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LeaPea's Avatar LeaPea 05:07 PM 11-29-2010

My daughter is 5 1/2 months old, and I haven't vax'd her yet for a few reasons. How did you decide what shot to give first? How did you decide when to give the first shot? My husband just defers to me, so I don't really have any input from another source. My family thinks I am crazy for not vaccinating my daughter yet! I know for sure I will not give my daughter the Hep B or Chicken Pox vaccine. I will delay the MMR until after she is two. Any other advice, or a good website/book to help me along?

mamamillet's Avatar mamamillet 06:54 PM 12-05-2010

I like the vaccine book by dr sears.  He clearly discusses each vaccine and the diseases they are for.  He talks about how common the diseses are, how seriuos and and how they can be treated if caught.

We did the hib and pcv first around 4 months mainly cause meningitis can be very serious and we had a family friend lose thier 5 yo son to it within days.  We did the dtap later on as well and that is all we have done.  DD is 22 months, still BF and is not in group care.  Good luck with your decision!