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babyluvr's Avatar babyluvr 10:06 AM 08-14-2006
with my last baby (now over 2.5yo) i developed diastasis rectus (split abdominal muscles) and kept meaning to get around to 'fixing' them with a certain kind of crunch. now that i'm pg again, i'm actually starting to do these crunches every day and feel a difference already these past 2 weeks. I read on the web that you can do the exercises up till 4 months. Anyone have experience with this? The thought of a pendulous abdomen 6 months from now and achy back really has me motivated for now. anyone doing this too?

crunchy_mama's Avatar crunchy_mama 10:23 AM 08-14-2006
oh, would like to, would like to see the info that indicates that it is ok for sure and the exact exercises to do
RAF's Avatar RAF 10:29 AM 08-14-2006
Can you post a link?
babyluvr's Avatar babyluvr 11:50 AM 08-14-2006

this is one link...my computer is being buggy so I'll try to get the other link in a minute.

since the uterus is a pelvic, not abdominal organ, till 12+ weeks it makes sense it would be okay...
babyluvr's Avatar babyluvr 11:52 AM 08-14-2006