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Wendi- I went through the whole pediasure/follow up formula's with my first born. I was even told about using butter. Anyway let me see if I can find all the paperwork I got and all the ideas they had. I'll make copies and your welcome to them. We could meet at the City building or something. I won't post my thoughts on this on in public but if you have questions tonight pm me.
sunflowers's Avatar sunflowers 01:09 AM 05-19-2007
I will post my thoughts. I started dd with pediasure when she was just over 12mos adjusted. She is a tiny girl. I did everything else first, though. Added butter, a variety of oils, cream in her oatmeal, I added as many calories as I could to her food. And to make matters a bit more complicated, dd was eating like a horse! I counted her calories (excluding nursing since I couldn't begin to guesstimate how much she getting from that) and she was taking in almost 1700 cals in foods. : But she still wasn't gaining well.

I started the pediasure with a heavy heart. It totally destroyed her day nursing but she did gain a little bit better. That FTT diagnosis has gone from giant black letters on her chart to an afterthought. I have regrets about it but it was what was best for dd in the end. People can flame me all they want now...

I would suggest you ask to get a nutritionist consult before doing any supplimenting with formula or pediasure. DD's nutritionist was very BFing friendly and worked with me for a few months about adding other calories before we finally agrred the suppliment was the route to take next. She was full of good ideas as far as healthy, high fat/calorie meals for dd. Plus, in my case, it kept dd's ped off my back about dd's weight since she consulted with nutrition every few months.

Hugs, mama. It's not an easy road for us sometimes and the decisions to be made can be hard ones...
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Why are you concerned about pediasure? It's a complete nutritional diet and it's about all that emma gets. with that said something similiar is nutren junior and has less sugar and is mroe eaisly digestible.
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Sunflowers, why woulld you get flamed? I must be naive to be totally lost on why pediasure would be bad?
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I have no experience, just and I hope whatever you decide to give her helps add some chub. If anyone gives you looks, tell 'em I said to <UA violation>
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Originally Posted by intorainbowz View Post
I'm concerned about the sugar and flavorings.

I also wanted to know if others used it and how it works.

I'm embarassed to admit this... but tomorrow we are going to a fair, can you imagine the nasty looks I'll get when I'm feeding her a bottle filled with a chocolate colored substance. Size wise, my DD looks 4 months old. Have any of you dealt with the judgemental looks over this?

Is nutren junior a formula or another brand of pediasure?

You can always get the vanilla flavored, looks just like milk. I've never had a problem with judgemental people and honestly they can shove it up their booties. Our children have special needs. Even on regular formula whihc was mixed to something liek 27 calories and ounce emma was NOT gaining until she switched to pedisure. It was the BEST thing for her. I think the benefits far outweigh the sugars and color added personally.

Nutren junior is similiar to pediasure but you can get it with added fiber and i know that alot of people find it's more easily digestible and have less consrtipation issues.

There's also something called petamen junior made by the makers of nutren junior which is for kids with g.i. issues. I think if you feel she needs the extra calories than go for it. emma has THRIVED on pediasure (vanilla flavored0 for the last 6 months. It's nutritionally complete.
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I've heard great things about pediasure. We tried the chocolate but Dakota couldn't tolerate it.
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Have you asked about duocal? We were going to try that but dd started gaining.
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We've had some weight gaining luck w/ smoothies ! Coconut milk, hemp oil, hemp milk, sunflower seed butter, cheese, butter, bananas etc. My youngest dd was about 15lbs at her first b'day. She does not seem to like sweet things but I add cheese, refried beans and other high calorie items to sauces and she loves that...this is great over pasta or rice! She's about 18 lbs now at 17 mos. My concern is more height than weight. Is Sydney growing well (on her growth curve...not comparing her w/others) height-wise?

I think you should use your instinct...there are lots of alternatives to pediasure. But if she did not readily accept the alternatives pediasure may be an option. Maybe try adding some calories w/fatty, protein rich foods first and use pediasure as a back up option? I'm not familiar w/the formula choices. My dd's been on neocate jr since she turned 14 mos...that has 30 cals per ounce.
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Another pediasure user! If it makes you feel any better, Lilly has been on it since she was 8 months old. Not only did formula upset her stomach, she got to the point that she wouldn't drink it. She was still less than 8 lbs and had started losing weight. We started on vanilla pediasure and she started gaining weight and stopped looking like a starving baby. She still drinks it every day and I just brush her teeth after each botttle to prevent cavities. Don't feel guilty about using it.
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My son won't touch pediasure. He'll drink some rice milk, water, and juice, but nothing else. He was not early, but he's gained only a # in the past year (not counting the times he lost and had to gain it back). Things we've done are coconut milk in his rice milk (just a little or he won't touch it), olive oil in foods (especially purees, soups, apple sauce, etc), melted dairy/soy free margarine, and for lack of anything else, letting him eat whatever he wants. I really think we should've stayed on his formula when he turned 2, but we thought he'd be o.k. and now he wouldn't touch it even if we brought it back. He was on a bottle till 2 and I didn't care. It was more important that we got calories in him, then him being on a bottle still. Have you asked your DR about the Neocate products? Duocal being one of them. There is also EO28 which is 30cal/oz and comes in little juice boxes. Also, Neocate Jr comes in flavors (chocolate being the newest I think) and it's 30cal/oz as well. We use Elecare for formula when needed and you can make it 30cal/oz too and it comes in vanilla. Oh, I just remember how small your dd is. Has your DR talked to about going to 30cal/oz? Evan's body couldn't handle it till about 22#, he would puke up anything over 25cal/oz before that.
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As far as the flavors of pediasure... dd will only drink the vanilla flavored. Won't go near the strawberry or chocolate flavors. It is also available with fiber added. I pay a little less than $36/case (24- 8oz bottles per case) at Sam's Club. The store brands of pediasure are the same calorically but the protein source isn't whey (at least in the ones I've looked at) and I feel whey protein is a better fit for my dd. She's been gaining about 1lb per month while on it.

