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revolting's Avatar revolting 04:29 AM 03-22-2013
I gave my 6 year old one DTap at 2 months before stopping vaccinating. When we enrolled her in an Illinois public school, we submitted a religious exemption. I have a baby coming in October, and after watching a newborn go through whooping cough, I'd really like her (and the rest of our family) immunized against whooping cough. If I started immunizing, when woulkd I need her caught up in order not to have problems with the school? Can anyone recommend a good schedule for us? Ideally, I'd kike to space the shots as much as possible, but I'm sure there will be pressure from the school to have her caught up as quickly as possible. She's already had chicken pox. Thanks!

Turquesa's Avatar Turquesa 01:09 PM 03-22-2013
Google the CDC Catch-Up Schedule for dose scheduling. (I'm so sorry. I can't C&P right now). It's very important to wait out each minimum interval, or your doctor will insist on repeating the dose. On the other, most (maybe all!) states want those vaxes done right away, as soon as the minimum lapse time passes. Your school district or health department can let you know for sure.

I believe that by age 6, your LO should only need 4 doses.

Can you pick and choose your vaxes in Illinois? A lot of the religious-exemption states allow only for all or nothing, so you may wish to double check on that. I've heard of parents getting around this by crossing state lines to get vaxes. But all 50 states have vaccine-tracking registries, and not all allow opting out. Imagine that. A state putting up an impediment to getting your child vaccinates...:eyeroll)

Anyway, good luck!
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