Mike has asthma but doesnt let that slow him down.


I wouldnt worry too much about the trials that may or may not lay ahead, enjoy today. Enjoying watching your lil boy grow and become a man.

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HI - My preemie was born @ 26 weeks - almost 8 1/2 years ago.  So 13 weeks early and weighed 1lb 15 oz..

She was on room air from day one - fed breast milk from day one. Kangaroo holding. etc..

NO vaccinations. After 4 months or so struggling to breastfeed - while pumping  - she finally caught on and nursed then until 26 months.

She moved "up the ranks" at the hospital and was released after only 9 weeks in the NICU. She is 100% normal. 

She's a  bit more outgoing and outspoken than my first - but that's her personality - not preemie related.

We had a relatively smooth uneventful babyhood. toddler hood and now child hood.. :) 

The only thing that we've come across  learning wise - is that she's having a harder time learning how to read than her older sister. 

Now- that may or may not have anything to do with her being premature - I really think that just who she is and we would've had a hard time even if she'd been full term. 

She's taller at age 8 than her sister was (sister is 13)... No physical or other problems. Hearing and eyesight are just fine. 

No food allergies.  She does seem to get more chest colds than her older sister but she seems to be even growing out of that - but that's about it.  -

I too, was on preemie lists when she was much, much  smaller and always felt bad that J didn't have any of the health issues that other babies had. No rsv, muscle issues etc.

And she was born a lot earlier than a lot of them also..  So I did leave them.

Hope that helps a bit :)


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My best friend's daughter was born 10 weeks premature.  She was just over 2 pounds, it took them more than half an hour to stabilize her, she needed a blood transfusion at a day old, she had jaundice, she contracted a massive infection in the NICU from her pic line and had issues breathing for 5 of the 8 weeks that she was in the hospital.  


She is now 15 months old and the worst thing that has happened was a sudden onset chest cold last winter, which the hospital treated within ten minutes of them arriving in emergency with her, and she hasn't been sick since.  She's even starting to eat textured foods!  And her occupational therapist is floored with how much stuff she is doing by herself that they don't expect her to do until she's at least two.  They expect that she will likely end up with asthma, since her lungs are badly scarred from the six intubation attempts, but both her parents have asthma, so she likely wasn't going to avoid that anyhow.  




It makes me mad that people can be so incredibly negative at a time when it is so important that you stay positive. You can overcome any issues that crop up, because that's what has to be done.  But to sit and worry and fret constantly about all the things that COULD happen means you miss out on all the positive, and I feel bad for preemie parents that look at life like that :(

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My DD1 was a micro-preemie, 26 weeks...she was in the NICU for a month and a half, and now you'd never guess she had such a rough start! She's quite small, but so am I, and so's my DD2, so that's a genetic thing. She has pretty bad preemie teeth, though. She also has a balanced translocation, but that runs in our family, though DD2 doesn't have it...I theorize the translocation might be why she was born early-my brother with an unbalanced translocation who died at 5 years old was born at 32

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Not a parent, but a 47 year old premie. I was 1 lb 11 oz at birth. No medical issues except for some vision loss in 1 eye and I have trouble recovering from colds.

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We were heaped with negativity at every turn. My daughter was born about 33 weeks, PPROM, likely due to lead exposure.

I was told by the NICU staff to give up breastfeeding, because it was stressing me out, causing me pain, and EBF preemies don't exist. I proved them wrong! Still nursing my 3yo!

I was told by her first ped that she would likely have neurological problems. She had an abnormally large, exponentially growing head. At 3, she wears a bigger hat than the average kid her age.

Oh, and her eyes looked cross-eyed and we had several appointments with an eye doctor. Nope, just the way her face is shaped. Her eyes corrected themselves. If she ends up legally blind without corrective lenses before age 7, we have her dad's genetics to blame, not her prematurity.

Several medical professionals told us she may never walk. About the only thing she can't do yet that most three year olds can, is pedal a tricycle. She needs a bit of extra supervision on a playground, but nothing otherwise would even hint at preemie.

She was at very high risk for autism or MR, given the lead exposure, prematurity, some labor complications, etc. She is a social butterfly who is already reading very simple easy reader books.

About the only way you can tell she was a preemie? The little chicken legs! She is about the size of the average kid half her age.

I feel very blessed that my daughter did not have any lifelong complications from her early birth.

There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings.   namaste.gif  ribbonpb.gif  joy.gif
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My daughter was born at 31 weeks and is now 2 1/2. She is amazingly healthy and so advanced! Nooooo issues here! She knows all of her colors, shapes and ABC's. she can also count to 10. She can run, jump, dance, and keep me on y toes all day long! She feeds herself, participates in story time and dance classes. She had county services for less than a year just to monitor her development and she was doing so well they wouldn't give her services anymore. When they came back for her check in at 18 months, she was testing verbally and cognitively at well over 2 years old. She is amazing and strong. I'm so proud of how for she's come!
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I'm not a parent of an older preemie ... but a child of one. My dad, back, in 1946, was born at about 31 weeks at just over 4lbs. He was in the hospital for several weeks, was formula fed, and eventually came home close to his original due date. He grew up to be valedictorian of his private high school, and a doctor who went to med school on a scholarship. And a parent of 5 children. My grandmother actually had a total of 4 preemies, only 1 full-term baby, but my dad was the "preemiest".