We did DuoCal for a month, too. I found it was not any better than adding a few tbsp of quality oil to her food and it was much more expensice than the oil. Even more than the "expensive" oils like flaxseed or avacado oils. I was paying almost $35 for a can of Duocal which lasted dd about a week. I got the same calories from just $10 worth of oil. Duocal is basically powdered fat. It is a protein-free calorie source. If you can get your insurance to cover it, it would be well worth it, though.

BTW, another suggestion our nutritionist made was to add bran to her foods. Adds calories without much bulk. But dd didn't like the bran. I also found that from time to time, she seems to have an internal calorie counter. If I added xtra cals, she ate less. It took me some time to come to terms with the fact that she is simply not destined to be a "big" girl. I've relaxed about how many cals she is consuming. One other thought that comes into my head sometimes is the fact that I am forcing alot of high fat foods into her at such a young age. I wonder how this will end up affecting her food choices as she enters the teen and adult years... Although there really isn't much I can do about it right now.

I've been flamed for the pediasure decision on MDC in other forums : . Back when I was trying to avoid supp. I never know what to expect and I "forget" we are all dealing with very similar issues in this NICU forum
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I've heard great things about pediasure, too...I say go for it!
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My babe is slow to gain. Always has been but developmentally she is right on her adjusted age. She is two next month and just 19 lbs, but my ped never focuses on that number on the chart. We look at ALL developmental markers. She was evaluted recently by the county and since she was at her adjusted age in all areas my ped was even less concerned. Everyone does what they think best, but does she need it. If she is eating solids well and getting EBM and you give high quality fats and proteins, might you be able to not use the supplement at all? Just a thought.

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Originally Posted by sunflowers View Post
I've been flamed for the pediasure decision on MDC in other forums : . Back when I was trying to avoid supp. I never know what to expect and I "forget" we are all dealing with very similar issues in this NICU forum
This is the reason I won't post most of the details of our pediasure experience on this board.

As far as being small our doctor wasn't worried at first because ds1 was meeting all his developmental goals and he's not interested in numbers. However we did keep a close watch on his weight and we did have to step in when he started to lose weight. Our biggest problem is maintaining weight. He weighs 23lbs at age 4.
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If your child is not having an allergic reaction, why not fill what the WHO calls the post-six month 'energy gap' with Pediasure? It's nutritionally complete and very carefully made---formula for older children. What, other than breastmilk, could be better to give your child?

My main pet peeve with it is the staining. It seems to stain everything if not rinsed in the washer immediately.

It has a higher calorie-to-gram ratio than most foods at 1:1, which is the foundation of weight gain for children. A tip for weight gain: Look at the calorie-to-gram ratio on food labels. Children don't have the greatest stomach capacity, and you want to make the most of it to gain weight. Cheese and whole-wheat bread are excellent for this at 4:1, and chock full of nutritional value for babies. I also scramble egg yolks beaten with water, as the son hates the texture of egg any other way.

I fear that some people, in support of breastfeeding, adopt an extremist anti-dairy attitude. I'll get flamed for saying this, but it's a well-supported fact: a child who does not gain weight is at risk of permanently stunted growth, even if his or her cognitive development meets the minimum standards.
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have you tried coconut milk? coconut oils?
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My daughter had lots of feeding issues. You can read my tips on gaining weight here:

The best alternative to Pediasure is Carnation Instant Breakfast in whole milk, but it's not quite as nutritious as Pediasure. As has been mentioned, you can add perscriptions to the baby's milk, too, but sometimes this backfires and the baby actually consumes LESS.

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Written slightly tongue-in-cheek...thought you might enjoy this: Pediasure vs. Chocolate Ice Cream.
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Originally Posted by RidentMama View Post
Written slightly tongue-in-cheek...thought you might enjoy this: Pediasure vs. Chocolate Ice Cream.
That is a GREAT article! I marked that one for passing on!