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poopzmom's Avatar poopzmom 02:42 PM 01-27-2011

We started out completely vaccinating our first. she will be 5 in March. She had the first 9 shots, so 2 Heb. B, 2 polio, 2 HIB, 1 Prevnar, 2 dtap

I had her titers done and she has immunity to diptheria which does me no good. So I am considering going ahead and finishing. So is this list seem right for what she will need:






1 or 2 MMR? She has never had this one

chicken pox I will wait until 12 or 13 if she doesn't get it naturally.



I also have 2 1/2 year old twins who have not had any vaccines. So I have no idea where to start with them. Any advice?

carriebft's Avatar carriebft 02:53 PM 01-27-2011

Your first list looks entirely correct to me with the possible exception of DtaP; I *think* you might need 2 more to be considered to have had the whole initial series.


MMR will give about 95% of the population immunity with one dose but more with the second dose, there also seems to be some correlation to longer lasting immunity with two.


At 2.5, you can have the hib and prevnar series done with one dose each. DtaP you'd have to have the three initial shots to start out. Polio you would be on a 3 dose schedule since you only need three if the 3rd is given at 3 or later.  You could pair a DtaP with hib and then IPV with prevnar and then, on its own, do MMR.

poopzmom's Avatar poopzmom 03:03 PM 01-27-2011

Thank you so much for your help!

poopzmom's Avatar poopzmom 03:09 PM 01-27-2011

oh I forgot to add. I am pretty sure when I had the titers done she almost had full immunity to tetnus and pertussis so I am pretty sure she said just one more. With the MMR I could just do one and then have her titers done I guess before doing a second one.

ma2two's Avatar ma2two 11:10 AM 01-28-2011

The answer as to what she "needs" depends on your reason for vaccinating. If it is so you don't have to bother signing an exemption form, you can skip Hib and Prevnar. Hib is not required for school past preschool, and I don't think Prevnar is ever required for school. 


Also, just one MMR gives immunity to 95-98% of children. The second dose is not a booster. It is meant to catch the very small percentage of kids who don't respond to the first shot. So one MMR, then titer.