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April 2007 > gush of blood at 15 weeks
Jenns_3_babies's Avatar Jenns_3_babies 01:32 PM 11-10-2006
I went to the ER last night b/c at work it felt like I was peeing myself. When I got to the BR, the blood soaked through my pants and was starting to run down my pants. While driving out to the hospital, I was having a LOT of pressure and started having slight cramps.

The ER said everything looked fine, couldn't find the source of the bleeding. They said it might've been a broken blood vessel (?). At that point the bleeding was minimal, but I was still cramping a little.

IT'S A BOY!! I saw his lil pee-pee very clearly. I'm 15 wks 4 days, and he weighs 5 ounces.

Did anyone have any experience like this, and the doctors didn't know what caused it, and the baby was fine? I had spotting and cramping episodes with my 1st, and it turned out I had placenta abruption. The bleeding however was NOTHING like this though.

tresleo's Avatar tresleo 01:46 PM 11-10-2006
No experience with your situation, just hugs! And big congratulations on your little boy!
mrzmeg's Avatar mrzmeg 01:57 PM 11-10-2006
I'm not in your DDC, but saw this on the new posts. I experienced this with my ds. My midwife recommended "vaginal rest" (nothing goes in at all, lol) and I went on to have a mostly uneventful pregnancy and healthy baby

Try not to worry. And congrats!
holyhelianthus's Avatar holyhelianthus 02:04 PM 11-10-2006
scary! glad things are fine. and congrats on the boy!
JanetH's Avatar JanetH 03:37 PM 11-10-2006
wow, no experience but wanted to give some hugs. I'm glad that everything is fine. Congrats on your little boy, I was able to see my son's male parts right away too. Lol, it is true they do look like little turtles on the U/s !
Jenns_3_babies's Avatar Jenns_3_babies 06:25 PM 11-10-2006
thank you all. I'm trying to find any info on the net about a blood vessel rupturing. The ER dr said my cervix looked OK, and it was closed. I don't know how that much blood would excape through a closed cervix.

today, it feels sore down there, and everytime I go pee, there's a lot of pressure, almost like a pushing pressure. I had that last night in the car also. I'm thinking it could be whatever 'broke' is healing, hopefully
Amylcd's Avatar Amylcd 06:30 PM 11-10-2006
Congrats on your little boy! I'm glad the baby is okay s
ktmelody's Avatar ktmelody 06:54 PM 11-10-2006
I had bleeding at 13 weeks. They did say my placenta was low and over the cervix and that may have been the cause. It stopped after a week of rest and has not come back yet. It was scary though. First i had a huge gush of blood, then brown blood. It would stop and as soon as i would be active again it would start up. SO i just rested for a week and it stopped completely.
Saw my babe on weds this week and my placenta moved and the baby is great!
Hopefully it is just a fluke.....
Good luck!
crunchy_mama's Avatar crunchy_mama 09:01 PM 11-10-2006
sorry to hear about the scary experience very glad all is well, congrats on baby boy!
Fairy4tmama's Avatar Fairy4tmama 03:25 AM 11-11-2006
OH man that sounds so scary! I don't have any experience or info to share but I wanted to offer some healing thoughts! I am so glad you and your lo are ok!

Is it possible that the pressure you are feeling could be something unrelated like a bladder infection?
Jenns_3_babies's Avatar Jenns_3_babies 11:07 PM 11-11-2006
the ER dr's tested me for a bladder infection, among other things and everything came back normal

Now, today, I've been in some pretty bad pain near my cervix area. It's a constant sharp pain that doesn't go away. My hubby wants me to call the dr, but there's nothing else they can do. I have to wait 6 more weeks until the baby's considered viable outside the womb.

1st last night (friday night) it hurt to lay flat on my back down by my pelvic area (cervix). It also hurt to sit up straight. This morning when I woke up, it started to hurt when I walked. Now it hurts no matter what and the pain's getting worse.

Would a broken blood vessel cause THIS much pain, and that much blood?
peacelovingmama's Avatar peacelovingmama 12:34 AM 11-12-2006
I'm so sorry -- I hope you get some answers and that your little boy is just fine.
crunchy_mama's Avatar crunchy_mama 12:44 AM 11-12-2006
oh, it seems I misread. I have no clue as to what is causing your pain, but also hope that answers come soon.
Leiahs's Avatar Leiahs 12:44 AM 11-12-2006
I had quite a big gush of bleeding at 13 weeks with my 2nd child. It was so much that I thought for sure I had miscarried. I hadn't seen any doctor/midwife yet, because I had just been putting it off, and when I called my then OB about it, and expressed how I felt sure it was a miscarriage, they just told me to watch it, etc. I started second guessing myself the next morning, and eventually convinced them to give me a U/S to see the baby. There was a very clear, healthy, heart-beating baby in there. Obviously I didn't know what a miscarriage would be like at 13 weeks, lol. I only had one huge gush of blood, which tapered off to practically nothing within 12 hours.

