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Hi all,


My 5yo will start public Kindergarten in the fall and I also have an 18 month old (will be 2 in August).  Up until now, my older dd has been at an all-outdoors coop preschool and because her schooling situation will change (mostly indoors, much wider demographic/socio-economic spread of people she is in contact with) I'm really beginning to rethink the whole non-vaxxing thing.  The one that really has me thinking is Hib.  And maybe Prevnar too.


Anyone btdt?  Both kids are super healthy in general, dd1 was breastfed for 3yrs and dd2 is still going strong.  I've heard that if you get Hib after 15mos, you only need one shot?  Is this true?  Where can I find more information on a delayed/catch up schedule?



Mama to two girls 12/05 and 8/09

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Ha ha...found the catch-up schedule!  Looks like both girls would only need one dose of Hib now and if I wait until dd2 is 2y, then they each only need one dose of the Pc vaccine.  Makes it more appealing : )


Then again, Hib isn't recommended for kids over 5, but I guess I'm worried mainly about dd1 bringing nasties home from school.  Plus, I'd feel weird about vaxing dd2 and not me think through this!


Mama to two girls 12/05 and 8/09

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Hi! Like you, I was non-vax for many years. With my first I was completely confident, but with each new child I've become less confident about the choice not to vax, however educated that decision was. My 3 year old got her first dose a couple of months ago, and I plan to have her up-to-date in time to start nursery school this autumn. I decided to use combo vaxes for her, to make it less of and ordeal. My newborn is going to have them spaced out more (1 or 2 vaxes at each visit), with the lower priority vaxes being delayed the longest.  



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Vaxers and non-vaxers alike should constantly be reviewing all of their parenting decisions all of the time.  The jury should always be out - nothing should be set in stone.  For every situation such as yours, the best decision should be made for the moment.  I have no problem whatsoever with any parent changing their mind on any healthcare decision.  


What I have a problem with is government and health care professionals who push their beliefs on parents.  Parents live with those decisions and need to use the best information available to them at the time for their children's future. 


Emotional black mail, coercion, and fear cannot be the bases of good decision making.  Parents need facts.

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If you research the issue and decide to start vaccinating I think that is fine. Just be sure that your child is not given a mega dose of vaccines at a visit to *catch them up*. Lots of doctors/staff will give as many as they can,and say," Oops sorry,thought you wanted that one too." It is a vaccine after all so you can't do anything if your child is given something you do not want for them.


I did not vaccinate my 12 and 8 yo when they entered school. My only issue has been the school will consider all sick absences as truant if you do not take them to a doctor(and supply proof). Illnesses have not been a huge deal for us,but you feel pressured to send/return a child to school when you might otherwise keep them at home.


Best wishes whatever you decide.And still consider the disease when your child is ill since we all know that no vaccine is 100% protective.

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I am also considering selectively vaccinating my children ages 5 and 2. The 5 yo goes to preschool now and will be in public school in the fall. I am just starting to do research as to which shots they will get. DH has also dropped comments here and there about vaccinating, he has been supportive of non-vax, but I think it is time we re-educated ourselves. People also ask me why I don't vaccinate and my answers are not clear anymore.

We create our own reality.
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Thank you for this thread.  I, too, am an non-vaxer who is rethinking vaccinations.  I did a lot of research to come to my decision, but have since pushed the research aside, so I haven't kept up-to-date on everything.  I'll be reviewing my info and new info to make a decision maybe by the fall. 

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I vaccinated my kids but we worked out a schedule with a doctor that worked of us. I have history of vaccination reactions so he agreed with me to one shot at a time  is a good idea. However, I also suffered a horrible case of mumps at 18 because I never got a booster shot. I almost died. I had sever case of a whooping cough because my own vaccination was delayed. I was ill for weeks and I still remember how horrific it was for me. So, I wanted my kids to be vaccinated but I wanted to go slow and it worked for us.


In the area where I live several  unvaccinated babies caught  whooping cough form their unvacinated siblings and died.


Are vaccines risk free? Of course not. Neither is the Tylenol or  Valerian Root tincture.


I was never concerned about autism because the rate of autism continue to go up as the rate of vaccination continued to go up in my area.


But of course, I was always concerned about allergic reaction as well as thing like seizures.


So far, all went well. What it will be like in the future? I do not know.  There certain vaccines taht I refused such as rotovirus because it is easy to treat in US. I am also nto a fan of HPV vaccine because great prevention methods are available.

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Yes, I agree with the mattemama04. Especially with your LO entering school, they might want to give it all at the same time in order for him to get "caught up" by the time school rolls along.


Originally Posted by mattemma04 View Post

If you research the issue and decide to start vaccinating I think that is fine. Just be sure that your child is not given a mega dose of vaccines at a visit to *catch them up*.



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I was going to post a similar question.  DS will be 3 yrs in July and has had 3 Hib, 3 DTaP, 3 IPV, and 1 MMR (it took 2 years for him to receive all these).  He will be starting preschool in September.  I am expecting baby #2 in late October and am wondering about whether the baby should be on a different schedule - i.e. more vaxes.  With DS, I knew he would most likely nurse for 2 years and would be home with me until he started preschool.  While this is true for baby #2, the new variable is big brother bringing home new and interesting germs from preschool.  I wasn't worried about rotavirus for DS as a baby, but what if he brings it home after the baby is born?  Prevnar I really don't like (the aluminum, the serotype replacement issues), but I'm wondering if the baby is more likely to be exposed to Pc germs because DS will be in school.

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I've read in variety of sources that vaccinating older children so they don't bring the disease home may not be valid. Even if child is vaccinated they can bring the germs with them. Isn't that the case? They may not be sick themselves, but still bring them. They can also get sick despite being vaccinated.

I'm still researching the vaccination, so definately I'm not an expert, but I think this is something to consider.

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Selective Vaccination , Delayed Vaccination , Hib , Prevnar Pneumococcal

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