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Yulia_R's Avatar Yulia_R 06:58 PM 08-08-2008
Originally Posted by 11yrsNoKid View Post
its an alternavie to nasal canula. See nasal canula can only go up to 2 liters of flow, while vaportherm can go beyond. My baby needs 3 liters of flow. Its how fast the oxygen/air mixture flows out of the nasal plugs. It also gives off a little more moisture than the nasal canula.

Here is a new pic of my baby. He is two months and one day old.\ and would be 34 weeks gestation now.
What a gorgeous little boy! I can only imagine what you have been going through! So many to you, mama!

I don't know if you had a chance to look into circumcision yet, so I'll post this link which has alot of great info/studies/videos on the subject

I wish you little one will be home very soon, healthy, whole, perfect!

TexasSuz's Avatar TexasSuz 07:28 PM 08-08-2008
He is beautiful! Congratulations!
momoftinyhayden's Avatar momoftinyhayden 11:41 PM 08-08-2008
Hayden started out life on CPAP, then the high flow nose cannula, then to the nose cannula... then when he got down to .5 liters and did well on that for a few days they took him off... just for a day to see how he did... and they didn't put him back on it until he had the blood transfusions... each time they transfused they put him back on the nose cannula. His little tiny nostrils looked like they were going to rip. He had an NG Tube and the nose cannula.
yogafeet's Avatar yogafeet 12:50 PM 08-09-2008
What beautiful boys you have!
I know the NICU is tough, but from the looks of your blog you are doing a great job, mama!:
11yrsNoKid's Avatar 11yrsNoKid 01:53 AM 09-18-2008

Sorry it took so long to reply. My baby is home now after being in the NICU for three months. He is not on O2 or anything else. He did have eye surgery from having ROP. He isn't in the clear yet, but things are looking great. He weighs 7lbs 14.5 oz now. He is rotten, and demands all my attention. LOL...

Thanks everyone.
OGirlieMama's Avatar OGirlieMama 02:40 PM 09-18-2008
What a wonderful update! I'm glad he's home and doing so well.
skylarsmama's Avatar skylarsmama 05:09 PM 09-18-2008
So glad to see that he's home! I've followed your story since my twins were born at almost the same gestation as your boy. I can't believe how much he weighs, that's awesome!
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 06:52 PM 09-18-2008
Awesome!! Glad to hear he is home and awesome he is not on O2.
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