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waterpig's Avatar waterpig 05:57 PM 09-24-2012

My daughter started as a freshman in College this fall in Georgia, she has not been vaccinated since

she was two years old, prior to that receiving all scheduled shots. We got religious and stopped

vaccinating at that time. She has had a religious exemption all through grade, middle and high school

and I sent her off to college with a religious exemption. She is interested in pre-med and believes she

has to get vaccines to go to med school. I told her we would look into it and she went ahead and

got a vaccine while being treated for a sore throat at the health center. She is eighteen.

Within two weeks she received an email, explaining she had to be current on her vaccines

to register for spring semester. This is the first place I've looked. What is the policy for

getting vaccinated as an adult, and if you have had some shots? I am concerned that she might get overvaccinated,

Can they hold up her registration? Any one have any experience with this? Thanks

littlest birds's Avatar littlest birds 06:10 PM 09-24-2012

I think that it depends partly on whether it is a private or public school.  But she will face a lot of difficulties in the medical profession with this if she is trying not to get them.  That does not mean it would be impossible to avoid them, though.  If you are wanting to get them, but slowly, then you should be able to do so. 

waterpig's Avatar waterpig 06:40 PM 09-24-2012

Thanks she is at a public school.

philomom's Avatar philomom 07:01 PM 09-24-2012
My child had to show her vaccine record before she was issued a dorm key. She is a freshman at a college just outside Atlanta, Ga. We have done a select/delayed thing with her and so she had the vaccines the college felt were most needed. And she and I have had long talks about why and what to expect from here on out. She is a nursing student and at some point may be subjected to "flu shots or else".
eska's Avatar eska 07:35 PM 09-24-2012


Sorry this has started the year off in a difficult way. I would think the college would post somewhere what their vaccine rules are. And how you exempt from them. You might be able to find out from the registration office or even the health center.

anj_rn's Avatar anj_rn 07:49 PM 09-28-2012

From my personal experience:


Attendance at a public university is covered by a religious exemption, however staying in on campus housing is not.  Usually the housing department has their requirements for vaccinations.  In addition, all medical related programs have requirements for immunizations that are not flexible (as many of them are the requirements of the hospitals the clinicals take place in).  Most require Hepatitis B, varicella (or a titer to prove immunity) MMR, and TDaP.  


The vaxes she had before age 2 will be counted, so you need to get her records.  However, I would ask what vaxes are required before I started getting shots.

waterpig's Avatar waterpig 08:55 PM 09-28-2012

Thank you, I am relieved to be getting ideas.-Deborah

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