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Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 05:34 PM 10-06-2008

So I am in the waiting room at a pediatric clinic for the nicu hospital. Its a satelight clinic and it has Maggie's speech there. So every monday at 9am, we go. I see it as my hour to read while she does her speech.

So a guy sits down next to me with a baby. Then Maggie gets called and I go in with her. Eventually a few minutes later, I go back to the waiting room and he gets called.

So then he is finished with his appt, and he is telling someone his babies were in the nicu. I asked= babies? He says yes, his dd has a twin sister. They were 12 weeks premature. He said they were 1 8oz and 1 4oz. He was on his way to the nicu for the follow up. I said wow! my Maggie was 1 lb 12oz. He says really? " That tall toddler w the curly hair was 1 lb 12oz??????!!!" He didnt believe she was a micro preemie. I guess when she was that little, I could not believe I would get there either!!

So we start swapping who are attendings were and all. Then another person in the waiting room says she used to work in the nicu and boy the conversation got going! So he promised to say hello for me and all. But boy I was on cloud nine after he said that= that toddler was a preemie??
But afterwards when I was making appts for more speech, the receptionist said she didnt know MAggie was in the nicu and was also blown away by her.

I then had an appt with my ped afterwards to check Maggie's ears and her throat from last week's infection. She said after the appt- its hard to believe how small you were! She was there at her birth. I shared what had happened earlier and she said- funny isnt it, its a great thing!

So, I guess my nicu time is now far enough away and I have people saying this!

Thanks for reading!

sparklett's Avatar sparklett 09:50 PM 10-06-2008
Thanks for your post; it was just what I needed to hear. DS was not a micro, but he is taking his time catching up, and every day I hear someone (usually a stranger) comment on how tiny he is. I love that he's small and cuddly, but I will be so happy when he starts catching up a bit.
Amys1st's Avatar Amys1st 12:22 AM 10-07-2008
Well I know exactly what you mean! I can remember people saying how old is that baby?? Heck there was an obnoxious nurse on the elevator ride down as MAggie was discharged making comments. My regular nurse almost jumped down her throat- growling- she is 3 mos old!!! All 5 lbs of her mind you!
OGirlieMama's Avatar OGirlieMama 11:00 AM 10-07-2008
There is nothing better to hear than that, I know!
felix23's Avatar felix23 02:26 PM 10-09-2008
Yeah! Maybe there is some hope for Lilly to eventually catch up. We just took her for her three-year-old pictures and had to buy size 12 months pants. Even at our NICU reunion she was smaller then most of the two year olds.