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nia82 11:20 PM 10-07-2010
The dilemma is, we rather do no vaccines than being forced into all of them. So, I did find an opt out form of the registry, but what if my kid hasn't had shots yet? We only want certain ones and spaced apart, and still be able to claim an exemption. I hate to do this, but the stupid law (sorry, but I come from a country where the school doesn't give a hoot about shots or medicals!) forces us to. We also will move in 2013, prolly VA or CO, but as long as we stay in WY, it's important to have the vaccines done without anyone knowing.

So, if I privately, out of pocket pay for the things, and opt out, nobody will know? And another question: if I did them on base (Air Force) the government will know forever, right?