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NEastMomma's Avatar NEastMomma 02:45 PM 11-14-2011

Wow, anyone else's preemie grunting all night long?  I have heard that it is common for preemies to do this and am wondering if anyone else is in the same boat.  Interestingly, he sleeps so peacefully during the day, but at night he grunts so fiercely that I am barely getting any sleep (he is in a basinette pushed up against my bed).  I have tried to cuddle him for loooong periods post night nursing to see if that'd help, but no dice.


Anyone else in same boat?  Have you heard preemies do this more than full term babes?



Jenni1894's Avatar Jenni1894 09:50 PM 11-14-2011

I never heard that premies did it more.   In fact I had never heard of such a thing until I had YDD.   She was a couple weeks early, so not a premie.  But she would grunt herself to sleep.  DH and I would literally LOL as we would hear these little grunts as she would get comfy and then fall asleep.  

She still does.  She's a grunter.  She's *almost* 20 mos and if she can reach something, she grunts as she stretches.    She even still grunts/groans in her sleep.   Sometimes it's a little wimper almost a cry now that she is older.   But giver a moment and she's back asleep. 

Jenni1894's Avatar Jenni1894 09:52 PM 11-14-2011

Why would a premie do this more than a full term? 

I just thought it was a self soothing type of thing.  In fact all my kids, including DH and myself (so he says) make noises when sleeping.   DS will roll over, mutter something (he talks in his sleep often!) and kinda moan almost yawn but stay sleeping.