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Turquesa's Avatar Turquesa 12:30 AM 05-16-2014
I thought that a selective-delayed audience would get a kick out of this.


There's a lot of misinformation in this piece, so feel free to sink your jaws into it. But what I'm really curious about is which of these situations would compel *you* to vaccinate your child.

Some, like the rabid dog, (apparently he had written "rapid" twice and had to edit it with some prodding), would convince me to do a rabies immunoglobulin and possibly the vaccine, (I need to learn more about the latter in this specific case). I'd give my newborn baby the Hep B vaccine if I were Hep B positive. I'd encourage my college student to get the meningococcal vaccine in the event of an outbreak, (and maybe even before school starts sans the exemption. By that time, it's up to the grown-adult college student!) The Philippines thing is moot because we already vax for measles. Ditto on tetanus.

The nephew-on-chemo example is ridiculous. I'd keep my kids away from the nephew, vaxxed or unvaxxed. We've discussed this on the main forum already. People on chemo are extremely vulnerable when exposed to even the most minor illnesses.

The pertussis cocooning bit is simply anti-science.

So what exactly has he proven with this article? That "anti-vaxxers" might make an exception occasionally? That maybe this issue ISN'T black and white?? Oooo. Big revelation: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1380574/when-would-you-vax winky.gif

What are your thoughts?

kathymuggle's Avatar kathymuggle 06:41 AM 05-16-2014

It is a really snarky piece  (which is shameful for the American Academy of Pediatrics :angry), but I will overlook for now and answer:



1. Baby born to mother with hepatitis B.


I would seriously consider vaccination.  I would look into it a bit more,

as I know very little about it - but I tip at this moment towards yes.  


2. Your child is bitten by a rabid dog.

Yes, vaccinate.

3. Traveling to the Philippines.

False dichotomy.  If the outbreak were severe (as defined by

me) I might avoid the Philippines.  I can see no scenario where

I need to go to the Philipines.  Now, if the kids in question was

above 2 or 3…I might go…but probably not, 



. 4.Tetanus shot.


Hard no to tetanus shot and probably not to TIG.   Tetanus is so friggin rare that it does not worry me.  I imagine the Teen should have some say on the issue.  Moreover a tetanus shot is USELESS after a puncture wound - they need TIG if you are going to do anything



5. Cocooning to protect baby from pertussis.




6. Nephew is getting chemotherapy (chickenpox).

 Probably not


7. Outbreak of meningococcemia at your kid's


soft yes - and their call.

8. Cochlear implants.

Would do more research.  

How Anti-Vaccine Are You?

It's easy to be anti-vaccine when you are cocooned in your
home and hiding in the herd - seemingly protected by all of
the vaccinated people around you. Would you still delay or skip a vaccine in a high-risk situation?
FFS, AAP, it isn't about hiding int he herd…it is about risk
assessment.  As you clearly illustrated in your snarky piece,
not all risks are the same.

Turquesa's Avatar Turquesa 07:11 AM 05-16-2014
I agree. The AAP and people representing it need to keep their emotions in check and show some professionalism. ETA: But in all fairness, there's some snark in my OP. bag.gif

What kills me is that in his article on"anti-vax" (sic) myths, he doesn't believe anyone who says "I'm not anti-vaccine, I'm pro-vaccine safety." And yet even on MDC, a lot of "anti-vaxxers" will consider vaccination in certain cases, and his whole point of this "quiz" validates that. He almost contradicts himself. He won't believe us if we say we're not anti-vaccine but concedes that we may not always be anti-vaccine. duh.gif

But again, it's black-and-white thinking. "HA!! So you WILL get a vaccine for your newborn if you're Hep B-positive. I KNEW IT!! Mwa, ha, ha! mischievous.gif Now you HAVE to get every single vaccine on the schedule!!"
sassyfirechick's Avatar sassyfirechick 06:00 PM 05-16-2014

1.  Hep B - well we did do it on the first well visit but wouldn't do it again unless I myself was hep B positive, I just don't see the need.


2. Rabid Dog - only way to test for rabies is to cut the head off the suspected animal and submit to the state lab or other appropriate entity to examine the brain.  Not sure the time frame on it but having worked in a shelter with the unfortunate experience of seeing a dog be put down after biting a coworker for this reason, the results did come in very quickly.  That said, I'd def treat with the RIG, and I'd really have to look into the actual rabies vax following....it's a HIGHLY reactive vaccine in animals and it's no different in humans.  I was offered it as a preventative in the shelter and declined because of this.  One of those things where I'd have my ND on speed dial to help lessen reactions.  At the very least I would hope for quick test results (assuming the animal was caught) and would make my decision based on the results.  If the animal wasn't caught I guess I'd go with the vax and hope for the best reaction-wise.


3. Philipines/Measels - I have no reason to go there and even if I changed the place, if there was an outbreak of anything I'd probably not travel there with a 9mo because it's not worth the risk.  I'm not worried about measles in general, but I wouldn't intentionally increase the risk in a young child.


4. Tetanus - If I truly suspected tetanus, then TIG it is, and in reading about the reactions people may have to TIG another cause to have the ND close by!


5. Cocooning for pertussis - absolutely not.  I do not believe the risks for one, negates or supersedes the risk of another.  I'd rather know no one in the fam is vaxxed so as to try and avoid spreading without symptoms.


6. Nephew with chemo - Just wouldn't visit - Skype is a great alternative :thumb


7. Meningococcal at college - I'd leave it up to my adult child at that point, their body their choice.


8. Cochlear implants - I would have to do major research before doing the implant to begin with because I'm not sure why the implant even increases the risk. So put that at a maybe.

fayebond's Avatar fayebond 07:21 AM 05-17-2014
I won't bother 're-typing out that I agree completely with y'all on these.

My favorite question is #7, in college... as in, not under my roof. Since when do I get to decide whether they get the vaccine? I would not recommend it but I would hardly disown the man if he wanted one. And yes at that point he will be a man, my beloved baby is going to grow up some day and make his own decisions. Which I plan to respect, without snarky remarks, but with timely, reasonable arguments when we disagree (.not nagging with endless commercials all over tarnation, hint, hint).
fayebond's Avatar fayebond 07:23 AM 05-17-2014
Also, the nephew with chemo.... where are his parents? No one in the hospital needs little kids visiting them much in the first place.
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