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sheldoncooper's Avatar sheldoncooper 08:22 PM 02-28-2012

My wife got her 26 week ultrasound and was told the one of the babies (we have multiples) weighed 600 grams, and thus was in the "1 % percentile".  The other babies were around the 45% range. Dr. told us to come back in two weeks to get another scan, assess the options, etc.  Choices include either to deliver all babies early to save the low weight baby, or wait longer which means a possibility the low weight baby might not make it.  My wife and I obviously are stunned, scared, nervous, and worried.  Can others who have been in a similar situations let us know how it turned out?

darthtunaqueen's Avatar darthtunaqueen 10:43 PM 03-01-2012

600g at 26 weeks is not completely ridiculous (a 400g 26 weeks is much more ridiculous!).  This is an impossible decision and I feel for you guys!  I've worked with parents who have chosen to continue the pregnancy, knowing the other WILL die (not a "might die", but will die, and did), and parents who have chosen to bring the babies out early to save all of them, and parents who have chosen to bring them all out early and still have one die from complications related to being premature.  Thankfully the most common outcome BY FAR is the 2nd one (in my 2 years of NICU, I've only ever seen 1 of option A and 1 of option C and far too many to count of option B!)!!


Also know that ultrasound guestimates aren't always super accurate either, which is why they want to repeat.  2 weeks from now you'll hit 28 weeks, which is better considered the "golden week" where prems have a better chance.  Depending on how many babies you guys are growing makes a big difference in their outcomes too, since 28 week twins are more like 27 weeks, just because they have less space to grow than their singleton counterparts.  


I've seen 28 weeker's do FABULOUSLY (I've been looking after one this week at work!), and I've seen them have to fight hard hard hard to survive (but they do!  And it's incredible!).  


Know that whatever decision you make is the RIGHT decision, and that it was made with love.  


I wish you guys guidance and clarity in your decision making.

sheldoncooper's Avatar sheldoncooper 07:14 PM 03-02-2012

Thank you so much for clarifying Allison.  You've gave up some hope. We are expecting triplets and this will be our first pregnancy.  If I'm hearing you correctly, most people you're encountered decide to bring them all out early (in the case where one might die if not brought out early).  We're taking things week by week and hope to make it to 28, and then beyond.  Thanks again.

lesliesara63's Avatar lesliesara63 07:43 PM 03-12-2012

I never faced this issue with my triplets. However I do know that each week is a blessing! Good luck!

darthtunaqueen's Avatar darthtunaqueen 10:52 PM 03-14-2012

Sheldon, that's correct!  You should be up for your 28 week u/s soon, no??


And to make you feel better, all the triplets we've had recently have all come out around 32-34 weeks and been absolutely perfect.  


Good luck!  :D

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