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summersmama's Avatar summersmama 07:54 PM 03-06-2013

my sweet 2 year old dd had a 30 MINUTE seizure 3 days after receiving her 3rd dose of pentacel. it was afebrile (no fever) and she has seen 2 neurologists since, had an eeg and appears normal by all accounts. no more seizures have occurred. the first few hours after the seizure she didn't speak and was confused, acting abnormally. she slept in the pediatric ER for 15 hours afterward and although she was still tired after waking, her personality and speech returned. thank god.


first...SCARY. i just about had a heart attack witnessing the episode, which happened to take place in our family car on the interstate, while my husband raced to the nearest hospital. her confusion post seizure was also very anxiety inducing.


we have chosen delayed vaccination for both of our children, didn't start any until age 2, and then only 'one' shot at a time. so this was her 3rd shot ever. no others. this shot was a combo shot however.


many of the doctors dismissed the correlation between the vax and the seizure...one told me it was a 1 in 10,000 chance. the pentacel literature does detail, although they claim so very rare, seizures following the vax.


has anyone else had issues following pentacel?

i am terrified for her to have any more vaccinations.

Rrrrrachel's Avatar Rrrrrachel 08:13 PM 03-06-2013
I have no advice. I'm so sorry that must've been terrifying. I'm glad everything seems to be ok, now.
dalia's Avatar dalia 09:18 PM 03-06-2013
I would ask that doc to show you that documentation. And even if it is 1 in 10,000... Well, that one child is a child not a number. It's one too many.

My heart goes out to you and your family. Thank goodness she is okay now.
fourlittlebirds's Avatar fourlittlebirds 09:28 AM 03-07-2013

How terrifying!! I'm so sorry your family had to walk through that experience and I'm so thankful to hear that she seems to be okay now. 


I wouldn't allow the doctors to be so dismissive. And if you can't find common ground with them over this issue I would go to another care provider who was willing to take your concerns seriously.

phathui5's Avatar phathui5 09:44 AM 03-07-2013

I would bet that it's more than 1 in 10,000, because so many vaccine reactions go unreported. 


Please, when you get a chance, report the reaction to VAERS:



summersmama's Avatar summersmama 11:53 AM 03-07-2013

thanks, i did not know about reporting the reaction. just did!

nia82 12:24 PM 03-07-2013

How scary! I just wanted to add, Pentacel is not DTaP. It's DTaP-IPV-HiB. I don't understand why she would get three doses of that as only one dose of HiB is necessary after 18 months? They should have offered one Pentacel and then a DTaP-IPV combo. Weird.

summersmama's Avatar summersmama 12:42 PM 03-07-2013

yes, i was not clear that pentacel is more than the dtap. thanks for clarifying!

summersmama's Avatar summersmama 12:45 PM 03-07-2013

i did not not understand when i posted here that some members could not reply (those that are not vaccinating). in light of this i am going to try and repost this in the i'm not vaccinating forum as we are currently not planning on any further vaccinations. i hope that is ok. i am interested in anyone's experience with pentacel, whether they are choosing mindful vaccination or not to vax anymore. thanks!

nia82 01:11 PM 03-07-2013

yes post there. I'm a select-delayer too and feel very comfy in the nonvax forum. :) After each dose we do I always feel like stopping again. And all I ever did was 3 doses (2 for DS, 1 for DD).

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