I know this isn't the first-hand experience you were asking for, but I thought it might be helpful. Best to you and your child!

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My son was born at 34 weeks, at 4.5 lbs. He spent 10 days in the NICU. I was very lucky, he didn't have any problems except jaundice and they wouldn't let me take him home until he was 5 lbs. The only problem I had was I needed to buy special premie bottles because my nipples were too big for his mouth, so he had pumped milk until he grew.

My mom always reminds me how lucky I was, I know 34 weeks isn't really that early, but he could have had many other issues.

Now he is a happy and healthy 7 year old, and it didn't take him long at all to catch up in weight and height (that's the magic of breast milk for ya). He walked on time, talked on time and the only thing that has been late for him have been his adult teeth, he just lost his baby teeth a couple of months ago! Most kids his age have a full set of adult teeth, I had mine at 5.

So that is pretty much it. Hope that helps a little bit. Babies are pretty resilient, so I wasn't even being extra careful with him or anything. In fact he was born in February, so I started taking him out right away to build up his little immune system.

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Originally Posted by jennchsm View Post
I have in the last year quietly left several preemie parenting forums and mailing lists because I was getting tired of wading through all of the negativity. I understand that many parents are struggling with severe issues and need places to vent and discuss where other parents will understand, I really do. I've just finally learned that those aren't the best places for me.<br><br>
Some background: My DS is now 19 months old, and was born at 29w 3d due to severe pre-e. He was just under 2 pounds at birth, but breathed on his own from the start and had no setbacks in his 53-day NICU stay. He just had to grow and learn to eat, and so he did. He's been happy and healthy ever since, and is almost caught up to his actual age developmentally. After 6 months of hard work we were able to transition to exclusive nursing, and he's still nursing. With the exception of some extra doctor's appts for mild (now resolved) ROP, he has had a very normal infancy, with no marks left by his prematurity at all.<br><br>
Yet. I know it's not over, but I try not to think that way because I just want to be in the moment and enjoy this wonderful time with him. It took us almost 6 years to have him, and then the pregnancy was cut short, and I am so, so grateful for every moment. I don't want to think that some major issue could be lurking around the corner, but if it happens, it happens. I just don't want to waste precious time worrying about it now.<br><br>
And this is the issue that I've been having with preemie communities I've been in. It seems like every time I get in a conversation with someone about how my son is doing, I get a stern reminder that we're not out of the woods yet; that many preemie problems don't pop up until 2, or 3, or 5 -- it's always some age that's just out of reach. It doesn't matter how many of those "milestone" ages we pass; there's always someone waiting to tell me how everything seemed fine until their child turned 3, and now that child has Asberger's, or just got a feeding tube, or still can't speak. Et cetera.<br><br>
I really want to hear stories about preemies who didn't struggle, whose infancies and toddlerhoods were uneventful, and whose childhoods continued on in that fashion. I hope it isn't insensitive of me to ask for that here, but I'm starting to wonder if it's possible that we will escape this relatively unscathed, or if I am being hopelessly naive to think that my son's prematurity was just an extra-difficult way to come into the world. I tell myself that the parents whose children aren't still struggling with preemie-related issues are not represented in the preemie parenting forums, have moved on to other things, but I have no idea if that is true.<br><br>
I am glad you asked because I have a set of twins who were born at 26 weeks and spent 94 days in the NICU. They are now almost 3. Their infancy was uneventful albeit everyone's (including their doctor's) pessimism. Here is a link to the book about their story.

Amazon Amazon

Thank you,

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I love this question! I have been searching for mothers of kids who were preemies. My son, born 34 weeks is now 4.5 years. Smart as a whip, his vocabulary is beyond his age and no physical issues. However, he is small and does not grow the expected inches a year. In fact he has fallen off his curve, anyone else experience a slow grower? I know as a child I never had this amazing growth spurt nor my husband. Both of us are small 5'1 and 5'10 so we are not expecting our son to be tall, but this falling off growth curve is scary. He is rarely sick and other than being a picky eater, he does not exhibit some of the medical reasons children fail to thrive. Anyone have older children that have had similar experience?
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My daughter's intelligent, social, coordinated, creative best friend was born at 28 weeks. She'll be 9 soon.

I almost forgot two of my good friends, born at 32 weeks each back in the 1960's. They both struggled at birth, and one got last rites. The one who got last rites is an athletic college professor, and my other friend is an accomplished athlete and PhD.

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my son was a preemie

It was a (huge) struggle to feed him adequately at first, the newborn stage was very prolonged but by the end of his first year he had caught up weight wise. He was delayed with walking but talking was never an issue with him. He isn't great with physical things but maybe he would have been like that anyway. He has less hearing on one side. Right now he's approaching 6' tall and you would never know he was a preemie, he has always been tall. There might be other "preemie stuff" but I'm not sure about it. I always worried about how staying in the NICU for nearly a month effected him, but I was there nearly every single day. We did not have excessive bouts of illness, he even survived an RSV scare (he did not get it) in the NICU.
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My second son isn't considered a preemie--more like and early term baby since he was born at 37w 3d. He had a problem with his lungs being under developed since he did come a little early. So we had to spend a week in the nicu on oxygen and feeding tubes. He is 9 months old now and is completely normal; 92% for height and 52% for weight. He only crawls backwards instead of forwards, but I doubt that has anything to do with his NICU stay .
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