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DH and I decided when our DS was born that we would delay vaxes until he was around 5 to make sure he did not have developmental delays. He has two older half-brothers with Aspergers and though I know vaccines don't cause autism, I do feel they play a part in the overall development of symptoms among other things. We'll leave it there. 


Our DS is about to turn 5 and he shows no signs of autism. He still has a full year before K and we may even homeschool till age 7 when he can start at our Montessori charter, so I don't feel rushed in the slightest...just not sure where to begin. I have review the CDC catch-up schedule but I might not want to go that fast. A lot of the intervals are 4 weeks. I am wanting more like 6 months. I will talk to our doctor who is approachable on the subject but I wonder if anyone has any BTDT advice? 


ETA My secondary concern beyond autism was autoimmune issues. His gma had ms, and we have wicked allergies and asthma in our family. DS has no asthma, he does have some mild seasonal allergies, and he still has trouble with dairy, starting to fade more as he gets older. Overwhelming his immune system is still a concern, though a lot less so for us now that he is 5. 

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I don't particularly have advice, just a note to say good luck with the process. I hope it goes well for you. Please come back for advice on making the visiti as smooth as possible for your son once you've decided what to do.

Mother of two living in UK. Daughter (2007) born in USA, son (2010) born here. I'm pro natural birth, midwife care, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby wearing and a keen advocate of cloth diapering. I'm a full time working research scientist (physical sciences). Vaccines save lives.
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Well, since you asked I will tell you what I think about each of the vaxes and the schedule.  I have listed the vaxes, what the recommended doses and intervals are (assuming the initial vax is at 0, then each subsequent vax wouls be a given # of months later.  Then I included my personal thoughts, research on the vax itself.


Rotavirus, Hib, & PCV - your child is old enough not to need these now.


Dtap/Tdap - 4 doses needed (catch up recommended to be at 0, 1, 7, 13 months) - Depending on your area, Tetanus is the real worry here.  Depending on how long you want to spread these out, at age 7 you would switch to Tdap and Td vaxes.  


IPV - 3 doses needed (catch up recommended to be at 0, 1, and 6 months) - Polio is not prevalent in the US, so unless you live in an area with high rates of illegal immigrants from polio endemic areas, or have an immediate family members who travels to those areas, this would not be my first vax.  However, since the effects of polio are catastrophic and life-long, I would vax against it eventually)


MMR - 2 doses needed (catch up res to be at 0 & 1 month) - Depends on where you live - all illnesses can result in death (although it is unusual), there are many more outbreaks now in the US.  Mumps can cause sterility in men if contracted during or after puberty.  This is one I def. rec. getting.


Varicella - 2 doses needed (catch up recs 0 & 3 months) - Common childhood illness, death rate associated with illness increases after puberty, lifelong immunity after illness, not sure after vax.  This is something I would do before puberty, but not before I had to.


Hep A - 2 doses (catch up recs 0  & 6 months) - foodborne illness usually associated with contaminated water supplies.  Not a huge problem in the US, unless you are traveling outside the country.


Hep B - 3 doses (catch up rec 0, 1, & 6 months) - bloodborne pathogen (usually transmitted via needlestick, sharing needles, sex, etc).  Not a high risk for children unless they spend a lot of time in the hospital.  There is no cure, so def. worth it BEFORE they engage in risky behavior.


So you really just need to decide if you want to do one vax a a time until completion, or if you want to do more than one and space them out (for example get one Dtap, then in 3 months get 1 MMR, then in another 3 months get the second DTap or the 1st of another series).  I am in Texas, and exemptions are very easy to get, so that was not an issue for us, I do not know what the exemption laws are in your state.  I personally would never follow the catch up schedule.  I want at least 3 months in between our vaxes, but I do alternate.  I do not do more than one vax at a time.


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I started vaccinating my  7y old DS last year after delaying for a long time. While there is no history of any auto-immune diseases in my family he does have mild seasonal allergies, asthma and had horrible eczema as a baby. I was nervous about the whole thing. I started really slow, he had 1 shot of DPat and polio last year and then I waited a whole year and just recently gave him the MMR. I am only really comfortable giving him vaccines that I had as a kid and only 1 at a time (although the nurse did try to persuade me to give him many more to catch up). I made sure he was completely healthy and hadn't been on any antibiotics for a long time and I loaded his system up with probiotics, fish oil and vitamin C before and after the shots. He did fine, he had no side effects and as far as I can tell his mild asthma and allergies did not get any worse. I watched him really closely after the 1st shot to make sure there was no reaction before I continued.  I would like to finish up the Dpat and MMR series sometime in the next year but I like to go months in between shots so we will see.


With your family history I can see why you would be nervous and cautious.

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Selective Vaccination , Delayed Vaccination

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