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My son has only had two vaccines his whole life, both were the DTandP, we lived on a farm and I felt those were most important at the time. Now I am back in California and would like to get some more vaccines for him. He is almost four and my original plan was to have most of his vaccines by four, obviously I am helplessly behind. My biggest problem has been finding a doctor who will not harass me about my choice to selectively/delay vax. It is such a struggle, I take my in for one shot, and every is upset with me, first my husband is completely anti vax so he hates that I want some vaccines for him, and than nurses (more than doctors) drone on and on, about how he cant go to school and blah blah. Just tired of hearing it. My question is, if I just take him to shot clinic will they just give him the shot and let me walk away, or are they going to harass me too? Should I have shots done by a doctor in case of side effects? I need to start taking him in soon, my parents are moving to South America and if I want him to visit, he will need vaccines, (i.e MMR, Dtap Polio,)

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As I have said over and over, don't even look into pediatricians. I have had excellent experiences with FPs. Call practices that take your insurance, ask right away if they are ok with patients who select and delay, and if yes, if they can order specific brands. The office manager at my place does that and even then comes in person to you in the room to see how it's going, if you need anything else and was super apologetic for not being able to get single MMR components. I do see a residency practice, I have no qualms about that, I like our residents. They are nice, open-minded and very willing to further educate (e.g. our guy doc heard how I had DD at a birthing center and was intrigued and looked further into unmedicated birth without constant fetal monitors and such).

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My daughter's doctor is a family practitioner/osteopathic doctor.  He is totally cool with us not vaccinating.  There are a lot of homeschoolers and Amish in the rural areas around here, so maybe look for someone who works with that population.

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I'm speaking anecdotally because just as doctors vary in their philosophies and how they treat health care consumers, so do the staff at public vaccination clinics. And anecdotally speaking, friends of mine have been just as vulnerable to harassment there as they have been in doctors' exam rooms. To make matters worse, where we are, it isn't a matter of getting or shots and getting the heck outta there. They require that you go through the whole rigamarole of the "Well Baby Check."

I wish I had better news for you. I would check in the Find Your Tribe section to see how these shot clinics are in your area. Good luck!

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