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Debobu's Avatar Debobu 11:15 AM 02-16-2011


I am considering a tetanus vax for my 2+yr  DS.

Does anyone know how many doses he would need of either DTaP or DT to acquire at least short term immunity?

I believe there are 3 or 4 needed for 10 yrs immunity. I would want to get him to have enough for the initial immunity period and then space the next one for as long as possible.

Thanks Much!

Debobu's Avatar Debobu 10:41 AM 02-18-2011

Nobody knows? :-( 

seashells's Avatar seashells 10:50 AM 02-18-2011

It's not that scientific, the shots don't "expire" after a specific period of time.


It varies widely from individual to individual.


Maybe you could find a study that said that some percentile of the population achieves at least 10 year (or whatever) immunity after X number of shots.


You might look into having titers drawn on a periodic (say, yearly) basis.

nicolebeth's Avatar nicolebeth 08:58 AM 02-19-2011

At age 3, DS did not have immunity from the three shots in the primary series (well, his titres didn't show what the lab deemed to be sufficient immunity). We did give him a DT at age 3. (He doesn't get the P anymore.) We were told that, for kids, the shots last only five years. (We were also told that, under age 1, the shots give no lasting immunity at all--my guess is that the reason for that series is only for the pertussis, which, if it confers any immunity at all, doesn't work until having all three shots.)


Anyway, I'm not sure what we'll do when DS is 8, but I'm sure his pediatrician will bring it up again then.