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Velvet005's Avatar Velvet005 07:31 PM 04-13-2007
Well, my dog could have joined the April ddc She had 6 puppies today (at least there were 6 when I looked. There may be more now)!!!She is a pretty big dog (Great Pyrenese and Lab mix)and She is a first time mama. She was doing so well cleaning them and nursing them. I am so proud of her. Just thought I'd announce another birth. I wondered who would go into labor first. Looks like she beat me.

CityChic's Avatar CityChic 07:39 PM 04-13-2007
Hopefully this is a sign that you are having a babe soon!
Marcimama's Avatar Marcimama 07:59 PM 04-13-2007
Oh...I must be hormonal, because this touched me so much I am crying!
jocelyndale's Avatar jocelyndale 09:12 PM 04-13-2007
I was five when my brother was born. Our dobe whelped a litter two weeks before he was born.

As far as she was concerned, he was the pup we kept. She parented him as much as she could, occasionally "criticizing" my mother if he whimpered longer than two seconds.
crunchy_mama's Avatar crunchy_mama 09:52 PM 04-13-2007
Wow, I bet those are some big puppies!
Debstmomy's Avatar Debstmomy 10:38 PM 04-13-2007
Grandma, I wanna see pictures!!!
Fairy4tmama's Avatar Fairy4tmama 11:21 PM 04-13-2007
Awww pupies how cool!
Velvet005's Avatar Velvet005 11:33 AM 04-14-2007
We got 8 puppies!!! 4 brown and 4 black!! It is nasty raining outside today so I haven't got any pictures!!!