I never did have any other issues with any bleeding or spotting at all for the rest of my pregnancy. My midwives (who I later switched to during the pregnancy) couldn't offer me a solid reason why I might have bled.

However, when we examined the placenta after the birth, the midwife found a white spot on it. She guessed that there was a small area that had probably burst and bled back at 13 weeks, and then healed itself. That is the best explaination I could get, and I am happy with it.

I didn't really have any pain or cramping associated with the bleeding, but every body is different. Has your bleeding essentially stopped? If so, with your U/S showing a healthy baby, I would suspect you probably experienced something similar to what I did. I hope all is well for you!
lilgsmommy's Avatar lilgsmommy 01:00 AM 11-12-2006
Originally Posted by Jenn_wants_3 View Post
the ER dr's tested me for a bladder infection, among other things and everything came back normal

Now, today, I've been in some pretty bad pain near my cervix area. It's a constant sharp pain that doesn't go away. My hubby wants me to call the dr, but there's nothing else they can do. I have to wait 6 more weeks until the baby's considered viable outside the womb.

1st last night (friday night) it hurt to lay flat on my back down by my pelvic area (cervix). It also hurt to sit up straight. This morning when I woke up, it started to hurt when I walked. Now it hurts no matter what and the pain's getting worse.

Would a broken blood vessel cause THIS much pain, and that much blood?
Not from your DDC but wanted to chime in. There is something they can do if your cervix is dialating....they can do an ultrasound to see if its dialating from the inside out. To me thats what sounds like is happening....Ive had it happen before. They can put a cerclage in to hold your cervix shut til closer to delivery....Ive had one and will be getting another one in a few weeks. But if I were you I would call your Dr anyways and inform him/her of the situation and ask possibly about getting a cervical ultrasound to check for inner cervical dialation.
jennyfah's Avatar jennyfah 12:31 PM 11-13-2006
I had the same thing happen to me at 13 weeks also with DS! (Must be something about that 13 week "growth spurt"?) After the initial gush of blood and an ultrasound that showed everything to be OK, I had brown spotting for 2-3 weeks. The best guess my midwife had was a small tear in the uterine wall because it was growing so fast. However, everything turned out just fine and DS is a very energetic, funny 2 year old now!

They advised me to take it easy (no lifting, not even grocery bags or vacumming) and I really enjoyed that extra pampering! DH was happy to take over because the whole event was so scary.

Best wishes & hugs!

Mom to Aaron 9/9/04
baby 2 due early April '07
PajamaMama's Avatar PajamaMama 03:08 PM 11-13-2006
I had bleeding earlier in this pregnancy, there was no 'cause' that could be determined by ultrasound but I did notice that whenever I let myself get even a tiny bit dehydrated I would start to see pink when I wiped after going to the bathroom. This pink seemed to be in cervical mucus and not coming from my bladder or anything. Also, I start to have a nasty feeling in my cervix area if I have not had enough to drink. I have started carrying a bottle of water with me wherever I go and I drink about 8 12 oz bottles of water (sometimes 1 or 2 of them is Propel, a Gatorade water drink) per day.

Bleeding during pregnancy is scary! I hope it all turns out OK.
Jenns_3_babies's Avatar Jenns_3_babies 04:26 PM 11-13-2006
I had my followup appt this am. I feel very disappointed. They didn't seem concerned about the pain in my cervical area, and said all they can do now is monitor fetal heart tones, which sound good. She didn't even tell me what I could do/not do. My mind was preoccupied since I had my 3 yr old, and 14 month old with me. The baby was getting fussy, so I forgot all my questions and comments. I have another appt in 2 weeks.

I gained 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks, I did have a major growth spurt around 13 weeks.

I'm 16 weeks today, and I'm more afraid now than ever of miscarrying. No one knows what caused the bleeding, or what to do about it. This sucks!:
MommytoTwo's Avatar MommytoTwo 04:28 PM 11-13-2006
You may have had a subchorionic hematoma. I had one at 6 weeks with DD, I never bled- we only knew because the tech saw it on ultrasound but told me that I could very well have an episide of bleeding and not to panic. I never did bleed and I went back at 12 weeks and it had resolved.
luminesce's Avatar luminesce 07:40 PM 11-13-2006
Sorry to hear your follow-up appointment didn't give you a lot of reassurance. If you can, try to take some comfort in the fact that the bleeding has stopped and the docs aren't too freaked out. I think those are probably good signs - even though I know if it were me, it would be really hard not to worry. I'd try to take it as easy as possible for the next few weeks.
Jenns_3_babies's Avatar Jenns_3_babies 11:36 AM 11-15-2006
I went back to work last night (tues), but I left early. Before I left for work, I got an extruiating pain on my lower side. It had me dubbed over in pain,and I couldn't move my left leg for awhile. I dismissed it for round ligament pain. When I got home from work, I noticed I started spotting bright red. 2 hours later it turned to a dark red flow. I had to wear pads. After that, it turned to a bright red flow, then back to bright red spotting (currently). The pain never went away, even with tylenol. There were periods of it getting better and worse. I called the OB on call. She said to call back in the am and they would see me if the bleeding continued thru the night, and it was accompanied by cramping. I'm still spotting and this dang side pain's still there.

