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I want to do delayed and selective vaccinations for my son, who will be here late November, but there seems to be so many vaccinations and so much controversial information that I don't want to get the wrong information or get confused....help?

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Not sure why you haven't gotten any response yet... could be that this is a gnarly question!

But I think you just want to hear from people's personal decisions, so here's mine.

We are doing one at a time for everything we possibly can - only exception right now is MMR which I am holding off as long as I feel comfortable... but we started preschool recently so we might do it before 3 which was our original plan.


My DS is two, and we decided to say yes to: HiB, DTAP, Polio, Prevnar.

We will do, but haven't yet: MMR, Hep A & B. ( we had a homebirth so have this choice for Hep A & B)

We are NOT vaccinating for Flu, rotavirus, or chickenpox.


why? the ones we are vax-ing for seemed serious enough, and the vaccines safe enough, that I feel the benefits outweigh the risks. We live in the city and take public transit, play in public parks, enough that we do get exposed to all kinds of things.

My son is in excellent general health so is not at risk for severe complications from the flu or chickenpox. Rotavirus is ridiculous to vax for in this country.


our schedule evolved through a combination of my research, and the recommendations of our alternative-schedule-friendly CRNP.


I basically looked at Dr Sears' recommendations, and another schedule that seemed more "radical", and split the difference, and separated every vax by one month. And then adjusted according to some suggestions from our nurse pracitioner.So, at each Dr appointment we get one vax done, and we go in to the lab at the office about once a month to get the others done.


Hope this helps!





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Wow!  Sorry, I usually try to chime in on these threads and must have missed this one.  OP, here's a recent thread that contains diverse opinions and helpful information: 



Good luck with your decision!

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