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Drgnfire 11-15-2012 10:15 PM


I'm 41 with a family of 4 kids, My last two children were both classical Cesar's my second youngest was a footling breach at 28 weeks and I was told that it would be the same for any future babies due the chances of the wall rupturing, I went on to get a surprise son when my youngest was 9yo and again had to have another classical due to my small structure and previous birth method, after the second operation my son (who is now three) arrived healthy but I suffered serious complications with my blood pressure and my heart, my problem is that now at the age of 41 what I thought was menopause is another pregnancy, I have a 1 week wait to get into the obstetrician and am worried that after having two classical Cesar's that the risk rate may be too high for me or this baby. Does anyone know what the risk rate is for a third classical c section. Thanks for any advice 


other information is that my first child was on time, second child was 32 week prem, third was the 28 week prem and classical, fourth was 35weeks and classical.

katelove 11-16-2012 12:04 AM

Hi, welcome to MDC.

Could yo talk a bit more about what risks you're specifically concerned about? Are you talking about during the pregnancy, birth options or risks involved in a fourth c/s?

There is lots of info available on all those things but I don't want to bombard you with stuff you already know or stuff you aren't considering :-)

Kind regards

P.S. Comgratulations on your pregnancy.

Drgnfire 11-18-2012 04:30 PM


I'm mainly concerned as to what the birth risks there are for me and the baby being my third classical, I've heard that with the wall being weakened twice previously through surgery that there is certain risks involving the baby drowning in its own fluid if the wall cant take the pressure!! Do you know if there will be much time from the wall tearing to the baby drowning?? What are the survival rates for this kind of thing happening?? and what would be the risks to me should this happen?? Is there anything at all I can do to help prevent this from happening?? Also is there any warning signs I should look for?? Sorry although this is my third Classical it all feels brand new and I must admit I'm terrified for the baby. The doc has told me of the risks with hemorrhaging and the possibility of a hysterectomy but I'm prepared for that and mainly worried about the babies survival rates. I'm only a small framed girl and although I'm fairly fit I am 41 and no longer in the prime of my life. Thank you so much for any information you can give me. 


Kind regards 


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