Why aren't they concerned?? I'm bleeding for a reason. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I know bleeding in pregnancy's normal,and sometimes there's no reason. But I was having a really good pregnancy, and this came out of nowhere!!
Jenns_3_babies's Avatar Jenns_3_babies 11:37 AM 11-15-2006
one more thing...I did check the baby's hb last night with my doppler and it was good. So I know the baby seems to be Ok
13Sandals's Avatar 13Sandals 12:38 PM 11-15-2006
I've read on this site - MIchael Odent I think - that excuciating pain like that can be a sign of the placenta separating...I'm not trying to scare you - but I would feel justified in demanding to be seen and have an ultrasound to find out what's going on - especially since you know the baby is still okay. good luck - keep us updated!
Jenns_3_babies's Avatar Jenns_3_babies 05:22 PM 11-15-2006
I did go to the dr's. I called them at 10:05am. They wanted me there at 10:30, but I told them I live 1/2 hour away and I'd have to pack up the kids. I got there at 10:45. I waited a half hour in the waiting room, another 45 minutes in the exam room, with my pants off waiting to be examined. Keep in mind, I had my 3yr old, and my 14 month old in the stroller during that time!!

He did not examine me. Checked the baby's hb. Said what I'm having sounds like afterbirth coming out and pain from the placenta. Said there's nothing they can do to stop it,and nothing I can do. I had to ask him if there's anything I should or shouldn't do, and he replied no intercourse till the bleeding stopped.

He diaganosed it as unexplained bleeding, which may last for a couple weeks and to take tylenol for the cramps

I am so frustrated right now
OnTheFence's Avatar OnTheFence 05:28 PM 11-15-2006
Here is my non-medical opinion. It sounds like you are having placental issues. I am baffled as to why they did not do an ultrasound, totally stunned really. I think you should consider changing providers ASAP. Also you may want to take a rest for the next few days, drinking lots of fluids and laying on your left side.
Velvet005's Avatar Velvet005 05:32 PM 11-15-2006
I also think you need different provider. I would demand an ultrasound in your situation. I think you should get a second opinion.
Jenns_3_babies's Avatar Jenns_3_babies 05:48 PM 11-15-2006
oh, I forgot to mention that it's most likely a "pool of blood behind the placenta (hematoma?) that needs to work itself out"

But, the u/s did not show that!!

I am going to go on a search for a better OB, even if I have to drive 1 1/2 hours away for one. I am considered high risk, and I should go to a dr who specializes in that.
luminesce's Avatar luminesce 07:07 PM 11-15-2006
I agree too that you need a different provider. I *might* be able to talk myself into 'not worrying' about one episode of bleeding that went away with no good answer from the doctor but there is no way I could not worry about what you've described without getting more answers. I'm with you in that I'd expect a more concrete reason as to why you are bleeding.

Do you know where your placenta is located? Is it low-lying?

I would be concerned that it was placenta abruption again, especially since you had it before. From what I read, a hematoma can occur as part of an abruption and an ultrasound can only sometimes see a clot - so it is often just a clinical diagnosis based on symptoms.

But, I do agree again that you need to find a good doc you feel more comfortable with. Hopefully, it will end up that you need just to be regularly monitored and everything will be fine for you and the baby - but from what you've said, it doesn't sound your current doc is going to be up to the task.
Jenns_3_babies's Avatar Jenns_3_babies 03:37 PM 11-16-2006
thank you all to your responses. I've been living on tylenol every 5 hours for the cramps and this horrible pain in my side. I just looked at my u/s picture. My placenta is where it should be, but I noticed that's where the pain is coming from, on that side.

I am checking into another provider. I've looked up who's covered under my insurance, and I'm asking around. I just don't know if I should go to the same kind of hospital that I'm currently going to that has a level 2 nursery (just in case) or if I should travel 1 hr 15 mins to a better hospital that has a NICU. Plus do I really want to drag my kids out in the rush hour traffic especially in the winter?? The OB practice I'm currently going to is the only ones that deliever babies at that 1 hospital. There is another same kind of hospital that's only 10 minutes away, but I've heard horrible things about the nurses there.

I'm going back to work tonight, try it again. If I start bleeding again afterwards, then I know it's something to worry about like with my placenta tearing away.
13Sandals's Avatar 13Sandals 01:32 PM 11-17-2006
how did things go last night at work? hope you are feeling okay!
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