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Blessed_Mom's Avatar Blessed_Mom 07:53 PM 05-02-2012



Please explain this line for me: The poliovirus vaccination status of children should be evaluated periodically. Those who are inadequately protected should complete the recommended vaccination series. No additional doses are needed if more time than recommended elapses between doses (e.g., more than 4--8 weeks between the first two doses or more than 2--14 months between the second and third doses).


Especially the bolded line. Explain to me as a complete dolt and layperson what does it mean?

Slmommy's Avatar Slmommy 08:16 PM 05-02-2012

I just read it to mean that no additional doses are needed in a situation where more than recommended time went between doses.


example- my dd had first 3 doses on schedule, but now hasn't had 4th dose on schedule, so I guess if I wanted to get the 4th for her today, many months after the time it is recommended, no additional doses would be needed, like she wouldn't have to start over and do the first three, or any additional.


Or if you had a kid who had 1 and then nothing for years, and then wanted to catch up, you wouldn't need to re-do that first one, it counts.


That's what I understood anyway.


I think the evaluated status part just means that a hcp should be checking vax history.

AbbyGrant's Avatar AbbyGrant 08:24 PM 05-02-2012

They just mean take a look at children's vaccination records every once in awhile to make sure they've completed the polio series.  Those that haven't should.  But they do not need any extra doses even if more time has elapsed than recommended between doses. In other words, just pick up where they left off and don't start over or anything even if it's been a long time since their last dose. 


ETA - slmommy beat me to it...sorry to be redundant...I post slow

Blessed_Mom's Avatar Blessed_Mom 09:24 PM 05-02-2012

Oh ok.


My DD had her first dose of IPV at around 12 mos and now she is 35 mos.. So the way I was reading in my confusion was no additional doses are needed for her. 


But I guess we will give her those additional doses starting in a few weeks.



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