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wendygrace's Avatar wendygrace 08:37 AM 04-27-2011

Ds was selectively vaxed as an infant and then we completely stopped vaxing (before age 2).  Dd has never been vaxed at all.  Now they are 8 and 7 and dh has started to get worried again, especially since we will be traveling out of the country to Belize, Roatan, Cozumel, Cayman Islands.  


I am having titers drawn for Ds (order is in for the doc to sign).  Since Dd has never been vaxed, is there any reason for me to do her titers?  


Anyone know where I can find what shots to consider for traveling out of the country?


Anyone delayed vax this long and then decided to vax?  Which vax would you get for your children at this age?  What would you do?


Thanks for the help.  

mangosink0's Avatar mangosink0 12:02 AM 04-28-2011

For international travel, I'd do MMR and IPV.

wendygrace's Avatar wendygrace 12:13 AM 04-28-2011

Thanks for the input.  Those are two that are on my "possibles".  My son's doc wants all his vaccine records before he'll request the titer draws.  I had to make a bizillion phone calls (we've switched doctors multiple times due to a complex medical hx) to get them to him. Hopefully everything he needs will be there tomorrow and I can get those down before the end of the week.  

mangosink0's Avatar mangosink0 09:48 PM 04-29-2011

And for your daughter, I personally wouldn't do titers.  They are likely to be negative, I wouldn't put her through the blood draw. 

wendygrace's Avatar wendygrace 11:56 AM 05-02-2011

Would Hep A be a consideration?  My husband thought that one would be the most likely to be exposed to because of eating out in those countries.  Thoughts?

wendygrace's Avatar wendygrace 03:51 PM 05-04-2011

Thanks for the help.  anyone else have any thoughts?  Sorry for all the posts.  I've been reading, reading, reading and its all so confusing.  So many thoughts and ideas and opinions.  Every time I think I've come up with a plan, something changes.  Anyone have any thoughts on the Td (or is it Dt?).  Thanks. 

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