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ivyc1987's Avatar ivyc1987 07:57 AM 01-01-2014

My DD will be 6 months on January 13th. I had her get one dose of DTaP at 3 months and then decided against any subsequent doses (I agonized over whether or not to give her this one in the first place, and after getting one of the doses decided against getting any more). She has not had any other vaccines. I am not anti-vaccine, and I do intend to give her more as she gets older. I plan to do more research and take another look at the Sears Vaccine Book, but I also thought I would toss out the question here to see people's thoughts: Now that she's 6 months, which vaccines do you think are no longer useful to her? I know the risks of pertussis drop significantly after 6 months, which was the main disease I worried about (which is why I got her the one does of DTaP). And also, for those who are doing select/delay, I'm interested in hearing which vaccines you chose to give your LOs and when. The ones her doctor's office (which is pretty vax-friendly) recommends most are DTaP, Hib, and Prevnar (and also Rotavirus, I think). Is she too old for Hib and Prevnar? Again, I will do more research, but I thought I would also ask here. Thanks in advance!

Lollicups's Avatar Lollicups 10:02 AM 01-05-2014

She is only 6 months old and would need to get two very important vaxxs:  Hib and Prevnar, which are important under the age of 5, especially Hib.  

Asiago's Avatar Asiago 10:18 AM 01-05-2014
Is she breastfed?
The reason I ask is because Hib risk is greatly reduced in breastfed children.
MommatoGray's Avatar MommatoGray 06:04 PM 01-05-2014

Lollicups are you the same user as Lollicup?


I just find your info confusing. You stated in one of your threads that you thought the Hib shot was responsible for your DD's viral meningitis. I could be mistaken. I apologize if you are a different user.


If you are the same as Lollicup, I am wondering what you chose to vaccinate DD2 with and at what ages? I thought your threads were really helpful.


To ivyc1987 - I have no advice, I have struggled with this decision for many years and I am still in research mode :( Wishing you clarity in your quest for knowledge!

ivyc1987's Avatar ivyc1987 12:54 PM 01-09-2014

Thanks for the thoughts -- yes, she is EBF (though we'll be starting solids soon!) and I am committed to BFing at least 2 years, or until she self-weans. I am leaning towards not getting anything until she's 1 and then reconsidering. I am so the type of person to second guess my decision -- I envy the people who are SO sure that what they are doing is right! This whole vaccine decision has been so difficult.

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